Beefs & Bouquets May 16

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a bouquet. Friday evening’s jazz concert at the Vault in the Troubadour Concert Series featuring Joan Wallace and the Marty’s was an amazing experience for me. A live jazz concert in an historic venue with big arched windows and old world ambience reminded me of Europe and New Orleans at the same time. Jazz, blues and pop standards, including originals by Marty Steele, kept us moving to the rhythms and thoroughly enjoying the evening.

A huge bouquet of roses to the Country Club Save-On-Foods.  When another grocery store lost the order for my son’s birthday cake, Save-On-Foods quickly offered to put together an Angry Birds cake for my son and had it ready for us in 10 minutes. Thank you for your excellent customer service and for helping to make my son’s birthday a success.

thank you to the B.C. Hydro employee who went back up the pole to take the tape off the two birds’ nests that were covered up. It made me feel a lot better. The birds came back as soon as you left to finish raising their young.

A Bouquet to Mitch at Future Shop who helped me solve the cabling problem on my computer. He put the meaning back into customer service.

A grateful bouquet of buds to the Northgate Liquor Store. You always provide awesome service and selection and a generous number of prize draws. My husband loves the Budweiser fridge I won. It’s perfect.

A special bouquet of thanks to Kidsport for helping to fund a volleyball player this past season. Also appreciation goes out to Woodgrove Centre, Meyers Norris Penny, Nanaimo Oldtimers Hockey, the Nanaimo Clippers, SupErb Construction and all the others who donate to Kidsport to make this happen. Sports are expensive but they also help keep kids out of trouble, and we as a family are grateful that this support is out there.

A big, warm, glittery Bouquet of sunshine to a wonderful and kind female shopper named June at the Flying Fish. I was in shopping with my dear friend, Rita, who is 93. She loved your glittery sun visor, so you just gave it to her. She wears it every day in this amazing weather we are having.  Even though she suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, she still remembers your kindness.

Armfuls of Heritage spring blooms to Thrifty Foods, KC’s Boutique, Diana’s Garden Centre, Cactus Club Café and the Nanaimo Empire Days Society, all of which contributed generously to the Heritage May Queen Tea hosted by the Crescent Star Society, Order of the Eastern Star.

A bouquet to Michaels arts and crafts store – both staff and customers – for donating 1,000 books to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island.

A bouquet to the sponsors and donors for the Volunteer Nanaimo luncheon.

A big bouquet to the Wellington Pub for hosting a successful burger and beer night in support of the 2422 Nanaimo army cadets.

A bouquet of children’s smiles to our community for supporting Altrusa’s recent 60th anniversary events. Nearly 200 children enjoyed the outdoor children’s party and our fashion show fundraiser was a sellout.  Thank you, Nanaimo, for helping our service club support women, children and literacy.

The biggest bouquet of flowers to the wonderful volunteers who helped Morrell Sanctuary Society with our 19th annual plant sale. Many thanks to the private donors who gave us such great prizes for our raffle and to Colin Bartlett from Backyard Birders for his continuing support. To Winnie – words cannot express our gratitude for your dedication.

a beautiful bouquet to the blond lady and the gentleman with the mustache who stopped to help me when I fell off the sidewalk while riding my scooter.

Bouquets to the bikers for exercising their constitutional rights when the police tried to stop the annual Ride for Zeke in Duncan.

A Beef to the computer company that didn’t include the proper cables to make its hard drive work.

A beef to a grocery store for losing the order for my son’s birthday cake and doing nothing to make up for it. We had to drive around to find another cake with only 30 minutes until the party started.

a beef to the store that removed all the benches from the fitting rooms. Ever try putting on pants while standing up?

a rotten pile of apples to an employee in a local grocery store, who I overheard swearing in the produce department. Next time I will be going to your manager.

a careless, stinky beef to some businesses in and around downtown that put sandwich boards in the way of pedestrians and those with walkers. The city’s bylaws department should look into this.

a beef to the city. Two fewer parking spots on Commercial Street is the end result of the sidewalk widening in front of a café. Further motivation not to shop downtown.

a you-should-know-better beef to all the professional drivers who don’t slow down to the 30 km/h speed limit in school zones Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

a huge beef to people who post garage sale signs with no date and then don’t bother to take them down after the sale is over. If this continues, maybe the city ought to pass a bylaw prohibiting garage sales on all but one weekend a year.

a beef to the school district’s learning alternatives program. Just what we need, 30 more youths learning stream stewardship at the expense of literacy and numeracy.

a beef. I recently had a difficult day filled with anxiety, sadness and insult. I am on a limited income and when I went to pay for food for my animals, I discovered that my money was missing. As I was about to leave, upset because my money was gone and it was all I had to feed myself and my animals, a woman came up and accused me of stealing. To top it off, when I got home, I discovered my 13-year-old cat was missing.

a beef to a bus driver for not bothering to put out the ramp for a senior.

a shame-on-you beef to the drivers who didn’t stop and help the two injured victims of a recent motor vehicle accident near Country Club Centre.

a gallon of beef to piggishly high gas prices. $1.41 a litre is ridiculous. Strange how fuel prices tend to rise in relation to improvements in fuel economy of new vehicles. Sky high fuel prices are driving prices of everything through the roof. Consumers have never been able to get ahead of the game and never will – and this is an oil-producing country. It’s sick.

a wayward beef to the drunk young people who knock on our front door late at night asking us to call their mothers because they’re lost. You’re lucky you don’t get hit by a car stumbling around drunk on Cedar and North Oyster roads in the dark. You’re also lucky people don’t just call the police instead of your mothers to collect your drunken butts.