Beefs & Bouquets May 2

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a Huge bouquet to the awesome staff at Diver Lake Dental. You guys took great care of my daughter and I and the extra-late hours fit right into my crazy schedule.

A very Happy tenth Birthday Bouquet to Brogan on May 3. Your wisdom, charm, humour and laughter brighten every day. You’re the best. We love you more and more every day. Love from all of your family.

a bouquet. I was impressed when Trevor sent Richard and Jack from the City of Nanaimo’s public works department to rescue me. Even though it was the 11th hour just before a weekend, when many had already gone home, they came within minutes of my call with smiles on their faces. They are my heroes. Great work and fabulous commitment to customer service.

A huge bouquet to the person who took care of my dinner bill at Montana’s Cookhouse recently.

A sincere and joy-filled bouquet to the kind man who picked up the tab for groceries for me and the four little ones with me at Thrifty Foods in Port Place mall. The kids were so excited to have pizza for dinner and were even more thrilled with your kindness and generosity. I was touched and we all plan to pay it forward.

a big bouquet to Clint and staff at Bavarian Imports Auto Repair Ltd. for their honesty and integrity. Your good service has been constant with the variety of vehicles I have brought to you throughout the years.

A great big hug to the young boy who presented me with a bouquet of flowers in the Country Grocer parking lot recently. His mother said it was an act of kindness. To him I say: You are very special and you made my day.

A glorious bouquet of white irises to all my wonderful neighbours, friends and helpful strangers from TMP who provided nursing care, dressing changes, food, company, foot massages, and encouragement following my hip replacement in February. I will highlight some special angels who helped me daily: Ben, Briar, Janet, Diane, Marian, Sarah, Janyne. If I missed you – you know who you are. I feel humbled and grateful for the constant, generous and much-needed support.

A luscious purple bouquet of spring blossoms to the hardworking young managers of a south end fast food restaurant. Not only do you excel at your required duties, but you also go out of your way to ensure the safety of staff getting to bus stops and provide a safe sounding board for personal issues when necessary for cohesive teams. You make work fun while maintaining high standards.

A huge bouquet to the person who found my cellphone and turned it in when I left it on the bus recently.

KUDOS to city councillors Bill Bestwick, Jim Kipp and Bill McKay for attempting to control the yearly taxing and spending habits at city hall. I will remember the three of you come election time.

a bouquet for the couple in the Art Knapp Plantland nursery who found my wallet where I had laid it down in one of the aisles and returned it to the cash counter where I happened to be standing looking for my wallet. You cannot know how grateful I am for your honesty and caring. Acts like this one help me sustain faith in the goodness of people.

A big bouquet of hugs to little Jake and his kind Mom who presented me (a stranger) with a bouquet of beautiful daffodils on Pay It Forward Day. Thank you both so much for your kindness – it meant a great deal to me.

A bouquet to my brother in-law. We do not forget what you have done for our sister. Thank you for loving her unconditionally. The world needs more love like that.

A big, beautiful, black and white bouquet for all the volunteers who do so much for our theatre. You are appreciated.

A big bouquet of spring flowers to the police officers who responded to a noise disturbance call in a north Nanaimo neighbourhood at 1 a.m. one Sunday morning recently. Your service, time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

A huge bouquet of roses to those who attended the Salvation Army’s anniversary open house on Nicol Street. It was a pleasure to provide guided tours and information on our programs and services. As the Nanaimo Corps celebrates 125 years of faith and service, we are grateful for the community’s ongoing support.

a bouquet of spring flowers to my daughter and son-in-law for raising the most beautiful and kind daughter, sister and grand-daughter. I’m so proud of you. Happy graduation, Taylor. Love, Nana.

A huge thank you to Alison, Grant and the team of 1-800-GOT-JUNK for supporting Team Tour de Cure of the B.C. Ride to Conquer Cancer. All proceeds from the ‘Not Junk Sale’ went towards our team’s fundraising efforts.

A bouquet to the employee at a Harewood gas bar who checked and inflated all four tires on a mechanically challenged, female senior’s vehicle.

a bus load of bouquets to the bus driver who stopped the bus for us, even though it was an express, so that we could attend our appointments.

thanks to my neighbour for planting so many tulips.

A big, blind beef to the impatient woman I saw cut off a motorcyclist while turning left off Bowen Road recently. Try explaing the dent in the rear right side of your SUV to your husband. I saw the motorcyclist kick the vehicle in anger.

An educational beef to people who think non-profit means make no profit. A non-profit must put all profit into the charity, not make no profit. Even thrift stores have overhead and yes, some make a profit for charity.

A rotting compost beef about the increase in yard waste disposal fees. My two little garbage cans full of debris have gone from $1 per can to a $5 minimum charge. For two cans, which used to cost me $2 total, the fee has been raised 150 per cent. Two little cans hold far less than a truck, and even the per truck fees are too much. How about some fairness for the average homeowner who does not own a truck?

A slobby beef to the driver of a black Dodge Caravan I saw driving by Departure Bay Beach recently for tossing a cigarette butt out the window. Such a beautiful morning, such a beautiful place, such a disgusting act. Have some pride in your community.

a beef. How silly to put a loo in a busy area of downtown. I hope it will be cleaned often.

A giant beef to a local business owner who doesn’t recognise the hard work of employees and do his utmost to retain them instead of treating them like disposable commodities after their years of dedicated service.

a heavy beef to grocery stores for placing chips and candy bars next to checkouts. So many times, while waiting for the cashier to ring through my items, I grab that extra treat that I don’t need simply because it’s there and because I made the mistake of grocery shopping when I’m hungry.