Beefs & Bouquets, Nov. 12

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BOUQUET To Carson’s Custom Wood Designs. We were given free explicit instructions, including a demonstration, to solve a cupboard hinge problem.

BEEF To the manager who works the drive-thru window at the fast food restaurant most mornings. You are not good at it and you’re taking work away from your employees.

BOUQUET To Colonial Countertops. Best price, best service.

BEEF To the owners of the new pub who did not let us know that they were not able to honour our reservation made weeks before.

BOUQUET My birthday dinner from Nori Sushi was the most delicious ever. Their sushi is truly eye candy to look at and they do not scrimp on their portions.

BEEF To the person who shot Bliss, the three-year-old Welsh pony. I do hope that you get caught and do get a lot of real justice.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo River Hatchery workers Diana, Larry, Katie and Mark in particular. Their field trip is hugely enriching and beautifully executed. Thanks from the Grade 1 and Grade 4/5 students from Seaview Elementary.

BEEF To the women who stole a tiger eye stone necklace at my garage sale. It was only $10. If you wanted it so badly and had asked me, I would have given it to you.

BOUQUET To Fairway Market for sponsoring NS3’s Spooktacular Science Challenge year after year. Your ongoing support allows us to continue serving our community.

BEEF To the fireplace repairman who charged for a service call because the technician did not turn the fireplace fan back on after servicing.

BOUQUET To my mom, Delores, who is going though a hard time. I want you to know I am here for you whenever you need me. Love you always, Tanya and family.

BEEF To our neighbour who emptied both newspaper boxes on Shasta Road of the Thursday News Bulletin. Please leave them long enough so that everyone has a chance to get one.

BOUQUET To Gayle, who assisted me in my call to 911, after my struggle with a man who hit my dog. When I confronted him, he took my cellphone out of my hand.

BEEF To Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay and Premier Christy Clark. Your trip to China is nothing more than just a lot of usual politics – all tricks but no treats for the overtaxed B.C. taxpayers.

BOUQUET To Jan at the Departure Bay ferry terminal for doing an act of kindness for a complete stranger. It was greatly appreciated and I will certainly pass it on.

BEEF To Harewood. It’s not Christmas or your birthday, so why do you favour a non-essential, multi-functional skate park when there are a heck of a lot more essential services in greater need of funding?

BOUQUET To the compassionate and caring woman who stopped her car on Millstone Road to carry the cat I hit with my car to the lawn. What a wonderful example she is to her child. Condolences to the owners of the little cat with the collar. I am deeply sorry.

BEEF To the beefer about a pizza delivery person with a loud muffler. With police, ambulance and fire sirens and beefed-up motorcycles in Harewood 24/7, the noise level is constant. This is a job with which this person might be supporting his or her family.

BOUQUET To Dr. Bob and his angelic staff at Community Dental. They provide much-needed valuable dental service to all.

BEEF To the tractor driver. It was my first and last visit to your business. I didn’t enjoy watching you treat the children and adults so rudely.

BOUQUET To Happy Haulers Jim, Stan and Danny. You are the best – fast, efficient, high-quality work, eye for detail, caring, compassionate men who will do anything to help.

BEEF To cyclists and pedestrians dressed in black at night.

BOUQUET To the residents of Kennedy Street whose creative decorations, yummy treats and generous non-perishable donations for the food bank made our kids’ Halloween lots of fun again this year.

BEEF To all those who set off firecrackers in residential areas, not only at Halloween, but all during the week and the Sunday following. This is not funny – it is very scary for all animals, dogs in particular, and elderly people who could suffer a heart attack.

BOUQUET To all the good people responsible for the modern renovations to the downtown library. Very impressive – I love it.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for wasting taxpayer dollars by unnecessarily painting bright yellow lines all over a quiet residential cul-de-sac with no parking or traffic issues.

BOUQUET To John at Apple Auto Glass. Thank you for repairing my mirror on my car for such a reasonable price. Great service – we will be back.

BEEF To the person complaining about teenagers lighting off a few lousy firecrackers. Personally, I hope kids cut loose and have fun every Halloween night, forever.

BOUQUET To Liberty Harakas and her team for the 14th anniversary open house. It’s awesome local businesses like Lobelia’s Lair that help our community thrive.

BEEF To the telephone company that contacts me with a deal to switch my account and keep the same telephone number. After too much time on hold, I am told that I cannot keep the same number. They need to get their facts straight.

BOUQUET To Heather Rowland of ReMax.  The house we bought wasn’t cleaned before the previous owners left. Not only did she hire someone to clean for several hours, she paid for the cost and left us an incredible gift basket.

BOUQUET To Colleen Carlson for creating Spring Hair Lounge. As a loyal and long-term client, I am super grateful for the awesome hair care you give me.

BOUQUET To Marina’s Taverna and Pizza for making our anniversary special with catering to our dietary needs. Great food, accommodating management and wonderful, friendly servers. A special thank  you to Marina and Drea.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail