Beefs & Bouquets, March 22

Beefs & Bouquets, March 22

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BOUQUET To the people of Nanaimo. We would like to thank you for providing us with all the giggles on our Friday mornings, Thank you! From Alice Springs, Australia.

BEEF To the people who race down View Street as a shortcut. You must have skipped school the day they taught that a straight line, i.e. Victoria Road, is shorter than a crooked one, i.e. View Street.

BOUQUET To all the anti-Trudeau hecklers. Thanks for making him sweat. I too would have heckled but alas, too many seats were reserved for his entourage.

BEEF To care homes who use antipsychotics on old seniors and say it is deterioration. This is the drugs taking them down so they are easier to take care of.

BOUQUET To Richard C. and Ryan M. at Subaru Nanaimo for stepping up to arrange the repair of our just-out-of warranty ignition system at no cost to us. You’ve just secured a repeat customer for life.

BEEF To the person in the small red car on Bowen Road smoking weed while he was driving. Weed impairs driving as opioids and alcohol do.

BOUQUET Thank you to whoever folded up my many recycling bags. They would have blown all over Eighth. Nice to know there’s kind people out there.

BEEF To retail asking, verbally or electronically, for donations to charities at checkouts. They want us to donate our after-tax dollars to their cause. They take media credit for donations, and get charitable donation tax deduction slips with our money.

BOUQUET To Eye Kandy Studio for squeezing a last-minute appointment in for me after a bad experience with another lash studio. Beef to that other studio that has no idea what customer service is nor how to run a business.

BEEF To all the garbage strewn around super mailboxes in Nanaimo. Whatever happened to garbage cans?

BOUQUET To RDN employee Brad for saving the life of my puppy. My puppy got away from me on Terrien Road and ran right onto a busy Northwest Bay Road, leash still attached. Brad was driving by and recognized the problem and was able to catch my dog. I am so grateful to him.

BEEF To tailgaters. To victims of these irresponsible road bullies, drive safely and ignore them. Worst is that they’ll hit you and face big trouble and an expensive lawsuit.

BOUQUET To the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom for their informative and well attended teach-in on Korea and nuclear weapons.

BEEF To those responsible for removing garbage at city bus shelters. Others witnessed them driving away without fulfilling their contract to remove garbage from bins, or immediate surroundings.

BOUQUET To Sharon and staff at City of Nanaimo finance department. I made a wrong payment to the city instead of Visa. When I went to city and explained my strained bank balance, they had cut me a cheque within the hour. My sleepless nights were over. Thank you very much.

BEEF To all the litterbugs in Nanaimo; it’s never looked so bad. And also to citizens who don’t seem to think it’s their job to pick any of it up.

BOUQUET To Shannon at West Coast Shutters. I needed parts for my blinds but didn’t have the necessary information for ordering. Shannon took time to explain what information was needed and then actually supplied this delighted customer with the much-needed parts at no cost.

BEEF To the mess our beautiful seaside community of Lantzville is in. It could now be known as the ‘clear cut of 2018.’ Whether it be a negligent council or a greedy developer, it is a sad sight to see our once forested peaceful village ravaged of one of the things that made it so unique and desirable.

BOUQUET To British Columbians driving with Alberta licence plates sending a message to insurance company. Albeit I love my spirit bear plates.

BEEF To the city for not supporting the recycling exchange. As a result, the amount of stuff going into the landfill will double and more and bigger garbage dumps will be seen in our forests.

BOUQUET To drivers who know and follow the rules of the road at a four-way stop. The vehicle to your right has the right-of-way, after you’ve come to a full stop. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way first.

BEEF To the habitual garbage dumpers on Gilfillan Road who stop just long enought to clean the garbage out of your car, onto the side of the road and then drive away. Next time a video will be taken and you will be reported.

BOUQUET Gratitude to Doreen at Thrifty’s flower department, Turner Road. My grandson wanted to buy a single rose for his mother. Small order but Doreen took her time and chose a nice fresh rose. It’s rare to see a youngster treated with such importance in a retail setting, you made a little boy’s day.

BEEF How to repay a kind woman’s gesture: put down her appearance, then speed away in your white car. Adult bullying makes less sense than children doing it. Hope you stayed in bed during Pink Shirt Day, lady.

BOUQUET To our wonderful friend and neighbour Jim Whyte for shovelling our drive way at 6 a.m. on a Sunday, then doing our neighbours’ across the street. Thank you.

BEEF To the city for not thinking of Nanaimo needing a second hospital. Ever been there at ER and sit and wait for three to five hours. I have, many times. Our city is growing all the time and another hospital should come before any of these other bright ideas.

BOUQUET To Loaves and Fishes for organizing an excellent and enjoyable event with the Montreal Canadiens alumni.

BOUQUET I would like to thank the Nanaimo city worker who plowed Quill Drive during our most recent snowfall – he did an awesome job. Thank you.

BOUQUET To my brother Mitch who took hot coffee and doughnuts to the people of the streets after a heavy snowfall. Thank you for showing me how a small act of kindness can go such a long way.

BOUQUET Thank you to Bulk Barn. Your nickel plastic bags are truly reusable multiple times. Your staff is awesome.

BOUQUET To all of Pro Pacific DKI’s skilled, professional employees who did an amazing restoration on my apartment after it was flooded. Special thanks to Penny, Aaron, Cliff and Rusty.

BOUQUET To Terry for cleaning the snow off our sidewalk and around our car at our condo. Greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer for donating oranges and to Costco for donating water to Forest Park’s students for their Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. The students raised an amazing $12,000 for this great cause. Thank you for being part of it.

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