Beef to the irresponsible dog-owner/walker who left a dog bag full of poo tied up on the utility box on the sidewalk along Corfu Drive. That is so disgusting and it takes a special character for someone to do something like that. Where’s your sense of decency?

Beef to the irresponsible dog-owner/walker who left a dog bag full of poo tied up on the utility box on the sidewalk along Corfu Drive. That is so disgusting and it takes a special character for someone to do something like that. Where’s your sense of decency?

Beefs & Bouquets, May 25

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BOUQUET To the incredible person who donated an entire cow to the food bank. You put a smile on a lot of faces. My kids and I enjoyed a beautiful roast thanks to your kindness.

BEEF To the protesters who glued their hands to the doors of the RBC bank. You look like you collect CPP. RBC stock is one of the biggest single holdings of CPP. So until you are willing to give up your CPP cheques every month in solidarity to your protest, you are hypocrites.

BOUQUET To the manger of Save-On-Foods for picking up the phone after closing and putting my anxiety to rest by letting me know he has my keys and I could pick them up the following day. Thank you; you’re amazing.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about trampolines in their neighbourhood. Should kids not have fun just because you don’t like it? Let kids be kids while they’re still young.

BOUQUET To Helping Paws Community Animal Clinic for running your free vet clinic for low-income and homeless pet owners. Another huge bouquet to Panago Pizza for providing free pizza for this event. You have very big hearts and most excellent pizza. Also a big bouquet to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church for providing the space. What wonderful things we can accomplish when we all work together.

BEEF To the auto body shop that Is supposed to be an accredited five-star place to fix your cars via ICBC. A small dent in my vehicle is not an adequate reason to have my vehicle written off.

BOUQUET To Sarah L. for advocating to city council on the decriminalization of personal possession of drugs. Harm reduction saves lives. Nanaimo needs safe supply; we have lost too many people to overdoses.

BEEF To the person who at 6:30 a.m. every weekday morning, starts the truck with a thunderous roar and drives up the street trying to wake up all the neighbourhood. There are noise restriction bylaws for mufflers. I think it is time the city does something about it as people around here are getting upset about it.

BOUQUET To the sellers and buyers of trampolines. You help the kids get off screens and enjoy outside play in the real world. Lovely to hear the children’s delight of this timeless item. To those who can’t handle the happy noise: invest in noise-cancelling headphones.

BEEF To the planners and city council for the rapid building of new neighbourhoods without any building of additional water storage. How is it possible to be on watering restrictions when rainfall is more than double the 10-year average with local mountains still covered in snow? And the clear cutting of building sites to pack in homes is just pathetic.

BOUQUET Thank you to Jeff of Ears to You for his amazing service and support in equipping my husband with hearing aids. His mobile service is efficient and helpful and he will go the distance for anyone suffering with hearing loss. His follow-ups are prompt and reassuring. We wish him all the best in his business.

BEEF To the person who has a beef with trampolines. Darn those kids for having fun and enjoying their childhood.

BOUQUET Perhaps Boeuf plus Bouquets or Beefs and Flowerbunches?

BEEF Why do people think it’s OK to let their dogs wander across everyone’s lawns and pee? It is the height of rudeness. I’ve always had dogs and keep them off lawns when we are walking. Keep your dog to yourself, please.

BOUQUET To the wonderful nurses and staff of the sixth floor at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. I was a patient there after two major accidents a month apart, and I received stellar treatment. They were all absolutely wonderful. They worked tirelessly to make sure all their patients were well cared for. They are a real class act and very special.

BEEF In my neighbourhood there is a person who has a flag and “freedom fighter” written on the back of his car. His idea of freedom fighting is to drive around and honk his horn. How dare he put himself in the same category as someone who is carrying a gun and living in fear of getting shot so that they can truly have freedom.

BOUQUET Thank you to the RDN for its wonderful work on the Morden Colliery Regional Trail. Gumboot and dog washes are no longer necessary afterward as the muddy trail has been replaced with great gravel that’s nice to walk on, even for paws. Let’s hope the second half to Hemer Park is coming too.

BEEF The piano is OK for people who walk by, but horrible for businesses around it with staff and customers who have to listen to the pounding all day long. Time to move it; we are losing customers.

BOUQUET To the lady who assisted me after I tripped over the curb outside Country Grocer. I fell onto my knees then hit my head. She immediately asked if I needed help. I accepted her offer and she helped me up. I was shaken by the event and remarked that I was glad that I had not broken my hip. As we age, we may have unexpected falls such as mine and I am so thankful that such a kind lady reached out to help me.

BEEF The ongoing reworking of the whole length of Metral Drive is totally anti-vehicle, pro-bike wokeness. The driving lanes have been shrunk to a point where two full-size vehicles must white-knuckle it driving past one another. To also install bike lanes on each side of the road has severely limited the travel area meant for the main user which is vehicles. The city needs to re-think this pro-bike agenda which seems to want to crowd vehicles off the road.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Disability Resource Centre for being wonderful place to volunteer with super kind and professional staff: Betty, Allison, Marie, Ken and an awesome team of volunteers. To help with providing disability parking permits makes me feel grateful that I can make a difference to improve the quality of vulnerable people’s day-to-day life. Thank you.

BEEF To the attorney general hiring a consultant to study solutions to fight crime. Here’s some free advice. More police and big prisons and your office grow a backbone.

BOUQUET To Christine who stayed with me after I was involved in a crash until a family member arrived. Your support and kindness was much appreciated; I was in deep shock.

BEEF To the beefer who responded to the beefer who asked what rights were being taken away. In 1982, when Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was reviewed and passed, we had a Liberal prime minister with the same last name as the PM we have now. There are only nine people in all of Canada who could justify your claim that your freedoms have been, in any way, compromised and, no, one of them is not our PM. Inform yourself.

BOUQUET To the couple who brought my bachelorette party to the next level at Longwood Brew Pub by ordering us shots in secret. Also to the lady who bought my first whipped-cream shot. That was a hilarious memory to remember forever. Thanks so much.

BEEF To the irresponsible dog-owner/walker who left a dog bag full of poo tied up on the utility box on the sidewalk along Corfu Drive. That is so disgusting and it takes a special character for someone to do something like that. Where’s your sense of decency?

BOUQUET We are very impressed with several of Nanaimo’s youths after attending an exceptional Stand With Ukraine concert. Volunteer Nanaimo’s Youth 20/20 Can youth volunteers did an exceptional job of hosting the event and making all welcome. Elise Boulanger, Fountain Bather, Danger Box and Summer Rain all donated their talents during the concert filled with prize draw raffles, a concession and words of encouragement by all sharing the stage. Also hats off to the OV Arts Centre for providing the facility at no charge. Thank you to all involved.

BEEF To HandyDart. The new buses are a huge step backward. When you had the ramp come out the side of the bus, I was actually impressed that B.C. Transit finally understood disability needs. Now you went back to 1992 with the lift. It’s unsafe and awkward for people who use wheelchairs.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo RCMP Serious Crime Unit for continuing to investigate Lisa Marie Y.’s unsolved file considering the number of files they are currently investigating. The unit is determined to find Lisa and have justice.

BEEF To the medical system. I went to the ER with a badly swollen hand from a dog bite. All waiting rooms were full. I’m sure many people were there for routine things because they have no family doctor. I would have been there all day, but a friend advised us to try Ladysmith, where I was seen quickly, given a tetanus shot and X-rays and saw a doctor who commented that immediate ER treatment should have been stitches and IV antibiotics. Had I continued to wait for hours at NRGH I could have been in serious medical trouble.

BOUQUET To the city councillors who are in favour of banning new fracked methane hookups. We ditched the gas and now have lower heating costs and no CO2 pumped into the atmosphere. Win, win.

BEEF Guess it’s OK for city to have many natural gas buses running around town, but new build homes? No gas.

BOUQUET To the young man who came through my till on May 4 and bought a light sabre; you made my day. May the fourth always be with you.

BEEF To the person claiming that we are not free in Canada and our rights have been taken away. That person must be suffering from memory loss as he or she does not remember that Canada is the freest country in the world.

BOUQUET To all our neighbours in the Beach Estates neighbourhood. This is by far the friendliest neighbourhood we have ever lived in. We and our three dogs are really going to miss you all. And Nicole, thank you for all the amazing goodies you’ve brought over to us over the years.

BEEF To public transit. You really need to work on cleaning your buses more often – dusty seats, window edges and dirty floors. Not impressed.

BOUQUET To the staff and students at NDSS for their hard work in organizing the recent information night for parents of students who are entering Grade 8. From the senior staff who put on the presentation, to the demonstrations from the band, dance team and cheer team, and the students and teachers who guided the tour of the school. Thank you for making the transition easier for the whole family.

BEEF To the crook who stole four of my magnetic book covers from the passenger side of my SUV parked outside the fitness centre. I didn’t notice the signs were gone till I had driven home. I have ordered replacements from the Sign Zone but I will be glad to give a reward to anybody with information about the theft.

BOUQUET No job losses. Transfer pipeline workers to Vancouver Island for north-to-south railway line construction. For years to come, this will bring much-needed economic activity to the Island, boost a green environment and help people move away from fossil fuel.

BEEF To the mayor for his continued earnest effort to turn Nanaimo into Portland.

BOUQUET To compassionate health-care professionals. We seniors are really feeling the financial squeeze, especially those of us just over the cut-off for the guaranteed income supplement and other benefits. Grateful for recommendations for affordable product and service alternatives. Your careful communications regarding my health also saves us time and money. We seniors are trying our best to maintain our good health so we are less of a burden to society in later years.

BEEF To the government for wasting money studying birth rates. Why does humanity believe it’s necessary to breed like rabbits? Isn’t it obvious that some individuals clearly should not have offspring?

BOUQUET To Mike and his team at Island Home Furniture for their great customer service. I highly recommend their top-quality furniture and great service.

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Beefs and bouquets

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