Beef. Please don’t park vehicles on sidewalks. It’s selfish and illegal.

Beef. Please don’t park vehicles on sidewalks. It’s selfish and illegal.

Beefs & Bouquets, May 13

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BOUQUET To the Good Samaritan who found my driver’s licence when it fell out of my pocket while walking at Buttertubs Marsh. And another bouquet to Alex, the RCMP member who called me and returned it the next day. Thank you to wonderful people like the both of you especially at this crazy time.

BEEF I was somewhat amazed to see that the City of Nanaimo seems to think that landscaping work in the parks was an essential service. If we have to all isolate to fight this virus, then why doesn’t the city? Lead by example please.

BOUQUET To those who have stepped up for COVID-19. Just think what we could do for the homeless population. Sincerely, a person who doesn’t wear makeup, needs a haircut and hair dye and has a shoe with a hole in the right foot.

BEEF To all the politicians at all levels. Easy for you to self-isolate at home when you’re getting a full taxpayer-funded salary. The rest of us can’t even access the EI safety net we paid into.

BOUQUET To everyone with hearts in their windows, also the biggest bouquet to my landlords Greg and Judy, thanks for dropping off diapers and milk on the the deck and then refusing my e-transfer. You’re wonderful people.

BEEF To home support clients who have no respect for their home care nurses/aides. You have guests in and out of your homes and dinner parties when you should be social distancing. VIHA needs to pass a law that if you are risking workers’ lives, you lose your right to home support. Wise up everyone. The only people who should be inside your home are the people who reside with you.

BOUQUET To those who are shopping locally now more than ever.

BEEF Please don’t park vehicles on sidewalks. It’s selfish and illegal.

BOUQUET To the lovely people who found our dog’s tag around Uplands Park Elementary School. Our dog lost it while playing and was happy to have it back. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the group with two dogs down at Blueback beach who broke social distancing protocols to gang up on me and my dog. My daughter and I were minding our own business, playing with our dog on a completely isolated part of the beach. The dogs started going at each other. About 15 mins later the group walks toward me and in an aggressive tone, demanded my phone number and name because they thought their dog might be injured. All of a sudden, the man in the group is standing two feet away from me, threatening me and taking photos. That walk was my time to breathe and enjoy life for a few moments and you and your group totally ruined it. And you broke the distancing rule on a beach with kilometres of open space. I hope I don’t have to bump into you again down there, and if you see me with my dog, please walk away.

BOUQUET Thank you to the young woman who walks the Yellow Point Road who contacted the coroner and minister of transport after a tragic accident. Because of her there is now a new sign on Yellow Point to warn drivers of a hazard.

BEEF To the selfish entitled driver in the black Chevy pickup with a ladder in the back speeding past people on Metral Drive through a playground/school zone The painted medians are not for passing, nor is Metral a highway. There were construction zone signs all over the place. Grow up.

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BOUQUET To the women who met up at Rutherford mall and parked in a circle allowing for social distancing. Each stayed in their own vehicles socializing with one another. We need more people in this city to practise social distancing. Great job ladies.

BEEF To the four female hospital workers smoking at the trough on Boundary Road. I was amazed to see you standing within around a foot of one another.

BOUQUET Thanks Dave, Mill Road’s News Bulletin delivery person. Enjoyed your cheerful visits, and wish you a long and happy retirement back on the Rock.

BEEF To Canada’s health officials for sending out info on COVID-19 with mistakes and omissions. It is too late and especially with the omissions in it, it is useless.

BOUQUET To Zak. Thank you for always delivering the freshest puns. Your witty comics always have me in hysterics.

BEEF To all the COVID snitches out there. Get a grip and be careful what you wish for. History tells us it’s a slippery slope to a police state and you might be next.

BOUQUET To the person or persons in Cedar who in these times of self-distancing took my elderly mom’s garbage cans to the house. Was really unexpected. I usually do it but to know someone in the neighbourhood is looking out for her was a small thing for you but for me and her a huge thing. Thank you. Stay safe and strong.

BEEF To Health Canada. Their COVID-19 info has omissions and misleading ‘advice.’ Isolation/quarantine and ‘avoid’ do not have the same meaning.

BOUQUET To Nesvog Meats. Of all the stores I entered during this crisis, Nesvog’s was one of the first food business that offered a hand-sanitizing wash. Good show.

BEEF To the man who spit on an employee at the grocery store. Shame on you. We are all working hard to keep shelves stocked while putting ourselves at risk.

BOUQUET To Regard Coffee Roasters on Bowen Road for remaining open with a cool and highly functional system for social distancing, placing your order, paying, and collecting through their window and front door.

BEEF To the unlicenced and unregistered independent school that is operating out of someone’s house in north Nanaimo during COVID-19.

BOUQUET A shout out to Shawn at Acme Signs for great service. While I found another solution to my issue, he was a delight to work with. If you need a sign, Acme is the place to go.

BEEF To management staff and employees. While phone lines are busy, don’t allow the phone messenger to read a list of numbers rapidly in a monotone and only once. It shows complete disregard, even contempt, for the customer. The person phoning your business is a human being and deserves your courtesy.

BOUQUET To all the staff at the palliative care unit at NRGH. They provided care, attention, and loving support to our mother Helga B. and us, the family. The staff is managing to smile during these very hard times. We thank all the staff at NRGH for seeing us through this pandemic and our mother’s death.

BEEF To people who spit on the sidewalks. It’s gross at the best of times, but especially with COVID-19 happening. Do you spit on your floor at home?

BOUQUET To all the newspapers, radio stations and TV stations who are the underdogs, but are keeping us informed and entertained during this pandemic. It is so heart-warming to know these people have it in their hearts to keep us positive and on top of the situation at hand.

BEEF To people who help themselves or send their kids to pick the daffodils that we planted for the enjoyment of all. The grocery store sells them for $1.99 per bunch.

BOUQUET To all those who helped in the return of the two bus stops located in front of Kiwanis Village on Nelson Street. Many thanks.

BEEF To the pharmacies for filling prescriptions for only one month instead of the normal three months, you just raised my drug costs by 200 per cent. It’s going to cost me an extra $639 in dispensing fees alone.

BOUQUET To our local MP for answering questions within 12 hours, unlike another local politician.

BEEF To the small grocery store that refused to take my return because of COVID-19. It was in a sealed tin and I had a receipt. I can see why larger stores supersede your lack of service in every way, including taking returns during COVID-19.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Quilters’ Guild members and other individuals who have been sewing face masks, isolation gowns, headbands for the face masks and scrub bags for nurses and care homes. Thank you.

BEEF To all the bikers who recently have begun to believe they are a reincarnation of Mad Max. Downtown streets are not suddenly yours to tear up at will. You are noisy anachronisms going nowhere.

BOUQUET Thank you to our community from NRGH emergency department staff. We have received multiple donations – pizza, coffee, treats, PPE, the list is long. People have been lining Boundary Crescent at 7 p.m. in cars and small family groups making noise to show us gratitude. We don’t do this work for recognition, but at this unprecedented time, your support helps keep us going and we thank you. We are in this together and together we will get through this pandemic.

BEEF To the dog walkers who, after bagging their dog’s poop, then discard that bag beside the trail. There must be 20 in Northfield Marsh Park alone. Dog poop breaks down fine in nature; the bag adds years to the process.

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Beefs and bouquets

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