Beef to the beefer upset at grocery stores for not having enough staff. Stores are supporting many team members off due to COVID-19-related issues. Most stores are actively hiring to help keep stores running.

Beef to the beefer upset at grocery stores for not having enough staff. Stores are supporting many team members off due to COVID-19-related issues. Most stores are actively hiring to help keep stores running.

Beefs & Bouquets, May 20

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BOUQUET A huge shout out to everyone who was involved in the parade for our little Spiderman’s third birthday. It made his day so incredibly special and we are beyond grateful to all of our friends and family who participated and helped organize the event. Thank you to the Nanaimo fire department and to Maximum Towing for adding the extra special touches.

BEEF To the beefer upset at grocery stores for not having enough staff. Stores are supporting many team members off due to COVID-19-related issues. Most stores are actively hiring to help keep stores running. Do your part to help reduce the stress by shopping once a week instead of daily, like so many people still are.

BOUQUET To technician Connor from Barron’s Home Appliance Centre for his friendly and knowledgeable service.

BEEF To my neighbour whose marijuana smoking odour is so strong, it comes into my daughter’s bedroom window.

BOUQUET To a great guy, Frank H., who will be dearly missed by all. He was a great friend and a great DJ. Rest in peace.

BEEF During a much-needed run to the supermarket, I found more than 30 disposable gloves scattered on the ground. What’s wrong with people? Do you feel it’s your right to just toss your litter on the ground instead of spending one more minute to find a can and dispose of them properly?

BOUQUET To Southgate Country Grocer for posting our missing cat poster. Your kindness led to the safe return of our cat Chance after 28 days. It’s an honour to have such kind and caring people in our community.

BEEF Can’t believe people riding bicycles on the wrong side of the road, going through red lights in the wrong direction. They have no helmets on, talking on their cells, and the police won’t do anything about it.

BOUQUET I would like to thank Steve and John from Coca Cola for bringing a skid of water to the housekeepers at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

BEEF I witnessed an owner training his dog to obey. It was heartbreaking to hear the dog’s cries over and over again. This took place in the Woodlands Secondary School field.

BOUQUET Ditto to the bouquet to Buy-Low Foods Harewood taking great measures to be exceptionally clean. Their home delivery services during the virus have also been excellent.

BEEF To the driver of a white truck who scraped my BMW in the parking lot at the big box store. I have to pay the deductible on my insurance. This is called hit-and-run; shame on you.

BOUQUET To the neighbours who delivered my Mother’s Day card after it had been mis-delivered to the building next door. You are all peaches.

BEEF To the companies no longer putting out ads. For those of us who have no access to the internet, you are further isolating us.

BOUQUET A special thank you to the employees at the London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre who found the battery and replaced it in my thermometer. From a very grateful senior.

BEEF To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You just keep dropping the ball, from the economy to COVID-19.

BOUQUET To K & M Moving in Nanaimo for making my move to a new home so well-co-ordinated. Mike and Blair, thank you for your calmness, professionalism and efficiency. Well done.

BEEF To the Nova Scotia fundraisers. These groups all worked on the basis that everyone has a computer. Wrong – everyone might have a phone.

BOUQUET I want to give my family and friends a big thank you in this time of need. Care packages outside my door, kind words and love over the phone. This great-grandmother is most grateful.

BEEF To the panicked people who hit the big warehouse store, leaving nothing for the rest.

BOUQUET Thank you to Frank at Vacuum Doctor for the prompt knowledge and service at a great price.

BEEF To the heartless speeding driver who managed to strike and kill my beloved kitty on Sixth Street. Didn’t even stop.

BOUQUET Special appreciation for the doctors, nurses, health-care assistants, all support staff, ground and air ambulance, fire and rescue and police personnel, all staff in any capacity providing essential services, and any other front-line staff making it possible for we citizens to have some normalcy. Stay strong, stay safe, bless you all.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for coming up with the all-time booby prize award for a policy that would permit a corporation to have their name on any civic building for a fee. Does that include port-a-potties?

BOUQUET To the Trading Post Feed and Tack Ltd. store across from Nanaimo Airport for giving drivers a welcome chuckle and wide smiles by dressing up your horse and new addition in whatever occasion comes on the calendar, and more. Thank you. Great imaginations!

BEEF To the food store with on-the-vine tomatos at 6.99 per pound.

BOUQUET To the people who work at Lakeside Gardens, I know they are paid, but many go above and beyond to help the occupants.

BEEF I can understand why the people during the Second World War would close the high schools and let the kids work in the orchards and the fields. The boys were off to war and the rest of the good people were doing what we could at home to help other people. Not like the people of today who want everything done for them.

BOUQUET Thank you to the young lady who paid for my coffee and doughnut at Tim Hortons in north Nanaimo. A nice surprise. I will pay it forward.

BEEF To all the Canadians telling other Canadians to not come to our Island. Get a grip – we count on the mainland for most of our food, fuel and and pretty much everything else that makes you so comfortable.

BOUQUET We had the best fish and chips ever delivered from the Firehouse Grill. What a treat for us shut-ins.

BEEF To the church. Just wondering if you asked the people of the neighbourhood if they wanted to listen to blatant disregard of our quarantine? You were in your cars in the parking lot honking your horns and blasting your music with no regard to the people who live in this neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who asked if I needed help when my husband had a medical issue in the parking lot at Country Grocer on Bowen Road. The ambulance crew, Lisa and Curtis, were great and luckily it was just a nasty reaction between his medication and the heat.

BOUQUET On behalf of NRGH ICU, I would like to thank Delicado’s for the generous donation of delicious food; we enjoyed it. I am so happy to live in a very supportive community.

BOUQUET I was surprised and thankful to get pizza from Panago. I was in charge of Nanaimo ICU and it was nice to share some good news of generosity.

BOUQUET Thank you Paulus at Commercial Street RBC for excellent service under difficult circumstances.

BOUQUET To B.C. Ferries for the daily 7 p.m. salute. It warms my heart and makes me stop and reflect on why we’re doing what we’re doing. Thank you everyone.

BOUQUET To those who share and don’t hoard. Of a little, take a little, manners so to do, of a little, leave a little, that is manners too.

BOUQUET To the kind lady on Icarus Drive who has been making masks and puts them in front of her home. She has a sign that says ‘take one’ and they are free. As of writing, she had 86 taken.

BOUQUET Thank you to London Drugs for their kindness to the lady who lives on Wild Dove Road.

BOUQUET To Brent and all the folks at the service department at Nanaimo Chrysler. You are a great bunch and I highly recommend your work. Thanks also to the mechanic who worked on the truck. It was completed in record time. Well done.

BOUQUET To the city councilman beef. I 100 per cent agree. Council should concentrate financial means for the voters. Feel-good projects, do on your own dollar and time.

BOUQUET I made a purchase at the south-end Tim Hortons. When it came time to pay, it was done by the person ahead or me. Thanks.

BOUQUET How beautiful to see no beefs in the April 15 edition. Nanaimo shines with so much love and support. Thank you to our doctors, nurses and support staff. Thank you for all the hearts in the windows.

BOUQUET To the 49th Parallel Grocery Store in Cedar for delivery and pickup with kindness and dedication to our strong community. Thanks especially to Silvia who went above and beyond by purchasing and delivering from the pharmacy for me.

BOUQUET To Ben K., our salesman at Nanaimo Chrysler who went above and beyond to sell us our new Dodge van. Not only was he friendly, but he called us to see how we were doing health-wise. Thanks for caring; you are a great new friend.

BOUQUET To my youngest daughter, who is in health care, with a husband and two of my grand-children. No one knows about social distancing more than me. I’m also a front-line worker at a grocery. She is aware not to jeopardize the elderly she works with. Kudos.

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