Beefs & Bouquets, May 7

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BOUQUET To those who contribute to society through hard work, leadership, kindness, compassion, care, social activism, stewardship, volunteerism, philanthropy, art, entertainment, laughter, love or any or all of the above. BEEF To those who don’t feel any responsibility to do their share.

BOUQUET To the remarkable young gentleman who found my credit card holder on the street. Your kindness, honesty and generosity by delivering it to my door truly merits recognition.

BEEF To the gas stations in Nanaimo for charging more for gas than Comox, Duncan or Port Alberni.

BOUQUET To Jennifer at Hair Mates for the very best bob cut I have ever had. Also for her honesty, kindness and caring nature.

BEEF To the lady with the small boys at the lumber store who complained candy was by the checkout. I asked her where she bought her groceries. All stores have candy at their tills.

BOUQUET To the homeowners on Yellow Point Road for keeping our area clean from litter for Earth Day.

BEEF To the young woman who almost hit us at the crosswalk on Bowen Road and Dufferin Crescent. My wife and I consider this one of the most dangerous intersections in Nanaimo. Drivers, please watch for pedestrians.

BOUQUET To Johnny, manager of Superstore bakery, for that extra bit of service. Much appreciated.

BEEF To the Nanaimo Golf Club food and beverage workers. Being loud and obnoxious, while also disrupting traffic, is not appreciated in a residential area.

BOUQUET To my staff at Harbour Air Seaplanes. Thank you for all your hard work. I do appreciate it and I look forward to a successful summer with you all.

BEEF If you are waiting in a doctor’s office and just can’t resist chatting with other patients waiting, use your inside voice. medical office assistants are trying to listen to the doctor’s dictation and have typing and other work to do.

BOUQUET To Sue and friends for organizing the successful Daffodil Tea and Fashion Show for the Canadian Cancer Society. In her busy month, she was able to carry this through.

BEEF To the very horrid, nasty person who did donuts in the delicate Harewood Plains.

BOUQUET To Nolan at Slegg Lumber. Thanks for picking the fence posts for Cassidy delivery two days later.

BEEF To the clinic with the worst lawn maintenance for truly stinking up the neighbourhood by the hospital. We all had a great gag.

BOUQUET To our friend Shelby. You are such a fun and genuine person. You have created so many fun memories for all of us and we all love you so much.

BEEF To the store that charges full membership price to belong and we don’t have a gas bar or propane fill-up station like the other Island stores.

BOUQUET To Alexandra’s Bistro for making my 45th birthday a huge success. My family and friends said their food was excellent, considering it was all their first time eating Greek food.

BEEF To my neighbour in the condo above who stomps, loudly agitating. Why do you continue to harass and bully? Agitating is actually a form of terrorism.

BOUQUET To Ken at Petroglyph Park. We took notice of the hard and wonderful work at the entrance to the park. Also to Val who cut down all the brush. Over time our park has lost its beauty and maintenance – you have brought some back.

BEEF To the mobile home park. The garbage area could use a new fence and trees need to be trimmed. Potholes in driveways need to be filled. Our rent goes up but we don’t see anything done to benefit us.

BOUQUET To Morrell Sanctuary for cleaning up Nanaimo Lakes Road. BEEF To those who have once again littered that stretch of road. You show not only a lack of respect for the environment but also for yourself.

BOUQUET To Jordan at Country Grocer for locating a hard-to-find item.

BEEF To the people who got a puppy that they have no time for. A dog needs to be walked daily, not kicked out the door into the yard before and after work, by itself, to sit and bark at the door.

BOUQUET To Jim Murphy from Murphy’s Law, who helped me end a four-year battle with the phone company. Jim got them to remove the false debt and credit rating and the two gag clauses in the release.

BEEF To the person in charge of a seniors’ facility. It is really time for you to retire – you are too impatient, unwelcoming and this place needs better organization.

BOUQUET To the very nice men who rescued us outside of Smitty’s restaurant. The seniors on our bus were very thankful to be on the road again after a morning out.

BEEF To the ladies in Cedar-by-the-Sea who keep calling the fire department on neighbours for burning regulated fires. Taxpayers pay for false calls and take valuable family and work time from volunteers.

BOUQUET To the young lady and her beautiful dog who stopped for me on Townsite Avenue and Bowen Road.

BEEF To the irresponsible 13-year-old who came to my house to hang out with my son and shot my TV with a BB gun and lied about doing it so he wouldn’t be held responsible. Neither you nor your guardians will even apologize.

BOUQUET to the young lady and gentleman who were my Good Samaritans when I fell on Chapel Street.

BEEF To the appliance repair business. You force out an older, experienced woman to bring in your daughter. Nepotism is alive and well.

BOUQUET To the students, staff and parents of McGirr Elementary School for their continued support of the Justin Smith Coin Drive and Scholarship Fund. A special thank you to Tyler and Brody for requesting donations for Justy’s coin drive in place of birthday gifts.

BOUQUET to people who remain polite, even when those around them are so rude.

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