Beef to the person who stole RAM out of my mom’s computer when we took it in for servicing. I put two additional cards in for her when I gave her the computer a year ago, and they were missing when we got the computer back.

Beef to the person who stole RAM out of my mom’s computer when we took it in for servicing. I put two additional cards in for her when I gave her the computer a year ago, and they were missing when we got the computer back.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 25

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BOUQUET To the young couple who helped me get up after my walker and I crashed off of a curb on a dark and rainy night. They helped me get up and get to my car and made sure I was OK to drive. Many thanks to them for their kindness.

BEEF To the cigarette smokers who insist on smoking before getting on the bus, then the entire bus smells smells like cigarettes and we all have to suffer. Bus shelters and platforms should be non-smoking.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer Bowen Road, Milano’s Restaurant and Livewire Catering for your very generous support of the 21st annual Family Bonspiel. The 16 teams had an awesome day. Your community support is very much appreciated.

BEEF To the people in the Westwood Lake neighbourhood who had the big fundraiser garage sale. Take down your signs. That’s littering.

BOUQUET Thanks so much to the person who paid for my Tim Hortons drive-thru order. So kind and generous of you. What a nice thing to do. It has inspired me to ‘pay it forward’ also.

BEEF I cannot believe the arrogance of an evidently uneducated kid. Yes they chose to bring you into this world, hoping for a happy caring person. Grow up and assume some responsibility and get some self-respect back, you might be surprised when you take pride in yourself and care for other people.

BOUQUET To Stu and his team at Alair Homes who went above and beyond with exceptional service.

BEEF To the lady in the SUV on her phone at the stop light. Don’t you know the laws? Get off your phone or pull over. And secondly to the pickup driver who first slammed on his brakes to lean out the window to yell at her and then sped off, swerving in and out of traffic. She may be breaking the law, but his dangerous driving nearly caused two accidents.

BOUQUET To DH Contracting Ltd. Darren and Oliver are excellent craftsmen. Our new front stairs are sturdy and beautiful and have added to our home. Highly recommend.

BEEF To the person in north Nanaimo who taped lost cat posters to numerous posts and mailboxes. When your cat returned or after a reasonable amount of time, please remove them, they are an eyesore and have become unreadable.

BOUQUET To the nurses in the NRGH perinatal unit who were so quick when I arrived at the hospital in labour, with baby arriving much faster than we ever could have imagined. Special thanks to nurse Bree who cared for us and baby the following day and remembered us from our loss two years ago. You were amazing in both scenarios and we are so, so grateful for your excellent care.

BEEF To the managers and staff at B.C. Ferries terminal at Departure Bay for disrespecting Nanaimo’s noise bylaw when they operate heavy-duty machinery during ‘silent hours’ – despite numerous assurances to the surrounding neighbourhood associations that they would stop.

BOUQUET My family, friends and I had a wonderful time at the Sport Achievement Awards banquet. I was thankful and proud to be a finalist! Thank you for everything Marilyn and all the volunteers do to honour our local athletes.

BEEF To all the socialists calling for more affordable housing. I was paying over $1,000 a month in 2003. I just worked harder and made more money. What a concept.

BOUQUET To my beautiful daughter Sophie. I’m so lucky to get to be your mom. I’m so proud of you for working so hard and for being such an amazing kid. I love that you love reading the Beefs & Bouquets, just like me.

BEEF To the smokers on Morningside Drive who drop their cigarette butts on the beach, ground and road runoff grates as they are carcinogenic, non-biodegradable and damage the environment. Please put them in the garbage instead. Thanks.

BOUQUET To the gentleman turning right into Wallace Street Medical Clinic. He saw I was waiting to turn left into the parking lot and that there was only one spot left. He mimed asking if I was waiting for the spot and when I nodded, he drove around and left the spot for me.

BEEF to those who park on the wrong side of the road, facing traffic. The distance you save from the nearest parking space to the sidewalk is about five metres. It is illegal, lazy and stupid; stop it.

BOUQUET To Kris at Pharmasave for helping me out during a bad week. You gave me some real advice and even though I’m not living in Nanaimo anymore I’m working full-time again and things are getting better like you said. I can’t thank you in person but I will try to pay it forward. Thanks for your professionalism and humour, mate.

BEEF To Lantzville for allowing heritage buildings to be torn down and disregard for our forest canopy. Is this what you desired when you separated from Nanaimo?

BOUQUET To the Port Theatre stage crew and staff for their absolutely professional support during the NDSS production of Mamma Mia. It was great role modelling to students of a respectful, effective, and healthy work environment. You are the best!

BEEF I was stunned when I read the beef, I assume a spoiled child wrote it, I do not know if I feel sorry or blame the parent of this child. What a very bad attitude to have, why do some people think or feel someone else owes them a living? Have some respect for yourself – you will get further in life.

BOUQUET To the incredible techies at London Drugs in the computer repair section for quickly and accurately diagnosing and then installing, in good time, a new hard drive into my Mac Mini and at a very reasonable price. You guys are the best.

BEEF To the coaches who let their team down by not showing up to the awards banquet.

BOUQUET I wanted to thank the amazingly kind lady who paid for my groceries in Save-On-Foods. You have no idea how thankful I was at this extremely kind gesture. You are an inspiration on how kind the world can be.

BOUQUET To the server at Javawocky Coffee for finding and safely keeping my purse until I frantically returned to retrieve it. Honesty lives.

BEEF I could write a novel based on my Nanaimo driving beefs. Drivers, if you’re making a left turn onto a road with two lanes like Bowen, you are supposed to end up in the left lane. If you turn right onto that same road, you should end up in the right lane. There is no such turn that goes from the left lane into the right lane or the right lane into the left lane.

BOUQUET To the staff and volunteers at the Port Theatre for their handling of the late performance due to technical problems.Providing chairs for those who couldn’t stand for a long period of time and having a cheerful demeanour in spite of an hour’s delay was much appreciated.

BEEF To the person who stole RAM out of my mom’s computer when we took it in for servicing. I put two additional cards in for her when I gave her the computer a year ago, and they were missing when we got the computer back.

BOUQUET To the caring and understanding staff at the Brooks Landing Save-On-Foods, who came to our aid when my son got sick in the checkout line. A stressful moment for a mom and terrible time for a toddler was made much more manageable with your kindness. My heart is full.

BEEF It would have been nice to know that talks were happening about home business regulations. I have a nightmare roofing home business next door that no one seems to do anything about.

BOUQUET To the mining operations supervisor at Hub City Paving. Your good looks and charm make my day on a regular basis, thank you.

BOUQUET To Noreen with Girl Guide Arbutus district. Your dedication to this wonderful organization has not gone unnoticed. We truly appreciate you for everything you do.

BOUQUET To all of the firefighters at Fire Station No. 3 on Hammond Bay Road. I was taking my mother to the doctor, but on the way to the hospital Mum was struggling even more to breathe and got panicky just as we were nearing the firehall. I ran up to the door to get help. Within seconds, several firefighters came out to the car with portable oxygen. They had also already called an ambulance to meet us. The firefighters were all so compassionate and nice. They represented Nanaimo so well. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the man who kindly helped us start our car outside the Coastal Community Credit Union on Bowen Road when we ran into some solenoid problems. Much appreciated.

BOUQUET To Kale and the folks at Kal Tire. I pulled in, no appointment, with a rapidly flattening tire. They fixed it immediately, checked and inflated all four tires. I was on my way again in half an hour. Service was efficient and cheerful. They would accept no payment, considered it a courtesy. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards for putting such an amazing event every year and showcasing the amazing and talented athletes in Nanaimo. Thank you.

BOUQUET To Madison. Thank you for all your hard work and helping out. It has been such a pleasure to have you on the team.

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Beefs and bouquets

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