Beefs & Bouquets, May 22

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BOUQUET To Dufferin care home, including doctors, staff and nurses, for taking loving care of Mildred Bonhomme. She died Easter Sunday. Our gratitude to your staff – you went over and beyond to keep her happy and safe.

BEEF To stores that take too long to pick up their carts near downtown. Please do it when one calls – there are starting to be too many all over.

BOUQUET To Rose at the Be Beautiful Salon and Day Spa. You know how to cut curly hair and are one in a million.

BEEF To all the worker bees buzzing around at this time of year. Why do bees have to work so much? Work, work, work – that’s all they do. They’re the exact opposite of my unemployed neighbour.

BOUQUET To Dixie’s Thrift Store at Seventh Street and Bruce Avenue. Driven by many times, finally decided to stop in. Great prices. Very neat and tidy. Great little store.

BEEF To people who still idle their vehicles, despite knowing the damage exhaust does to our air quality. And how’s that gas bill working out for you?

BOUQUET To the young couple with their boat at the car wash. They were so wonderful when I locked my dog and phone in the car and graciously assisted me with the use of a phone and a helping hand to find a key.

BEEF To the person or people who keep using Planta Park by the Stephenson Point Road and Budehaven Drive entrance as an outhouse. You seem to have the time to plan out toilet paper so why not scout out and plan on using a public washroom nearby?

BOUQUET To Dr. Michaud and staff at Petroglyph Animal Hospital for their caring and support recently when we had to have our much-loved chocolate lab put down. Their compassion and good service over the years for our pets is much appreciated.

BEEF To people who use their balconies for everything, like the jerk who lives below me, shaving outside with an electric shaver. It sounds like a million killer bees. This might be better to use inside the house rather than on the balcony at 7 in the morning.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation for their Learn for Life workshops. The doctors gave excellent information in friendly and clear presentations, making us realize how fortunate we are to have such high-quality practitioners in Nanaimo.

BEEF To all the horse-riders who allow their horses to leave droppings all over the multi-use pathway in Lantzville. It smells and looks disgusting. Dog owners clean up after their pets; you should be required to as well.

BOUQUET To family and friends for the wonderful surprise 80th birthday party on April 19. It will always be remembered.

BEEF To the man beefing about his unemployed neighbour. You must also be unemployed. You seem to have a lot of free time to watch your neighbour and write beefs. Give it a rest. I would hate to have a nosy neighbour like you.

BOUQUET To the Cedar fire department and two ambulance crews that attended very quickly to my call for help.

BEEF To the city for wanting to buy parkland with massive secret reserves. And who are the vendors of these lands?

BOUQUET To doctors and staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital emergency room as well as staff on the first floor for their care and attentiveness to my partner during his stay and recovery.

BEEF To the society for not having the correct time of the fireworks listed on the 2014 schedule. When we e-mailed to confirm the time, the e-mail bounced.

BOUQUET To the staff at Country Club Starbucks. You are courteous and cheerful and your customer service is exceptional.  The professional, long-term staff are a credit to the company.

BOUQUET To the lady who paid for my chocolate malt at Wendy’s. I’m glad there are still people like you in the world.

BOUQUET To the two kind ladies in the van at the end of Barney Road. I asked them for directions to the Yellow Point Park parking lot as my back was too sore to walk the three-kilometre trail back to my car. They insisted on driving me there and I am very grateful.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Marine Rescue Society, whose volunteers have rescued many in one of the busiest rescue sectors.

BOUQUET To Kevin O’Byrne of Woodgrove Chrysler. Your smile, diligence, caring attitude to ensure our new van was a great fit is much appreciated.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital emergency room and fourth floor staff who looked after my mom, Molly, while she was in hospital for 16 days.

BOUQUET To Save-On-Foods for being the first grocery store that labels eggs as ‘caged’ and ‘not caged’ (free range and free run). People need to think about where their food comes from.

BOUQUET To Great Aunt Pat who always goes above and beyond. You made a very difficult time much easier for us – you are a true angel.

BOUQUET To the kind man who paid for the purse I wanted so badly at the neighbourhood yard sale. I was out for a walk and didn’t have any cash on me.

BOUQUET To the folks at Kal Tire on Old Victoria Road. My teenaged son had more than a year of excellent, trustworthy, and fairly priced service for his Ranger truck. When my son had an issue in Calgary, they called the shop in to query their quote. I was so impressed that they would go to bat for him, even when he had moved to another province.

BOUQUET To the amazing staff at the hospital maternity unit. You were all so kind and helpful when we welcomed our baby boy last month.

BOUQUET To Lee Salik for being the best fiancé a woman could ask for.

BOUQUET To the wonderful lady at the emergency room at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital late at night who paid for my parking as I was taking in my granddaughter and I had no change and the machine would not take my debit card.  It was so nice that she paid it for me. I will pass it on to someone else.

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