Beef to all the contractors, handymen, plumbers etc., who, after arriving at your house to carry out work, ask to use the washroom within 10 minutes of arrival. Do they not go at home before leaving for work? My bathroom is my private area and not a public washroom, and I resent complete strangers asking to use it.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 8

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BOUQUET To Kyle at Nanaimo Recycling Exchange who was so helpful, calm and pleasant during a busy time one morning when bins were full and a number of people were unrealistically demanding. Thank you for your excellent attitude and work ethic. It was amazing how you dealt with it.

BEEF When will the City of Nanaimo send a work crew to clear out the garbage and overpaint the graffiti in and around the pedestrian underpasses. So far there is no evidence of their use as a public toilet but if the situation is not addressed soon that is a distinct possibility.

BOUQUET To Coach Bridget for doing an amazing job getting our girls ready for competition. We appreciate your hard work so much.

BEEF To the drivers who only scrape enough snow or ice to see a small section of the road in front of them. You are not the most important person on the road so do not be so selfish and do a thorough job so you can see around you and drive safely.

BOUQUET To Ali and Akber for being fantastic role models for their beautiful and gifted son Matthew.

BEEF To the person claiming someone killed all the deer in their neighborhood. You seem to have no proof of this. If you actually saw someone shooting deer, I suggest you contact the police. If not, don’t jump to conclusions.

BOUQUET To my landlord and friend at Pine Bluff Apartments on Third Street. She has taken a horrible place and made it into a no-nonsense nicer place to live. From a happy tenant, thanks.

BEEF To the screeching lunatic who cuts hair downtown. The only thing downtown can offer better than the malls is service and fighting about who’s watch is right is not service.

BOUQUET Thank you to the lady who paid for my sub at the Subway across from Superstore.

BEEF To those who drive dangerously at Oliver Woods Community Centre. They speed, ignore obvious signs and park where they want, seemingly caring nothing about others, especially the children who go there.

BOUQUET to Home Hardware. My ancient electric stove has glass fuses and when I walked in and showed the blown fuse, employee took me down the aisle and handed me a four pack. Another bouquet to the Classic Appliance for having the lower oven element for my same ancient stove in stock.

BEEF To the driver of the black car with one white fender. You arrive the NDSS parking lot and smoke e-cigarettes with high school students, you eat your lunch and then throw your garbage on the ground regularly.

BOUQUET To the two nice gentlemen outside of Quality Foods University Village. I was trying to change a flat tire (which I have never done) and they kindly helped me. It turned out to be more of a nuisance since the spare was flat, thanks again.

BEEF To the city. The main intersections of our roads are not easy to follow regarding painted lines. At night it is especially impossible to follow when turning into specific lanes.

BOUQUET To Shelagh at Nanaimo Hearing Clinic for her patience and expertise in resolving my problem on short notice before our cruise.

BEEF To the neighbour who works at two in the morning who has the loudest muffler in the neighbourhood, you must wake up half the neighbours.

BOUQUET A shout out of thanks to Dylan at Trojan Collison who provided great service to assist in getting my mirror repaired.

BEEF We’ve had no snow for over a week with none forecast.This morning a city truck spewed salt over the road; last Monday workers shovelled salt over sidewalk and road. Give the watershed a break and salt only when necessary.

BOUQUET To all of my Cadogan Street and Mansfield Park neighbours for being the most thoughtful, creative, generous, community-minded people in town.

BEEF To the lady at the 54-40 concert who yelled at the band because they had a silhouette of a woman dancing on a screen. We all paid for tickets and wanted to enjoy the evening, not have to listen to you.

BOUQUET To Aaron G., a cashier at Save-On-Foods at Brooks Landing, for being so pleasant and efficient.

BEEF to this city for the disgrace of Maffeo Sutton Park. It is disgusting. What could be a beautiful marine park is nothing more than a dump for dog owners who simply do not care. Then you have homeless people who just the same, treat it like a garbage dump and a public toilet.

BOUQUET Thank you to a very kind and considerate young man named Tyson, a B.C. Ferries employee, who assisted a senior citizen in front of Quality Foods in Harewood. I sincerely appreciated you taking the time out of your evening to assist me and stay until help arrived.

BEEF To the courier employee who thought it it was acceptable to pee on our lawn while his buddy delivered a package. Just because it looks like there’s no one home does not mean they are not.

BOUQUET Thanks to Wayne who delivers the Bulletin. We missed your entertaining paper for several weeks after construction started. Wayne is polite, positive and helpful. Today, he sought me out on the site to give me the paper. Great carrier and a real pleasure.

BEEF To the large number of people who didn’t shovel their sidewalks during the last snowfall. The emergency room was full of people who slipped and fell. Beef to the city for not enforcing the bylaw.

BOUQUET to Pastor Dan of Harewood community church. The Christmas dinner was excellent and thank those that volunteered and the donations from area businesses, thank you all.

BEEF I was sadly disappointed in the restaurant since the change of owner and staff. You get less for more, and upon complaining, I was hung up on twice. No longer my go-to.

BOUQUET To the two Nanaimo Airport employees who help start my truck at 1:30 a.m. My family and me appreciated the assistance that cold morning.

BEEF To all the contractors, handymen, plumbers etc., who, after arriving at your house to carry out work, ask to use the washroom within 10 minutes of arrival. Do they not go at home before leaving for work? My bathroom is my private area and not a public washroom, and I resent complete strangers asking to use it.

BOUQUET To Jayne and Chris at Auto Check on Bowen Road. I know it’s only an old PT Cruiser but it’s paid for and it continues to be my reliable wheels, all thanks to them and excellent mechanic service.

BOUQUET to the emergency department at NRGH. Starting with the paramedics and finishing with the gynecologist, I was treated with kindness, respect and professionalism. Thank you to you all.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

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