Beef to the person or persons who have stolen my car. I was working a 12-hour nursing shift, only to discover at the end of it that my hard-earned car was gone. Can you bring it back and leave it outside the hospital where you got it?

Beef to the person or persons who have stolen my car. I was working a 12-hour nursing shift, only to discover at the end of it that my hard-earned car was gone. Can you bring it back and leave it outside the hospital where you got it?

Beefs & Bouquets, May 4

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BOUQUET To Nanaimo RCMP officers and their canines for your service protecting our community 365 days a year. With COVID and crime on the rise, we’re ringing the bells for you. You make a difference daily.

BEEF To the person beefing about the emergency room staff. Patients are prioritized by how serious and life threatening the situation is. If you were kept waiting for nine hours it means a lot of people, including those who arrived after you were assessed as being in a more life-threatening situation than you. Be grateful you weren’t in worse shape.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady in a fellow VW who paid for my Starbucks drink at the drive-thru after I waved her to go ahead of me. I’ve been struggling with the universal energy lately. Your kindness warmed my heart and made my day. Thank you.

BEEF To the environmental protester. Have you nothing better to do at your age than disrespect and disrupt the people of Nanaimo?

BOUQUET To Matt at Best Buy for having the patience and taking the time to answer all my questions and for coming up with some suggestions and putting up with me for three visits before I purchased. This is from a vision-impaired senior and thanks to you I have changed for the better my opinion of Best Buy. Any business should be so lucky to have such a great employee who definitely knows customer service.

BEEF To the person who took all the Easter eggs from the shopping centre before the hunt began while all the kids were waiting patiently for it to start. Bouquet to Amethyst Forest which put on a crystal easter hunt for the kids and when all the eggs were stolen, you still gave all the kids a special crystal to bring home.

BOUQUET To those who work at the RCMP detachment in Nanaimo.

BEEF The new owners of a tourism business in a neighbouring community have totally ruined the charm and jacked up the prices and nothing is maintained and they charged a two-year-old $8.50 to walk around. What a joke.

BOUQUET To the staff and management team at Browns Social House. We brought an error in our order to their attention and they went above and beyond to make things right and more. Thank you; you made our weekend. Yes, of course we’ll be back. And you were right, it did taste better the next day.

BEEF To the beefer who said he didn’t know what charter rights were taken away. Free assembly, freedom of association, free speech and the right to travel within Canada and to leave Canada – these rights were eliminated under Trudeau. Your suggestion that majority opinion negates Canada’s charter rights is false. Public opinion is often swayed by government and media propaganda.

BOUQUET To the musicians and conductor of the Nanaimo Concert Band, who celebrated their 150th anniversary of entertaining citizens with a splendid concert in the Port Theatre. They honoured many of the people who helped to perpetuate this legacy, which they now treasure and carefully maintain. Congratulations.

BEEF In Sweden, citizens are mostly happy to pay high taxes as they translate into free daycare, free education, free health care, etc. In B.C., citizens pay high taxes but are left minus a family doctor, timely surgical procedures, mental health interventions or homelessness solutions and daycare is usually expensive. The country’s military also ranks poorly, so where are all the tax dollars going?

BOUQUET to the citizens of Nanaimo who have joined in the collective effort to pick up litter from our streets, sidewalks, trails, parks and beaches. We are blessed to live in a beautiful place; by picking up the trash we show our gratitude, our love for our neighbours, and our pride in our community. The city is looking great – keep up the good work.

BEEF To members of the public glorifying Canada’s ‘free’ healthcare. The only thing free is waiting to access anything and everything. Time to make a change to the American model.

BOUQUET To my mother in law Earlene. Thank you so much for all you do for us and our family. Helping out with the kids, watching our house when we are away, taking care of our animals and being there for everyone. Your love and giving of your time is appreciated and we thank you. P.S. I will make your favourite meal whenever you want.

BEEF To the sellers of trampolines. My quiet neighbourhood is now a noisy playpen.

BOUQUET To the wonderful ladies at SouthCare Chiropractor. Friendly, efficient and you truly know your clients and understand the meaning of great customer service. Thank you all for taking the time to be genuine and having a sense of humour with our family of four who are in there almost weekly.

BEEF The city and the regional district recently issued a press release indicating they have signed on to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Does that mean they will put an end to backyard burning?

BOUQUET To Wendy and Guillermo at the Nanaimo Wine Shoppe. Great people, great wine, and they go above and beyond. Thanks for supplying the wedding wine and all that you cheerfully do.

BEEF To the responsible party for not dealing with the eyesore that is the old abandoned gas station in the Country Club area. Can it not just be demolished?

BOUQUET To the lady who picks up garbage and maintains the pathway near Howard and Eighth. You do a wonderful job, thank you for putting in your time.

BEEF To the refugees complaining of the high costs of living in Canada. Welcome to our world. Most expensive, least accessible and unwelcoming environment possible.

BOUQUET To all pharmacists and pharmacy assistants for all they have given to all their patients during the pandemic. They are the last to get recognized for everything they do. So many would have suffered without the loyal and dedicated staff who were on the front line with the health care workers caring for the very sick and ill patients who needed the medication. Thank you.

BEEF To dog owners who bring their unfriendly dogs to off-leash trails. We shouldn’t have to leash our dogs when you’re around because your dog isn’t good around other dogs. Please find another place to walk.

BOUQUET To the person who found my purse in the Woodgrove Centre food court and turned it in. It is so nice to know there are wonderfully kind and honest people in our midst. Thank you a thousand times.

BEEF To the two grown women who snickered and sneered at me at the thrift store when I was trying on a leather fashion harness over my shirt. Why do you care what I wear? Was it because it looked good on me and you wished you could wear it? Was it because I’m a woman over 50, rocking long silver fox hair and fashionable clothes? Or was it because the man with you said, “but it looks good on her” as you slinked away?

BOUQUET To the maintained bike lanes and sidewalks down Dover Road. A beef to not putting in a bike lane, sidewalk or even a bus lane up Uplands Drive between Dover and McRobb. A waste of green space for weeds, litter and shopping carts.

BEEF To the person who hit the parked dark grey Chevy Impala. It seems you got away with a hit and run (no note, no witnesses). I can only hope you treat the people in your life better than my family’s car.

BOUQUET For allowing free speech on the Beefs & Bouquets page. We will never be truly a community if one side is always silenced. And thank you to everyone else for your opinion whether we agree or not. Here in Canada, the land of the free, we all have a share in keeping that freedom. It starts by listening to each other.

BEEF To the city for not including cycling infrastructure on the Commercial Street redesign. It should connect the bikes lanes on Victoria Crescent at one end to the bike lanes on Front Street at the other end. It’s a massive oversight putting vulnerable road users at risk. It also makes driving downtown more difficult by forcing cars and bikes to share the road.

BOUQUET To Carol Ann from Ladysmith who paid for brunch at the Southgate Smitty’s Restaurant for nine residents and a staff member from Wexford Creek. Very moving gesture, appreciated immensely and talked about for the rest of the day.

BEEF To the city for ruining the appearance of Laguna Way with ugly re-paving. After enduring six months of water main construction, our street now looks like a patchwork quilt. Would it really have cost that much more to re-pave the street curb-to-curb? Residents are outraged given the high taxes we pay. We deserve better.

BOUQUET Happy 40th anniversary Nancy and Billy. Here’s to enjoying a love-filled life with your best friend, making happy memories, and sharing your blessed journey with all you meet.

BEEF To the thoughtless person who tosses an empty beer can out the car window almost daily along Waldbank Road. Our neighbourhood isn’t your trash bin, and what are you doing drinking and driving?

BOUQUET To William our lovely Thrifty’s delivery driver. Thank you for the lovely gesture of chocolates for Easter. Thrifty’s is lucky to have you. See you next week.

BEEF To the word ‘bouquet.’ Why should the word ‘beef’ get all the attention? ‘Bouquets’ is not only a really hard word to spell (despite being an excellent word in Scrabble, it is hard to even pronounce correctly. Instead of using an obviously French loan word for the title, I propose the term ‘Beeves & Floral Arrangements.’ There, much better.

BOUQUET To Janie at Marlin Travel for going above and beyond to help us when we were stranded in Calgary after missing our connecting flight home to Nanaimo.

BEEF To the dog walkers on Wentworth who do not clean up after their dogs. Neighbourhood lawns don’t exist to be your pet’s toilet.

BOUQUET To God for His blessings of three daughters. Despite life’s many adversities, they’ve blossomed into wonderful women. Amazing Grace. Mama D. remains eternally grateful for our journey together, and the miracle you are. In loving memory of Marco and Brianna.

BEEF To the union representing the people who have worked through the pandemic for a company that does not recognize nor care for the danger and stress this caused. Alas, the pandemic times did make this company a lot more money than expected. But now it is time for a new contract with these workers and the offer is no raise except for the minimum wage that the government has made law for all workers.

BOUQUET Gratitude to the overwhelming majority of Canadians who reject the meaning of ‘freedom’ popular in the U.S.A.: the right to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, regardless of consequences for other people, animals, or the environment.

BEEF To the cat people who think their cats are still allowed to wander the neighbourhood. There is a bylaw in effect. Keep your cats in your own yard so they can spray all over, do their business and dig up your gardens. Your neighbours should not have to put up with that. And a beef to the city for passing such a bylaw with no way or resources to enforce it.

BOUQUET To the wonderful newspaper delivery man we are so lucky to have on Sechelt Drive. Our newspaper arrives ready to read not in a puddle or under the car which used to happen before Troy arrived. Yay!

BEEF To the person or persons who have stolen my car. I was working a 12-hour nursing shift, only to discover at the end of it that my hard-earned car was gone. It is a violation and inconvenience of great proportion. Can you bring it back and leave it outside the hospital where you got it?

BOUQUET To Sam the greeter at Walmart, he is always smiling and is always ready to share a groan-worthy joke that puts a smile on your face as you head inside to shop. Thanks for going the extra mile – it really does make a difference.

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Beefs and bouquets

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