Beefs & Bouquets, March 29

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BOUQUET To the couple who offered to take my husband and I from Seafield Clinic to Cedar.

BEEF To city hall. We need to build or find some kind of safe, affordable housing for the people who are living on the streets.

BOUQUET To the nurses at the NRGH endoscopy unit for their kind and caring treatment. Also a big thank you to three security staff for finding my wandering husband and returning him.

BEEF To the mall. Can’t you turn your fans down to a reasonable level? I hate walking into the bank to avoid these fans.

BOUQUET To the editor and letter writers. If only more Canadians would be wise and caring enough to realize that when the environment is destroyed, everything is gone and the money by many admired in the end cannot be eaten.

BEEF To the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Cut off gas to B.C. because we don’t want bitumen in our B.C. waters? Shame on you. Maybe the residents of B.C. should shut down all rail systems to your wheat, rye, dairy, etc. because you’re a bunch of bullies.

BOUQUET To my neighbour Bud who not only shovels my driveway, but another senior’s, as well. Sometimes it is done before I even get up. Many thanks.

BEEF To those who exploit the old, challenge the handicapped and charge more than doctors.

BOUQUET of spring flowers to Sloan’s Heating for coming to fix our furnace on a Saturday evening because we could not be home during the day. Also to Dave from Archie Johnstone Plumbing for fitting us into his schedule while en route to a job. Many thanks.

BEEF I was looking forward to the gardening event but the prices of everything were too high. I noticed at 2 p.m. the tables were still full. Very few people buying. How sad.

BOUQUET To the couple who noticed me leave my card in the ATM machine at the TD bank. They followed me into the bank and returned it to me. I just lost my husband and with the stress I wasn’t thinking clearly. Can’t thank you enough.

BEEF To people who throw garbage and dump their trash in empty lots or on the side of the road. Throw it in the garbage can or take it to the dump. You should be fined.

BOUQUET To my sis Joyce M. She made me and friends a wonderful dinner recently. She gives me love, hope and happiness.

BEEF I am amazed at the number of illiterate (or perhaps ignorant) dog owners who use our trails and parks. There are signs, some even with pictures, identifying the leash-only and off-leash areas but more than half the dogs one meets are running off-leash.

BOUQUET Canadian Tire changed my flat tire without an appointment and zero cost.The gentleman told me warranty was still valid. Great performance.

BEEF To the fellow who tossed bag of garbage from the white pickup truck into the bushes at Timberland turnaround, too bad I wasn’t close enough to get your plate. It’s people like you who are turning our paradise into garbage dump. Shame.

BOUQUET To Paul from Coastal Energy for going above and beyond in fixing our gas fireplace. After several sevice calls, the crew fixed the problem and did not charge a nickel.

BEEF To people who take public transit and fail to wash their body beforehand.

BOUQUET To my dance partner who makes me feel like Gene Kelly even though I think I have two left feet. Thank you.

BEEF I totally agree with the beefer regarding Maffeo Sutton Park but would also say that other areas of the city (like Harewood) are also overly littered. I am ashamed every time I walk and see not just single items of litter but also piles and stuff just dumped.

BOUQUET To Sandi at Baywood Glass for your help in introducing us to Bill from Island Breeze screen installations. It was a breath of fresh air to have such an honest, knowledgeable tradesman in our home for some minor repairs to our screen door. A five star rating to both of these businesses.

BEEF To the councillor who encouraged the illegal tent city at city hall. Any councillor that supports illegal activities should resign. They are not representing the working and tax-paying citizens of Nanaimo.

BOUQUET Just had above expected service at Stone Brothers Autobody in Nanaimo. I went in for an ICBC claim appraisal and they offered to replace my blinker bulb that had been out for a while. They helped me out in my time of need. Thank you.

BEEF To the crew that was aerating and liming lawns in north Nanaimo. A bouquet for your ambition to get out and do this, and a beef for carelessly putting lime in my fish pond and killing all my fish.

BOUQUET To the members of the World Pak Mei Hup Ging Do for providing a wonderful show of celebration as they performed the Dance of the Lion at Nanaimo North Town Centre. What a treat.

BOUQUET Thank you very much to Nanaimo-Ladysmith Public Schools and CUPE 606 for putting on the blanket exercise during a recent pro-D. It was a very profound experience, one that everyone would benefit from.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Port Authority for all they do to improve our downtown waterfront area.

BOUQUET God bless the young man who recently plowed all the sidewalks on the 700 block of Victoria Road. It was much appreciated by all the neighbours, some being elderly and slightly decrepit, me included. Thanks so much for your kind deed.

BOUQUET Thanks to those that tipped me this past Christmas. I had an incredible time in Vancouver, watching the Canadian national figure skating championships. And what a special treat to watch them again on TV, participating in the Olympics.

BOUQUET Kal Tire never tires of providing wonderful customer service. The staff at the Victoria Road Kal Tire are awesome. That is why I bought four new tires there this year and so did two of my friends.

BOUQUET Thank you to the three Nanaimo city drainage workers who got me unstuck and prevented me from being late for work. They didn’t miss a beat.

BOUQUET We highly recommend K&M Moving Co. Excellent service by Mike and Justin; very fast, reasonable and most accommodating. They didn’t leave until we were completely satisfied with everything placed perfectly.

BOUQUET Many thanks and warm wishes to Bryan and his happy crew at A&M Marine custom canvas for helping me sew a few of my little neoprene hummingbird feeder covers for Seedy Sunday.

BOUQUET To all the amazing hockey coaches who leave their warm beds every Saturday and Sunday all winter for the chill of the ice rink to coach our kids. Thank you.

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