Beefs & Bouquets, March 24

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A bouquet of clean air to by-election candidate Ian Gartshore for his fresh ideas and to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for publishing the article on geoexchange energy in the March 17 edition. This is the type of forward thinking we need from councillors and media.

A huge bouquet of smiley faces to the staff at Island Savings Credit Union in Cedar. I am in there every day for banking and they are always so pleasant and friendly to deal with. It’s no wonder they win customer service awards.

A thumbs up bouquet to Marcy at All Class Driver Training Centre. Hands down, she is the best driving instructor. If only she trained more Nanaimo drivers (and pedestrians) and educated them on road rules.

A beautiful bouquet of wildflowers to Pacific Rim Bicycles. Thank you for making me a wonderful deal and doing a flawless job of fixing up my bike. She rides like new.

An angels bouquet to the nursing staff on the fourth floor of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, especially Jean, Alisha and Stephanie, for the compassionate care of our father in his last days.

Huge thanks to Chris Southurst from Houle Electric who came to do some work for me. He was booked all day – and it was Valentine’s Day – but he took time to come in in the evening, bringing his lovely wife with him. When you need an electrician and you want the very best call Chris.

A bouquet of single speeds to Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo for finding me the perfect ride. You guys bent over backwards to make sure you delivered when promised despite situations beyond your control and it’s appreciated. See you on the trails.

Grateful thanks to David from Yellow Bird Arts Gallery for exceptional customer service. He went above and beyond in co-operating with the artist and myself to solve and correct an artwork problem. The painting will be enjoyed each and every day by myself and my guests.

Bouquets of spring flowers to a local artist for the artwork repair. Your talents really need to be displayed to the citizens of Nanaimo. I only wish I had room on my walls for more of your work. All good wishes for the future.

A big bouquet to Mark Simpson and all of the Dover Bay Dolphins coaches for a fantastic job. The senior boys basketball team won the Vancouver Island championship in Victoria – a heart stopping finish – and made it to provincials.

A bright and cheery bouquet of sunshine to the three female flaggers I saw on Bradley Street recently. You were all so animated, cheerful and energetic, it was a pleasure driving through the construction zone three times that particular day. Good job.

A special farewell to Smoky my little grey fur ball who passed away suddenly. I get peace of mind knowing you are now with Bear at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thanks to Dr. Sylvia Hall Andrews at Petroglyph Animal Hospital for sending me – Sandra – a sympathy card. I had to end Smoky’s suffering after a sudden brain tumor. Thanks also to Norman, Lisa, Lynne, Rick and Karen for being there for me when I had to help put Smoky into kitty heaven.

Thanks to Mary and Kiyo for all you do for me. It is an honour to watch over everything when you need me. You do spoil me and I thank you for it.

a thank you bouquet to my wonderful newspaper customer who saves the Gabriola paper for me each Tuesday. You are a sweetie.

A big bouquet to Paul, the bus driver, from one of his many happy passengers. He always has a smile on his face.

A big bouquet to Dr. Balwin, who recently retired. I want to thank him for being so compassionate. I hope your retirement brings you much rest and time to enjoy life.

An enormous pot of gold to dental mechanic Dr. Gordon Tate for exceptional service and top quality workmanship.

A huge daffodil bouquet to all the staff at the Pharmasave on Bowen Road. From the clerks at the front to the pharmacists and assistants at the back, you folks are second to none – courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and caring.

Green roses for health to the nurses at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital’s cancer clinic chemotherapy room. You gals have been relegated to supporting patients in a small room while renovations are completed. Patients receive the same care, same compassion and same professionalism. Good on you.

Lots of light houses to Gwen. We were once called bag ladies in the nicest way, but the two of us went on to other things. Our Gwen is crocheting scarves to donate in the hundreds. Good on you Gwen, at 88 years old.

a huge bouquet of daisies to my mother-in-law. She’s a fabulous cook, an amazing listener and is always there for you when you need it most. I count myself lucky to have you in my life.

A huge beef to the people who won $75,000 on a scratch-and-win ticket and never bothered with the wonderful lady who sold the ticket to you. Not even a thank you.

A return big sour beef to the beefer complaining about the elderly lady shushing you at the Port Theatre. I am not the old lady, but I was the middle-aged lady sitting behind her. You arrived late, the show had started and you and your friend were whispering loud enough that I couldn’t hear the show. After the elderly lady shushed you, you swore at her, using some shocking language.

a CHEWED UP INTERIOR to a person driving a blue truck. You go and get tattooed, leaving your dog barking for several hours in your truck. Leave your dog at home. People do not appreciate the constant barking. If you continue to do this in the summer, you will be reported to the SPCA.

A big beef to all the people who stand at the front of the bus talking to the driver. How can he concentrate on the road and his stop requests when he has to have a running dialogue with you? It bothers more people than you know.

A beef to all the so-called responsible dog owners who use Mansfield Park as an off-leash dog park on a daily basis and the city does nothing about it. There is an off-leash park only three blocks away that is used very little.

An answering beef to the person complaining that there are no garbage cans in Linley Valley Park. No garbage cans means simply that you pack out your dog’s poop and any waste you take in.

a big beef to the grocery store cashier who stopped helping me to talk to another cashier when I was already late for my event.

A beef to city bus riders who fill up the front seats. Those are for the elderly and physically disabled people. There are empty seats further down. Go sit there.

A stinky beef to my neighbours with the small dog for allowing it to poop all over our lawn and even on our driveway. I have to look carefully before I walk into my house.