Beefs & Bouquets, March 27

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BOUQUET To Aerial Tree Service for cutting down our tree and cleaning up the mess. And when the job took less time than expected, they charged us less than the quote.

BEEF To whoever keeps driving in my wrap-around driveway in Cedar. It’s a private driveway. Stay off and use the road not mine.

BOUQUET To the city’s yellow snowplow truck driver who took a second run past our driveway in Brechin/Stewart area in the February snowstorm.

BEEF To the person who hit our parked car on Milton Street by Nob Hill Park and drove off without leaving your contact information. Learn how to take responsibility for your actions, or hand in your licence.

BOUQUET To the funky fashions on Commercial Street for the greatest selection of dresses to found anywhere. I looked high and low and finally found what I was looking for here.

BEEF To every medical person I have dealt with over the phone during my medical ordeal. So rude and unhelpful with so much attitude on the phone. When people are going through these hard times in life, please be caring and have some sympathy.

BOUQUET To the lovely young guys who were randomly handing out roses on Commercial Street on Valentine’s Day. You have no idea how much I needed and appreciated this random act of kindness.

BEEF To the mayor and council for the changes you made in who qualifies for the LEAP card with parks and rec. It is those who are on social assistance who have the advantage, not seniors or middle class.

BOUQUET to Ed Wickwire. You bring a smile to so many people every single day. May the sun shine on you every day, the way you bring sunshine to so many others. We love you, and your love for Motley Crue.

BEEF To all the residents and businesses that do not shovel their sidewalks. Have some compassion for the elderly people that walk on those walkways, or I will come there and do it myself.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who gave me a break. Thank you. I promise to keep my head on my shoulders.

BEEF To all of you who waste paper. You should follow the example of my unemployed neighbour, who never prints off any resumés or cover letters and saves lots of trees that way.

BOUQUET To the woman with long blonde hair and glasses in the light colored Nissan, who was following behind me on the Island highway and gave me the thumbs up because of my big happy white dog. You sure made my day, because only an hour before that, my car was broken into while my dog was in the car. Lucky for him, my dog doesn’t bite.

BOUQUET to our neighbour Rob Roy for snowblowing our driveway as well as the sidewalks in our neighbourhood

BOUQUET To the Windley Contracting truck driver who was salting Harby Road, from the two women walking their horses. You stopped well back so we could get the horses off the road, then drove by very slowly with the spreader turned off so as not to spook the horses.

BOUQUET To the palliative care unit for the loving care provided to Duncan Cumming. Also to Hospice caregivers for all their help. You are all angels.

BOUQUET to the young man for the act of kindness at Longwood Thrifty Foods. You have strengthened my belief in compassion and caring for others. I applaud your generosity.

BOUQUET To our neighbour, Paul, for keeping our driveways clear on Uplands. Truly a great neighbour.

BOUQUET To Debbie, who was on her lunch break from Scotiabank, for helping two little old ladies who had bought more than they could carry.

BOUQUET To the sportsman driving the huge 4×4 after the storm in February. He offered to make a couple passes through our driveway in Brechin/Stewart area so that we could get our meds.

BOUQUET To Derek who works so hard to keep Port Place shopping centre so nice and clean for all of us to enjoy.

BOUQUET To Emily at Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns for her generous donation to St. Peter’s Prayer Shawl Ministry.

BOUQUET To the staff at Columbia Bakery and owners for their honesty they displayed regarding the wallet containing a substantial amount of money left at their store and their effort to find the rightful owner.

BOUQUET To Rhonda at my dentist’s office. Thank you for all you did to get me in sooner than later. I have had the best dentist for the past 25 years.

BOUQUET To the young gentlemen who shovelled our driveway after the February snowstorm. My husband just had open-heart surgery and needed to go get his staples out. Your kindness is much appreciated. We looked out later that day and they were shovelling again.

BOUQUET To the very many men who were out buying flowers for their womenfolk. True love.

BOUQUET To the success of the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the successes of all the athletes.

BOUQUET To Jared and his father Roy who shovelled our driveway this weekend and snuck away without payment. What a wonderful gesture from a young man and his dad. I will be sure to pay it forward.

BOUQUET To B.C. Hydro for getting the power back on.

BOUQUET To Ariel and her dad. Thank you for helping me when my car was stuck in the snow on Lambert Avenue. I don’t know why you had such a pretty pink carnation on a cold and snowy morning, but it brightened up my day.

BOUQUET To our mailman, our paper carrier and especially to our kind neighbour, Doug, who cleared our long driveway during the recent snowstorm.

BOUQUET to Tim and Robin at Big O Tires. Your customer service never ceases to amaze me. You and your staff are always pleasant, patient and professional.

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