Beefs & Bouquets, May 12

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A huge bouquet to Fiona at the Tom Harris Telus store off Rock City Road. You showed amazing patience, understanding and knowledge. You helped when no one else would. I love my new phone.

A huge bouquet of balloons to all the sponsors, resources, volunteers and attendees at the Autism Expo. Without all of you, the event wouldn’t have been such a huge success. Thank you to Team TrailBlazers and the Autism Society of B.C.

a bouquet to the kind ladies at Java Expressions. You’re always cheerful, patient and you make the most incredible white chocolate blueberry scones on the planet. Thank you for keeping my forgotten debit card safe until my return. Many blessings to you and your business.

A bouquet of windshield wipers to Michael at Canadian Tire. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.

a beautiful bouquet of smiles to Paul, Eleanor and Pastor Turk of Christ Community Church for helping out with our Free Dental Screening Day. From Harbour City Dental Hygiene.

A Beautiful Easter Lily to Becky from Nanaimo North Town Centre’s administration department for going out of her way for a new mom.

A big bunch of Catnip to the staff at Clinic for Cats for caring for my precious orange cat Billy for the past 19 years. He will always be remembered.

A Big Thank You to Stephen, Olivia, Kirklan, Jill and Melinda for coaching the U15 girls’ volleyball team. The amount of time, energy and commitment you all put in is appreciated.

A bouquet of appreciation to everyone at Pauline Haarer Elementary School who helped out with Beauty and the Beast. What a wonderful show. You all made us very proud. What a great school.

A big bouquet of smiles to those people who planted the daffodils by the tracks on the Island HIghway.

A big bouquet to the ferry worker at the Duke Point ferry terminal who was wearing the red clown nose on Easter weekend. You made the kids laugh and lightened up the long wait for the ferry, which made our trip more enjoyable.

An exquisite bouquet of spring flowers to my amazing sister and brother-in-law – Mary and Bob – for all their kindness and generosity. Also a big thank you woof to Brutus.

A belated bouquet to the firefighters at Fire Station #2 who ran the February car seat clinic. A great service for new parents.

Bouquets of thanks to “E” for providing information about a hit and run she witnessed. It made making a claim so much easier for me.

A big bouquet to Save-On-Foods and all the staff at Shear Agony Barber Shop for the contributions and help raising the funds for child development on Sunday with the hotdog and haircut.

An enormous bouquet to the staff of U-Lock Mini Storage. By generously donating your storage facilities, you in turn helped make our Nursing Students to Ghana garage sale a huge success. We could not have done it without you.Thanks from third year nursing students at Vancouver Island University.

A most grateful bouquet – yet again – to those fabulous Nanaimo River Hatchery workers. Their spring program is as excellent as their fall one, full of enriching learning regarding the forest and stream, and maintaining the wellness of our environment in general. Thanks to Lorrain, Katie and Diana. From your appreciative friends at Seaview Elementary School.

A graceful bouquet to the person or persons who gave the wallet that I left behind to the staff at Service B.C. on Selby Steet. It’s good to know that there are still some honest people in our midst.

Spring flowers galore to the home care nurses in Nanaimo. Your top-notch care and concern are appreciated.

a bouquet to the staff and volunteers in the palliative care unit at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for making Roy Burnell’s last days peaceful and easing the stress of our family. Our sincere appreciation.

a Huge bouquet to Darren at Kal-Tire for his over-the-top service.

Gardens of spring flowers to Dr. Robert Price, Dr. Humphries and Dr. Cone for years of caring for Roy Burnell. We the family are forever grateful.

A street full of WIND CHIMES to the wind-chime beefer. Buy a set of ear plugs.

a beef to people in cars on the Island Highway driving toward you and making a left hand turn, so they turn the front of their car into your lane in front of your car.

a beef to the person who rummaged through our recycling last week. I separated the refundable cans and bottles and bagged them up for whomever wanted to take them, yet you still went rooting through my garbage for more – that is stealing by the way – and while doing so left plastic bags and your own apple juice carton scattered on my lawn. You have lost the privilege to our empties.

A big beef goes out to the person who stole the Boston flag off of my dad’s truck. I know everyone has their team and cheers for their team, but that is part of the playoff fun. Don’t ruin this time of year for other people just because you don’t agree with their team of choice. How disappointing.

A beef to the store that ruins the shopping experience there when it comes to checkout time. Big long line-ups and only one till open while other staff are seen standing around talking. This is an everyday occurrence. Can returns not be handled by customer service, instead of tying up the only till open?

A Special Delivery Beef regarding mail that was not put in the right box and about residents who open misdelivered mail or write “moved” or “not at this address” on it.

A WHO-DO-YOU-THINK-YOU-ARE beef to a driver on the Nanaimo Parkway between Woodgrove Centre and Harewood. How dare you think your texts are more important than the lives of all driving around you. I even honked at you when you swerved into my lane. You barely looked up to correct your car, only to look back down at your phone again. Let’s just hope you don’t end up killing someone one day while updating your Facebook status. This is no LOL matter.

A beef about the egg drop competition held at a Nanaimo school recently, where students designed contraptions they hoped would make eggs survive being dropped eight metres from a tree pruning bucket. With so many people depending on the food bank, this is a waste of food.

A beef to people who park in a disabled parking spot, but the disabled person in the car doesn’t get out. Don’t be so lazy.

A big poo beef to the people who don’t pick up their dog poo along the Parkway Trail near Northfield Road.