Beef to the lady who seemed oblivious to others in the north-end grocery store, pushing by me to grab herself a cucumber.

Beefs & Bouquets, May 27

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BOUQUET Thank you to the lady walking by my house, seeing me clearing the driveway of snow and coming over to clear it for me. Thank you to the young people helping the seniors.

BEEF To the gentleman in the Rutherford area who yells, swears and yanks aggressively on his black lab’s leash. In dog language, when you yell at your dog while it’s barking, the dog sees it as you joining in on the barking. Aggression teaches dogs to be aggressive. Please learn some humane dog training.

BOUQUET To all small businesses that are trying to stay open, and to the customers who carefully support them.

BEEF Departure Bay has a no dog policy on the beaches in effect, as per bylaw. When will city officers enforce this?

BOUQUET To the Craig Bay fire department for donating personal protective equipment to the NRGH ICU. Thank you for your support.

BEEF To the rental car company for continually risking the lives of their employees. Every day I see cars and trucks being dropped off by people with no masks or gloves. A huge, huge rave to the poor mechanics who are in my opinion, truly a part of the front line, forced to work in and out of the rental cars, putting their lives and families’ lives at risk.

BOUQUET To the person who paid it forward to me at Tim Hortons in Harewood. Made my day, thank you. I paid it forward to the person behind me.

BEEF To the youth sports league for punishing parents by not offering a full refund due to COVID-19.

BOUQUET Thank you to the wonderful people on the trail who assisted me during my jogging incident at Westwood Lake, including fire rescue who transferred me by Zodiac and paramedics, doctors and nurses who cared for me. Because of you, the experience was much less traumatic.

BEEF To people who don’t give us space on the sidewalk to allow for social distancing. I have a stroller and my dog. It’s not so easy for me to move off the sidewalk, down the curb. Please, have some consideration. Move over, give us space, I try to move off to the side as much as I can; I’d appreciate the same effort.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin, you gave me a very much-needed laugh about the botched armed robber at the convenience store. Also a bouquet to the unnamed K-9, which should have at least got an adult-sized Milkbone.

BEEF To the lady who seemed oblivious to others in the north-end grocery store, pushing by me to grab herself a cucumber, literally giving me one second to put my last purchase in my hand and step back. There is no need to push me aside.

BOUQUET Thank you, we don’t know who, but you put a $50 note into our gas tank. We were so shocked. We will forward it – God bless you.

BEEF To the runners on our trails and pathways who selfishly refuse to negotiate a six-foot, safe distance between people as they pass them. It is all of our responsibility to do our part during this pandemic. If you have to stop during your run or divert off the path, please do so. At the very least, say ‘thank you’ to those who are willing to stop their activity to let you pass safely.

BOUQUET To the health workers who work so hard to keep us safe.

BEEF Come on citizens. Is it really too much to ask that you stop littering. Put candy wrappers in your pocket, cigarette butts can go in a small container, also carried in your pocket and discarded when you get home. All those pop cans, coffee and drink cups just being left behind are a reflection of who we are. Are we not better than that?

BOUQUET To the Milner Group for their generous offer of free topsoil. What a cheerful staff on a very busy day, kudos to all.

BEEF To the driver of the blue truck who almost T-boned myself and my dog trying to cut in front of us at the coffee shop drive-thru. I was in line before he even entered the lot. He continued to try and squeeze in front with no room, almost hitting me several times. Started a yelling match causing traffic as he was blocking both lanes.

BOUQUET Heartfelt thanks to so many. I am a 96-year-old resident of Deerwood Place Estates and through family doing my home help, other friends and neighbours leaving home cooking and baking at my door keep me healthy and happy to remain in my own home during this virus problem. You all know who you are. I think of others not nearly as lucky as myself. Bless you all.

BEEF To the person who drove his black pick-up truck around town walking into people’s backyards and garages stealing bags full of empties. We know who you are and so does the RCMP since we got your licence plate and picture.

BOUQUET I am an 80-year-old widow living alone. My daughter Suzanne cheers me up when I am down. I am so blessed to have a daughter like you. Thank you so much for caring for your old Mama.

BEEF To the government for putting our economic health in jeopardy. Simple solution is lock down all seniors and people at legitimate risk. Everyone else must go to work. And I mean everyone. No freeloaders. Fields need farming and holes need digging.

BOUQUET Thank you Spencer at London Drugs for your excellent customer service.

BEEF To those vehicles in drive-thrus that are too loud. People cannot order ahead of you or behind you. I am tired of trying to order with your overly loud engine making so much noise.

BOUQUET To the best dog mom a boy could have ever had. Thank you for 17 special years.

BEEF To the complaint about the city allowing landscaping in parks. Please consider workers know how to keep social distance. Also. being employed keeps our economy going and well-cared-for environments lift people’s spirits.

BOUQUET To all of us following the rules in this time of uncertainty. Beef to people having barbecues in your backyard during social distancing.

BEEF To the women who think it was OK to throw tissue out the car window because there was a spider in their red Ford SUV on Jingle Pot Road. If I’m the crazy one, you broke the law, because littering is an offence.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the couple enjoying an afternoon on Quennell Lake, who phoned the fire department and alerted us that the roof of our house was on fire. You are the greatest.

BEEF To the inconsiderate people who are taking advantage of the free parking at the hospital with no consideration to those it is designated for, leaving us no place to park near the ambulatory entrance.

BOUQUET To Milner Recycling, thank you for your generous offer of two yards of quality planter soil. I was up early and waited a very little time in line. You created a very well-organized lineup and you’ve made so many people very happy in these tougher times.

BEEF To the person who wrote about younger citizens having to pay for senior’s pensions.We paid for our pensions, education, and everything else we acquired, when there were no students loans, unemployment insurance, medical care, etc. when wages and costs were relative as they are today. Stop whining.

BOUQUET I’m sure glad the workers took over the Harmac mill. If we had left it to the one-percenters that important facility would be closed and its products to combat COVID-19 wouldn’t be available. Thanks to all the workers who took the risk and won.

BOUQUET To Milner Group for free soil. I look forward to my food garden this year.

BOUQUET To Milner’s for the free soil. My family and I thank you and it will go to good use.

BOUQUET To Paul at FineLine Road Marking for making right my unfortunate encounter with some road paint.

BOUQUET Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kurt Alscher, Leeanne, and Dr. Bucksteg for getting me through a very difficult time. Kurt is a wonderfully kind and compassionate man. My gratitude extends to all those health-care workers on the front lines dealing with extraordinary circumstances. Stay strong Nanaimo!

BOUQUET To MP Paul Manly for his voice and hard work in keeping our communities safe during this period of COVID-19.

BOUQUET Thank you to Brian who has carved many wooden owls and set them up on trees in various parks and walking trails for others to enjoy. I look for them every time I am walking in the woods as they are a delightful surprise. Keep up the good work.

BOUQUET To the beautiful people outside of NRGH; I appreciate every single one of you. Staff leaving shift today were welcomed with cheers and signs from a distance. You all touched my heart.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to workers at B.C. Ferries’ Departure Bay terminal for joining us by blowing their whistle every night at 7 p.m. to show appreciation for our front-line workers.

BOUQUET To Longlake Chateau for their good care of us. Thanks to office and staff.

BOUQUET A big virtual hug to all the staff at Kiwanis Lodge, third floor for taking such great care of my dad Frank.

BOUQUET To my neighbour for arranging individual social distance visits throughout the day, a Zoom meeting with my friends and the most amazing homemade lasagna. You made my birthday extra special through these crazy times. Thank you my friend. I don’t know how I’d do this without you.

BOUQUET A big thank you to the lovely lady who serenaded the residents of Lakeside Gardens. My sister-in-law loved it, as did many others. The clapping reassured her that there are other people in there too, as they are in lockdown and only see the workers. What a lovely gift – one of music.

BOUQUET Thank you to every Vancouver Islander who has put a heart in their window! Seeing them restores so much of my faith in humanity. We are in this together.

BOUQUET Thank you to the two nice ladies picking up garbage on the sides of the road in the 600 block of Bruce Avenue.

BOUQUET I would like to sincerely thank the Nanaimo hospital emergency ward staff after my recent visit by ambulance. I’ve never met such a kind and caring group of people. Especially Edward, the nurse, who brought me tea and round cookies. He even let me borrow his cellphone so I could call my daughter. He made a scary and painful day less so.

BOUQUET While grocery shopping, I somehow lost my purse. Went home and was phoning to cancel my credit cards when the door bell rang and there stood Tony with his lovely wife with my purse intact. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the person or little persons leaving the painted rocks at the mailboxes on Gatewood Place, these are a real joy in these sad days. Thank you.

BOUQUET To doctors, nurses and other staff at the Nanaimo ICU and the fifth floor. I wonder if I would be here today without them. I was admitted to hospital with what turned out to be meningitis and pneumonia, they took such good care of me that now I am home again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

BOUQUET To all the front-line workers and first responders, I am extremely grateful.

BOUQUET Thank you to Save-On-Foods for delivering two crates of flower bouquets to us in Nanaimo Seniors Village. Your kindness brought a lot of smiles to many and it will not soon be forgotten.

BOUQUET To Piccadilly Bistro for the beautiful cookies donated to the staff in the intensive care unit at NRGH. They were almost too pretty to eat, but were enjoyed by all. They brightened everyone’s day. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo staff from garbage collectors to the mayor. Thank you for using your brains when keeping services going and parks open. Level-headed people will be the real heroes in this mess.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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