Beefs & Bouquets, May 8

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BOUQUET To Ian Cook of Georgiaview Massage for his skillful expertise in helping me manage my fibromyalgia for many years. His caring, knowledgeable massage technique has been invaluable in helping me with the pain and tightness.

BEEF To the chocolate store. Customer service goes a long way. On three separate occasions I stopped by your store: on the first two, the service was terrible, and my third visit was no better – except this time there were two of you. A “hello” or “how can I help you?” goes a long way.

BOUQUET To Superstore on Metral Drive for allowing the VIPL Storm U16 girls to fundraise for the Invitational Western Canada Showcase for women.

BEEF To the coffee shop for allowing people to continue to smoke in their patio areas.

BOUQUET To Treasure Island Thrift store of Cedar for donating some jeans to our first Departure Bay Beavers for a craft. I love living in this community and having the support of such great locally owned and run businesses.

BEEF To the mall and the city for lack of parking spaces, especially for those of us who are mobility-challenged. I can’t imagine how bad it will be once all the restaurants and stores open.

BOUQUET To Joanne and Paul of Lewkowich Environmental for their information, help and expertise willingly shared.

BEEF To all those drivers out who that show no respect for other people’s vehicles by bumping into and opening their doors thus inflicting damage on same. Come on, people – smarten up.

BOUQUET To Dr. Gupta and the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Ambulatory Care nurses for my recent successful eye surgery. And also a bouquet to Dr. Piemontesi’s staff for assisting with my recovery from the surgery.

BEEF To the thief who stole $30 from a dying woman and an umbrella from her visitor, a senior on fixed income, in the hospital. You know who you are.

BOUQUET To my wonderful neighbours in Seabreeze – Daryl K., Debbie A. and girls and Eric C. for their kind help when I tripped on my driveway and was unable to get back on my feet. Also, thanks to the firemen and paramedics for all their kind help.

BEEF To Nanaimo city council for voting against the cell tower at Piper’s Pub and giving priority to the NIMBYs instead of the safety, security and health of the people in the area who cannot make an emergency cellphone call.

BOUQUET To the wonderful staff at the News Bulletin. They have shown kindness and compassion when I placed an obituary as well as memorials for my husband.

BEEF To all you lead-foot drivers, especially the ‘professionals’ who continue to speed, text, read the paper, etc., while driving through the Pleasant Valley school zone on Metral Drive. If you can’t obey the traffic laws, dont bother getting behind the  wheel.

BOUQUET To the staff at NRGH. Throughout tough times they were all wonderful and a special thanks and encouragement to the young training nurses – my mom loved the extras and attention you gave.

BEEF To people who give each other the middle finger. You should follow the example of my unemployed neighbour – he would never lift a finger.

BOUQUET To Apple Catering and Frank Hanna Music. Thanks for making our 50th anniversary dance so great.

BOUQUET To a group of eight citizens that chased a thief and stopped him and waited until police arrived. Way to go for stopping the thief steal a lady’s cellphone.

BOUQUET To the receptionist at Woodgrove Dental for phoning to let me know she found my lost chequebook.

BOUQUET To Reid Hugh for presenting a 2014 Sierra van to Coco Café employees.

BOUQUET To Mrs. Peacock. She is an angel for giving me a lift to Country Club Centre.

BOUQUET To the person who left a bag from Home Hardware in the Royal Bank. That just shows that there are still honest people in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Broco Auto Glass for fixing my passenger window with fast, courteous and professional service at low cost. That’s the second time I’ve been very impressed with their service.

BOUQUET To the personable young man running the compost collection truck in the vicinity of Georgiaview recently. I really appreciated his kindness and consideration.

BOUQUET To the mystery person who found my lost bracelet in the upper VIU parking lot, gingerly took care of my treasure and trusted fate It was a gift from the spirit.

BOUQUET To Dr. Mander and Dr. Wigmore and the women at the downtown walk-in clinic for their speedy and caring attention that prevented a difficult medical outcome from happening. You couldn’t have been more supportive.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Women’s Centre for providing the Women’s Spirit Drum Circle space in their building to drum every second Tuesday of the month.

BOUQUET To Cathy Bontogon. You are a wonderfully organized and supportive manager. Thank you for your continued guidance – we all appreciate it.

BOUQUET To the caring officers from B.C. Ferries’ Queen of Alberni who provided exemplary hands-on assistance to me on a recent trip from Tsawwassen to Duke Point. They were so reassuring and professional and even though it was nearing the end of their long day, they were so eager to ensure my comfort and safety.

BOUQUET To Mike and Don who are always there for our family when we need help.

BOUQUET To Jordan and Michael at Target Nanaimo. It is always such a pleasure to go into Target and get exceptional service with a smile. Service like that is what keeps me going back.

BOUQUET To all staff for always being so pleasant, and especially to Joyce at TD Bank on Dufferin Crescent for above average customer service during the first week of April. Your actions were carried out with dignity and saved me from an embarrassing situation.

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