Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 15

BOUQUET To everyone who keeps bees whether it be in north or south Nanaimo. The bee population has been declining and going through difficult times for a number of years; therefore anything anyone can do to encourage the growth of bee colonies is to be commended. Without bees to spread seeds, many plants – including food crops – would die off; ergo, no food, no life, no anything.

BEEF To all the drivers who insist on parking on the streets of Grant and Nelson…. And an even bigger beef to the bylaw officers for not enforcing the regulations. Every single day they obstruct stop signs to the point where it is extremely dangerous to cross the road.

BOUQUET To the person who wrote the hilarious letter to the editor regarding cannabis legalization. For those who don’t get it, they were joking.

BEEF To how frustrating it must be when the dog poop bag you’re walking with mysteriously flies out of your hands and over a fence into somebody’s backyard… Not to worry – your little black bag full of dog poop triggered our security cameras. Next time you walk by we will be sure to meet you and personally return this lost item.

BOUQUET Thanks to Mr. Kotai’s Grade 7 class at Forest Park Elementary School. Thank you for the lovely treats, big smiles and a wonderful random act of kindness, you brightened my day. Big thanks to Mr. Kotai, Mrs. Dumont and all the parents who helped.

BEEF To the lady on Fourth Street. As we drove by you we watched you, not once, but twice, taking your yard waste across the street. We saw you throwing it over the fence on private property. This lot is fenced off for a reason, and people like you.

BOUQUET To Ivan and Debbie who helped me so much. I was knocked over on the Cable Bay trail and broke my leg. Their kindness and assistance are so very much appreciated.

BEEF To the developer who has increased his price for the transfer of the land in the Quarterway area, knowing he now has the city over a barrel.

BOUQUET To Reitmans in Woodgrove Centre for carrying Thyme Maternity clothing. Finally a place to buy maternity clothes in Nanaimo other than the swap and shops.

BEEF To the numerous retailers throughout Nanaimo who don’t play the radio loudly in their restrooms. It’s hard to feel comfortable in the stall when I, and others, can hear the drop of a pin. Please rock some Zeppelin or Dido.

BOUQUET To all the city sanitation workers. I see how hard you work and you only get the negativity. I appreciate the job you do. I love the new sort, toss, roll. Thank you for keeping up with the times.

BEEF To the bar manager. She is brutal, disrespectful, angry at life, completely rude to anyone who walks in the door, and let’s not forget how she treats the other staff, by laughing and shaking her head every time they turn around.

BOUQUET To the folks who run customer service at Woodgrove Centre. I am a senior with very limited mobility and these folks provide me with a scooter. This service enables me to enjoy a pleasant outing and allows me to make the purchases I desire. Thank you to these cheerful, caring people.

BEEF I agree totally. What a big waste of money, mess along Estevan Road and Princess Royal Avenue. My question is why? The road was better before.

BOUQUET Forever grateful to Wayne Filiatrault of Nustar Heating and Cooling, and his employees, for the efficient and economical service I have received in keeping my elderly heat pump up and running all year round for several years now. A super company for lucky mid Island folks.

BEEF I agree the new bins are way to big and awkward to handle for a lot of people.

BOUQUET To Cavallotti Lodge for once again supporting Wellington Secondary Band with their spaghetti dinner fundraiser. We value your continued support and thank you for the generosity that make so many trips happen for our students.

BEEF To all homeowners. You are responsible for picking up fallen leaves on your property, not allowing them to blow into your neighbours’ yards. They spread disease, moulds and other fungi and attract slugs and snails. I didn’t spend money on landscaping to have it destroyed by your neglect.

BOUQUET To another Mini owner who left a note on the windscreen of my Mini that was parked outside Hudson Bay saying they they had witnessed an angry women nicking the passenger side of my car, and telling me the plate number of the car she then got into.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for failing to pick up the recycle and green cans because the were not exactly one metre apart.

BOUQUET Nanaimo Community Kitchens were bowled over by community support for their Oktoberfest fundraiser held at the Queen’s. We are thankful for the many donations to the silent auction, for the people who came to the event and for the cooks, staff and management who all came together to create a successful night filled with fun.

BEEF To the vehicle that left the scene of the accident near Jingle Pot after smashing into a white sedan. We came past afterward and asked if they were OK, and not one single witness stopped. At least one person must have seen who hit this couple. Even if it’s late, please report to your local police.

BOUQUET To Barry the pharmacist at Save-On-Foods Country Club drive-thru for being so kind and going that extra mile for his costumers. Thank you, and to the rest of the staff in pharmacy drive-thru, they really are very good to their customers.

BEEF To politicians who don’t finish their terms. Byelections waste tax dollars and shows how selfish they really are.

BOUQUET To Jan and Ben for their 35th anniversary. This shout out comes late, but I trust you’ll still be married.

BEEF To the beefer who beefed about cyclists who ‘pay no insurance and use the road freely.’ Should pedestrians pay insurance, too?

BOUQUET To the beefer annoyed with the kennel that did not allow them to pick up their dog after business hours. I hope you manage a bank so that I can come in at my leisure instead of during a set time.

BEEF To the woman in the black clothes and hat at Neck Point Park. We saw your white and tan dog take a poop then you kicked some leaves over it and left. Why have a dog if you’re not responsible?

BOUQUET To the editors for a much improved job on this newspaper. Articles are so easy to read now that they’re free off creative typos and run-on sentences.

BEEF To the home renovators, more than a year after taking our money and not fixing the problem you created. The way you treat people is degrading, disgusting and downright bullying. Karma will surely catch up with you.

BOUQUET To drivers on the Island who have integrity and consideration for using turn signals properly and not picking up their phones while driving or stopped at a traffic signal. It is a slippery slope to not care about others while behind the wheel.

BEEF To all the lazy ‘cyclists’ who ride their motorized bikes on the E&N Trail. It’s a pain to be zipped past by a glorified motorcycle while I’m huffing it up the hill. Stop being a lazy rider and get some exercise.

BEEF To the 18 members of a hockey team and coach that took over the family stick and puck time at the Nanaimo Ice Centre; this time isn’t for teams to take over the ice for a practice. Book your own ice time.

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