Beef to the woman in the thrift store who would not stop berating the volunteer cashier over a small misunderstanding and insisted on a further discount. The prices are already low and all the profit is going to a good cause.

Beef to the woman in the thrift store who would not stop berating the volunteer cashier over a small misunderstanding and insisted on a further discount. The prices are already low and all the profit is going to a good cause.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 8

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BOUQUET To the doctors and nurses at NRGH maternity ward and to Cheryl at the public health unit. Your wonderful care was much appreciated by this first-time mom.

BEEF To all left turners. You should know that you can enter an intersection on a green light and wait there for oncoming traffic to clear to complete your left turn. Don’t stop at the stop line on green. Others may want to enter the intersection behind you.

BOUQUET To our caring neighbours in Wish-Sha park, Robin and Jim, for shovelling us out every snowfall recently. We really appreciated it. Also, to our park owners, who had the tractor out immediately to remove the snow.

BEEF To all those protesting in Nanaimo about the rise of crime and social disorder. Looks like funding more bylaw and police doesn’t help improve safety. Time to listen to those who are professionals in the field instead of the mayor and focus on funding shelters, housing and mental health/substance use support. It’s not going to get better until you give people more options for support.

BOUQUET To the mom and daughter walking along the waterfront with the two small children in a stroller, handing out valentines to passersby. What a thoughtful gesture. I hope you also are liberated by the love you give and receive. Happy Valentine’s Day.

BEEF Since when was it socially acceptable to grind on your boyfriend at a community pool? Get a room.

BOUQUET To the fantastic recycling worker serving Whalley Way and Ney Drive who went out of his way to provide excellent service when we missed an early morning pickup.

BEEF We do not need another shiny new art gallery right now. What we do need is fiscal responsibility and a sense of humility. Soon you’ll be able to fill the walls with deeds to taxpayers houses in default. The worst is yet to come, folks.

BOUQUET I applaud the city’s finance committee for recognizing that fencing off public areas is no longer acceptable. Perhaps a little judicious thought and we can even end up with plantings that will contribute to a cooling canopy for the summer heat and maybe even help with the still-rising GHG emission problem. Where is the doughnut economics tool when we could really use it?

BEEF To cyclists who make the rest of us look bad. For example, the person this morning who was riding on the road as a car would, then decided while at a red light to cross the intersection and ride in the crosswalk instead. Sure, bikes are cool and can navigate traffic easily, but you can’t switch ‘sides’ like this when you choose.

BOUQUET To the volunteer cashier in the thrift store who showed incredible patience and grace with an unreasonable and obnoxious customer. You deserve a medal.

BEEF To real estate photographers. Use a normal lens when taking pictures, nothing like viewing a house and property and it’s half the size as the pictures online.

BOUQUET To Dr. Thompson. A huge thank you to you and all your staff at your optometry office. My young son was recently in to have his eyes checked. You and your staff made him feel completely comfortable and the entire experience was enjoyable for him. Thank you for taking the time to share with us the family business history as well. Your office is such a gem.

BEEF Stop using the word ‘hubby.’

BOUQUET To the city of Nanaimo for the bathrooms at Neck Point Park, quite impressive except for the $500,000 price tag and the six months waiting for the special fixtures. Hopefully maintained at the same high standard it was built.

BEEF It’s hypocrisy to remove people who are homeless and addicted on Sundays around the church. Relocate them to the neighbourhoods of the do-gooders who parachute in. Seniors in condos nearby remain in their homes feeling unsafe and others fed up with the demoralizing downtown environment are subjected to it even more, in their homes.

BOUQUET On the No. 1 bus, a gentlemen yelled out as the bus passed a house with huge flames licking up the front of the house. The bus driver slowed down, got the address, and radioed to dispatch to have them call the fire department. The gentleman who first noticed the fire then asked to be let off to go to the house to help. We all owe our thanks to both these gentlemen and realize our bus drivers help our community and are eyes and ears in our community.

BEEF To the woman in the thrift store who would not stop berating the volunteer cashier over a small misunderstanding and insisted on a further discount. The prices are already low and all the profit is going to a good cause. Do them a favour and take your business elsewhere.

BOUQUET To the organizers of the gala to celebrate the Chinese lunar new year. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. First time there, and there were fantastic performers, excellent food, hospitable volunteers and great, welcoming table guests.

BEEF To the beefer. Trying to compare COVID to a venomous snake (clearly two extremely different things) and judging others on that? Wearing a mask is helpful to stop the spread of the COVID virus. Everytime you speak, even if you can’t see it, you spray spittle everywhere.

BOUQUET To the Shell gas station on Bowen Road. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I also appreciate how brightly lit the pumps are when I fuel my vehicle up at night.

BEEF To the manager of the seniors’ mobile home park. Your bullying ways need to stop. Vulnerable seniors are being hurt by your heartless threats and actions. Shame on you.

BOUQUET To the beefer who mentioned that the city said that the floor of the workshop needed to be jackhammered out. I had a similar demand when trying to convert my garage but after speaking with one of their engineers, he admitted that I could simply strap the floor, add insulation and subfloor it. Don’t always believe what you are told and simply give up.

BEEF To the business in a residential neighbourhood. You are not allowed two businesses to operate out of a residential home.

BOUQUET To the two gentlemen at CIBC at Port Place and all staff at that particular bank. I always receive friendly service, while they efficiently handle everything that I may need of a bank teller.

BEEF Regarding the ‘virus is venom’ beef. This is the type of misinformation scientists and medical persons are trying to stop. Hopefully this was a mistake that slipped through the cracks. That part of the submission should not have been printed.

BOUQUET To Clark Pacific Excavating for their support in keeping the Nanaimo Child Development Centre’s parking lots and roadway clear so staff and families can get into the centre for services and programs.

BEEF To government in general which relentlessly pushes a green agenda. Lead by example and get rid of your cars, stop flying and driving on vacation and for goodness sakes get rid of that gas furnace, barbecue, fireplace and stove. Then come tell me how to live my life.

BOUQUET Thank you very much David for shovelling our driveway during winter storms. You are a great neighbour.

BEEF To those of you who do not push the button at crosswalks that have a flashing light. While driving the same route every day I get used to watching for a flashing light as I approach. Please don’t be shy just push the button, it is a lot safer. There is a reason that these lights were placed at certain location.

BOUQUET Great letter to the editor regarding the wrong direction of the city. Developers seem to own the city and in a referendum on expanding or improving our current infrastructure, the latter would win by a landslide. Better management and decision-making needs to occur.

BEEF To B.C. public service. If everyone can work remotely and it is the best approach why can we not save the taxpayer money and farm out these jobs overseas? Quoting regulations and entering data can be done by anyone, anywhere.

BOUQUET To Coun. Janice Perrino for demonstrating responsibility in voting against a project that was over budget before work had even started. Beautification is wonderful but many taxpayers are struggling to meet the cost of daily necessities.

BEEF To the drivers on Bowen Road, please watch out for pedestrians on the crosswalk. My children and I have almost been hit numerous times while walking to school because someone is in too much of a hurry to pay attention to their surroundings. Stop and look first.

BOUQUET To the people who made Nanaimo a better place, cleaner, and more fun, thank you very much. Keep up the good work guys.

BEEF To the revitalization of the downtown parks. Who is going to use these slivers of land other than people who are homeless? I don’t know of anyone who would go there to walk. Also Terminal Avenue is already narrow. Now council wants to make it narrower? Council needs to focus on spending taxpayers’ money on needed upgrades, not legacy projects.

BOUQUET Thank you to the person who found and returned my lost driver’s licence and Visa card. I’m sorry I wasn’t home to thank you personally. There are honest and great people in this world. I consider you one of those.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for not having more indoor pickleball courts. We are getting tired of having to pre-register three days in advance for a ‘drop-in’ sport. Drop-in means to show up and play. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America.

BOUQUET Thank you and ‘neighbours of the year’ award to Darlene, Ray, and Orv at Dogwood mobile home park for keeping our driveways shovelled every time it snows. You’re the best.

BEEF To the beefer for complaining about the Freedom Convoy and supporters flying the Canadian flag upside down. The reality is that a national flag flown upside down is the international signal for a nation in distress.

BOUQUET To Dr. Krumma at Applecross Veterinary Hospital for providing exceptional care of our wee dog Rosie. We were worried she might have swallowed a few pieces of the toy she had chewed up. You investigated the make-up of the toy and gave us simple instructions. Your calm demeanour settled our nerves, and your professional advice was spot on. Thank you.

BEEF If one of the councillors had run for mayor’s office in last election we would have had better voter turnout, and high probability of civility restored allowing watches turned to this century.

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Beefs and bouquets

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