Beef to the man walking his black-and-white dog off leash along the Parkway Trail. Your alarming level of anger, foul mouth and vicious comments to me were stunning to hear.

Beefs & Bouquets, May 10

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BOUQUET Our family would like to give a huge bouquet to the nurses and staff on the palliative care floor at NRGH. They showed so much compassion as the family went through a difficult time with the passing of a loved one. Also a huge bouquet to the hospice volunteers as well for all their love and support.

BEEF To the city of Nanaimo for allowing the mill to emit a loud whine all night long while operating, I wake up with a headache and cannot get to sleep while it is ongoing.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo and contractors for the installation of lights happening at Beban Park dog off-leash area.

BEEF To the man walking his black-and-white dog off leash along the Parkway Trail. Your alarming level of anger, foul mouth and vicious comments to me were stunning to hear. Calling me an ugly woman and I should be dead was shocking, plus the tirade of swearing was disturbing.

BOUQUET To Sharon at McDonald’s on Bowen Road for going above and beyond in her relationship with customers and the extra efforts in keeping the restaurant clean and appealing.

BEEF To bus drivers, maybe wait for passengers to be fully seated before slamming on the gas and a tip, slow down before the red lights. No one enjoys being thrown forward.

BOUQUET To Bradley at Wolver-Green Yard Care. All your company’s solutions to gardening and yard maintenance issues involve putting the environment first. Kudos for your priority and hard work.

BEEF to person who wrote “people who sit on the couch watching TV night after night.” People who suffer from mental Illness live a living hell in their own heads. Mind your own business, deal with your own life, don’t tell others how to live theirs.

BOUQUET To the staff of the Port Theatre who put a great deal of effort into returning my lost cell phone after the Brent Butt concert.

BEEF As a volunteer at one of our nursing homes, I would like to express my dismay at the continuing lack of enough staff to assist the residents. Our seniors deserve better treatment and so do the staff who are trying their best.

BOUQUET To the organizers of the prime minister’s town hall in Nanaimo. It was orderly and responsible. Thank you to Justin Trudeau for providing democracy to the everyday person.

BEEF To the fitness centre for closing down without giving anyone any notice, other than some people receiving an e-mail late the night before. Many people had been loyal members for years and friendships had developed, which had to end suddenly with no chance to say goodbye.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo businesses that encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags and to other stores that charge a mere five cents for strong bags that are reusable too.

BEEF to the doctor who overbooks and doesn’t ensure adequate parking for her patients. We are senior citizens and we are very stressed out about missing appointments with her or being late due to no parking. Please fix this.

BOUQUET To churches that allow doorway sleeping for the homeless. Thanks for your compassion.

BEEF To the council, our roads are falling apart but you want to spend millions on building foot bridges and walkways. Why not build a monorail instead?

BOUQUET To Applecross Automotive. Your very busy yet very pleasant mechanic saved our day by boosting our car’s dead battery.Two senior ladies really appreciated your kindness.

BEEF To the lazy people who use the ‘family’ parking spaces intended for parents with small children. Walking a few extra feet won’t kill you if you park in the normal spots.

BOUQUET Thank you to NRGH first-floor emergency department, pacemaker clinic and Dr. D. Jenkin. Hugs to all my buddies from Shirley.

BEEF To the resident of Kian Place. Your entire street has dogs, big and small but yours is the nuisance king; out barking relentlessly and running around with no leash. Muzzle your dog or train it.

BOUQUET To the owner of Broco Glass for taking it upon himself to repair two windshield chips that ICBC would not have covered, and doing it free of charge. Very much appreciated by this retired senior.

BEEF To those who think that a supertanker oil spill is unlikely off the coast of B.C. Nobody would have dreamed that the Queen of the North ferry would ever carom off course and slam into an island either.

BOUQUET To the lovely flagger on Northfield Road who has been handing out dog treats to all the people driving to Harbour City Animal Hospital. Thank you for making the roadwork more tolerable.

BEEF to the left who want to take away guns to save children’s lives, but are OK with abortion.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo school district music teachers and students who produce marvellous concerts for the people of Nanaimo to enjoy.

BEEF To those people who think we should ship our garbage to China instead of saving the Island’s environment by reducing what we buy, reusing what we already own and recycling everything else.

BOUQUET To Brechin Lanes for making Lorne’s 40th birthday so very special.

BEEF To the dog walkers who let their dogs run off-leash in Neck Point Park where it is clearly prohibited. My neighbour tripped over a dog running around and ended up needing surgery to repair a broken leg.

BOUQUET To Joe and Irine S. and their team for all their commitment to organization of the Harbour City Seniors’ Thursday Night dance events.

BOUQUET Once again the Nanaimo art community has stepped up to give back. Nanaimo chapter of the Federation of Art has donated their own special art work to the residents of Dufferin Place. Staff, resident and visitor could not be happier with the art work. Thank you.

BOUQUET To Tony of JT Flair Hair Design for donating time and expertise to provide free haircuts at the recent NAC Clothesline event. Thanks for the community support and the cuts looked great.

BOUQUET To Carol, you are an angel, always willing to lend a hand and loving those around you. I will always be your bear.

BOUQUET To the person who stated their Christian beliefs in a letter to the editor several issues ago, and a beef to those who constantly condemn Christians for stating their beliefs. I guess it will become clear when we draw our last breath.

BOUQUET To the charming man who drove me home from the postal plant when my van ceased to run. Many gold stars for his halo.

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