Beef. I am seeing more litter and even latex gloves outside. Please stop doing this. Our planet is polluted enough; make it healthier to prevent diseases and viruses.

Beef. I am seeing more litter and even latex gloves outside. Please stop doing this. Our planet is polluted enough; make it healthier to prevent diseases and viruses.

Beefs & Bouquets, May 6

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BOUQUET To Kevin at Loblaw pharmacy at Real Canadian Superstore. Why anyone would want to go anywhere else is a mystery to us. To say you saved a life is an understatement and it’s not even the first time. Thank you for being so caring, attentive and humble. You are one of a kind.

BEEF To the vehicles that start turning left onto Kilpatrick Road way before the junction, veering directly across the other lane, cutting off and narrowly missing other vehicles. You’re going to cause an accident that is totally preventable. Share the road.

BOUQUET To the PetSmart customer who found my iPad in an empty cart and turned it in to the store manager. My sincerest thanks for your honesty and integrity.

BEEF To the customers that have been giving cashiers a bad time about using their own bags. We all have been working very hard so customers can have food and don’t need to be yelled at and told we are stupid. A bouquet to all the customers that have been supportive and friendly and nice.

BOUQUET To The Nanaimo News Bulletin. Thank you to everyone there. Really appreciate it.

BEEF To all the cranky, ignorant folks writing in to critique younger generations who dare ask to be treated better. Adjusted for inflation, the average price of a Canadian home has more than doubled since the 1970s but average hourly earnings have increased by a mere 13 per cent. All we want are the same opportunities you had. Please try to understand this and lend us a hand when you can.

BOUQUET To the driver of the city garbage truck on Gulfview Drive. I was late. He saw me trotting down the street to catch him. He backed up and loaded both the green bin I had with me and the blue bin still sitting at the top of my drive. Excellent, friendly service.

BEEF To all the people who ignore the ‘No dogs allowed on field’ sign posted at Elaine Hamilton (Trofton) Park. Daily I see this happening. I realize dogs can’t read but most humans can.

BOUQUET To Victoria M. for the video she made for Sarah’s eighth birthday and to all friends who took part. It really made a little girl happy.

BEEF To the couple who left their used masks and gloves in a shopping cart child seat when the garbage can was less than 10 feet away. Please do not put others at risk. Dispose of your personal protective equipment responsibly.

BOUQUET I want to thank the incredible staff at Kiwanis Lodge for taking such wonderful care of my daughter the last couple of months. I would also like to thank Kyla and her co-workers for getting her admitted so quickly when our home was flooded.

BEEF To all the government officials mandating that people simply stay home. It is much easier with full wages and benefits while you hide from reality.

BOUQUET To the ‘L’ at the Lantzville Pub. I sure miss my daily laughs and smiles with you. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon, I’m sure your wives look forward to it too. Stay safe.

BEEF To the person who found it in themself to throw away used vinyl gloves along the path of Whalley Creek trail. Thankfully I had a spare poop bag and could pick them up. Come on people, there are garbage cans everywhere. Use them.

BOUQUET To the woman who found my purse in a shopping cart that I left in the cart kiosk. When I called the store in a panic, there it was. There was lots of cash and valuable items in the purse. Thank you so much for being so honest and kind.

BEEF I am seeing more litter and even latex gloves outside. Please stop doing this. Our planet is polluted enough; make it healthier to prevent diseases and viruses.

BOUQUET To our neighbour to the south for having the military patrol along our borders. What a great neighbour to have keeping everyone safe.

BEEF To the woman who runs a business out of her garage. People coming and going day after day. No cleaning of the doorbell or doorknob. No social distancing. She alone has contributed to spreading this virus far and wide. How sad that her and her clients feel they are invincible.

BOUQUET To Marilyn at the City of Nanaimo’s property taxes department for her assistance in explaining the application for provincial grants regarding property taxes. Thank you.

BEEF My heart hurts to see doggie poop bags tossed into trees and discarded in the park and along the streets in my neighbourhood.It’s an insult and disrespect for neighbours and our environment. These bags do not break down, they just pile up. People who are responsible, see what you are doing.

BOUQUET To Nanaimoites who respect physical distancing at Piper’s Lagoon where we went on a picnic dinner. Let’s stay calm, let’s continue to be physically distant and let’s remain safe.

BEEF Because VIHA parking lot is used as a COVID-19 test facility, health support staff has to park on the street. Along comes bylaw enforcement handing out parking tickets. Really?

BOUQUET To Tony C., manager of Cypress Glen apartments. I took a serious fall and head hit near his building on the sidewalk. While others called for emergency assistance as I was dazed and could not rise, he went and got warm towels to cover me from the rain and stood holding a coat over my head to protect it from the rain for the whole time it took for ambulance to arrive. Thank you.

BEEF To the bank for locking out its clients during the pandemic. It’s not for long, but long enough to find another financial service, one that goes the extra mile for its customers.

BOUQUET To the residents of Berwick on the Lake for being so adaptable, understanding, and supportive with the ongoing pandemic. All for one, one for all.

BEEF To the white delivery trucks that continue to fly up and down Metral Drive every single day at any speed they feel like. The limit is 50 kilometres per hour, why are you above the law?

BOUQUET Kudos to Earl of Lantzville Legion for pickup and delivery of grocery orders to an elderly veteran and his wife during the pandemic.

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