Beef. You are supposed to yield for pedestrians at intersections. You’re not even supposed to proceed forward until the pedestrian has made it safely across to the other side. Girl what are you doing?

Beef. You are supposed to yield for pedestrians at intersections. You’re not even supposed to proceed forward until the pedestrian has made it safely across to the other side. Girl what are you doing?

Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 14

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BOUQUET To all of the volunteers that put on the Run for the Cure. Your hard work showed this year with a beautiful run to honour those who have lived with and died of breast cancer. Pancakes, the bathtub, tents and heaters and all of the other new additions were a special touch. Looking forward to next year.

BEEF To all you who feel the need to make your car exhausts so increasingly noisy, who apparently feel OK about waking up not just your neighbours but who ever else might be anywhere at all wherever it is you might just happen to be.

BOUQUET To the manager of London Drugs and to Nori for all the time they took to search through their newly unpacked Christmas stock to get me some Italian panettone. That special attention was so much appreciated.

BEEF To all the lawn freaks. I maintain my yard because that’s what I want on the property I own. My neighbours may not care what their yard looks like, and that is their right as homeowners as well. Get over yourselves.

BOUQUET To the very kind and wonderful young man who gave me a yellow dahlia from his own display he had for decoration at Cedar market. This kind gesture has stayed with me and I am passing the kindness on.

BEEF To the non-voters, you can’t change the system by just complaining and doing nothing. Get involved, run yourself, start a political party that has your ideals. Bouquet to those who are running for election and are willing to listen to what people want.

BOUQUET To Chemainus Theatre for an afternoon performance of the musical Mamma Mia. People attending would rearely experience such a great opportunity. Thank you from all parents and caregivers.

BEEF You are supposed to yield for pedestrians at intersections. You’re not even supposed to proceed forward until the pedestrian has made it safely across to the other side. Girl what are you doing?

BOUQUET To the beefer commenting on VIHA’s smoking policy being a total joke. It is. I complained for years about clouds of smoke just outside the main entrance.

BEEF To the employee that we have the unfortunate pleasure of working with. You only work three days a week and call in almost everyday. Get a work ethic and stop leaving your fellow employees short-handed.

BOUQUET Thank you to the customer at BMO Terminal Park who found the money I dropped and turned it in to a bank employee. I also want to thank the bank terller who looked after my problem.

BEEF To companies whose rewards programs are based on number of visits, not amount spent. More visits means more pollution. You should encouraging consolidated shopping which is better for the environment.

BOUQUET To Stefan and staff at Front-runners for their wonderful customer service and contributions to the community.

BEEF It says stop for a reason – so you can stop. Not glide or touch and go. Halt your car to a complete stop then proceed forward. Do you know how many times I’ve almost gotten hit at a stop sign? Too many!

BOUQUET So happy for you Shelby and Doug, and me too, on your oncoming baby girl, my 11th great grand-baby. Wow! Nanny Bonnie and Dan, cheers to you, too.

BEEF To those people who complain about unkept yards. Water-sucking lawns and the energy-guzzling equipment to maintain them are passé. The bees and butterflies prefer wilder growth. Get with the times.

BOUQUET To ATF Tree Service. They did the best job on my trees. They are very friendly and reasonable. I would highly recomment Tim and his crew; they will be doing my trees forever. Thanks guys.

BEEF I have a beef with the self-proclaimed super drivers leaving the burnout marks all over our back roads. Any fool with any old piece of junk car can hold the brake pedal down and floor the throttle and smoke and peel rubber off their tires. Not a matter of who can do it, but a matter of who is so stupid to do it. Tires cost money.

BOUQUET To Michelle, a terrific yoga instructor at Lifestyle Fitness Centre. She certainly knows her business inside-out, always a smile on her face, keeps everyone motivated.

BEEF To the roundabout on Rutherford Road. The landscaping there is loaded with large thistle plants that are going to seed. Lived off this road for 33 years and have not seen these plants before. Needs to be dealt with ASAP – do not want it spreading.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Search and Rescue team that rescued us when my wife fell and broke her leg at Ammonite Falls. They acted courteously, with care, concern and sympathy.

BEEF To many of Nanaimo’s landscapers: six never returned my call; two came over and quoted a higher hourly labour rate than my lawyer; and one provided a reasonable estimate, demanded the full amount in advance, then disappeared with my money.

BOUQUET Thank you to Rod from the Milner Group for your phenomenal generosity, keeping seniors from a life of crime for over a decade. Sorry we only got a silver.

BEEF To folks who allow off-leash dogs to run onto private properties next to Crown land bordering Linley Valley Park. They have terrified our young grandchild, rushed folks while gardening, injured our aging cat and run deer off the cliff below. Their smelly gifts are also not appreciated. Crown land may be off-leash, but private properties aren’t.

BOUQUET To all the front staff at Canadian Western Bank. For more than 20 years you have provided us with excellent customer service and treated us more like family. We love you for that.

BEEF To the person complaining that the City of Nanaimo isn’t cleaning the E&N Trail. Why not start a volunteer initiative to pick up litter in that area? As for the Parkway roots, I agree; that would be annoying.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who found my very special gold bracelet attached to a pillow I had touched and handed in to the staff at the Jysk store. I am so grateful to everyone involved.

BEEF To drivers who speed through school zones. None of you speeders care until it’s your child or someone you know or you’re the one who hits a child. I sit everyday waiting for my kids filming you and reporting it to the police. As adults, our future is over but for children attending those schools, don’t be the one to take away theirs.

BOUQUET To the Copcan workers on Lambert Avenue who work hard every day to improve our water and sewage system. Special cheer to Eric and Charlotte.

BEEF To the owner of a large dog who went to Pipers Lagoon. How nice that you did not clean up the large pile of excrement your dog deposited right near the map/info board. You should be ashamed that there is a plastic dog excrement bag dispenser and trash can maybe 10-15 feet from this and you chose not to clean it up. You give dog owners a bad name.

BOUQUET To Bella S. for finding Alfred. You are a special young girl.

BEEF To the previous mayor and council. Thanks for helping create the problem of vagrancy all over Nanaimo. This used to be a great place to live. What a legacy you have left.

BOUQUET To Dale and the guys at Applecross Automotive for their exceptional diagnostic skills, craftman skills and customer service.

BEEF To the inconsiderate neighbours with seven cars in the upper Harewood area for taking up all the parking in front of your neighbours’ house every day.

BOUQUET To Ian for his kindness and generosity to the golfers at Eaglequest Golf Course, and to his staff for keeping the golf course pristine. It is a great place to golf.

BEEF I’ve seen kids standing in carts whose shoes are probably dirtier than dogs. I’ve also seen parents put their kids on the food conveyor belt at grocery stores. So your argument is quite foolish and/or you are biased against dogs. Sad.

BOUQUET Thanks to the student crossing guards at Rock City Elementary for helping our children safely cross a busy road.

BEEF To all the thoughtless people parking illegally on Brickyard Road near the only entrance/exit to the clinic. It’s difficult enough to navigate the area and parking for your convenience dangerously impacts all traffic there.

BOUQUET To salesman Dan K. at Nanaimo Honda for his excellent customer service.

BEEF To PM Justin Trudeau. Your father is rolling in his grave with your continuing foul-ups.

BOUQUET To Frontrunners for their knowledgeable sales staff and for their support of many community events.

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