Beef to the horseback riders on the Coombs rail trail. You are tearing up the trail making it difficult to walk or bike ride on, and you are leaving heaping piles of your horses’ poo on the trail. Last I checked it was 2018 not 1820.

Beef to the horseback riders on the Coombs rail trail. You are tearing up the trail making it difficult to walk or bike ride on, and you are leaving heaping piles of your horses’ poo on the trail. Last I checked it was 2018 not 1820.

Beefs & Bouquets, March 15

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BOUQUET Thank you to the wonderful mail delivery lady for going out of her way to return my dog’s lost chain collar and tags. Also many thanks to the person who found the chain and hung it for the mail delivery lady to find.

BEEF To people who abandon and ignore a friend after they have lost a spouse. This is a very stressful and lonely time for the one left. I have heard this from others but could not comprehend it. Now it has happened to me. It is very sad. Not something I could do.

BOUQUET To the dedicated city employees that daily, pick up discarded needles in the downtown parks. The city should put up signs warning parents not to enter these parks with children because of the needle health hazard.

BEEF To drivers who don’t clean their vehicles before driving. Peeking out of a little defrosted hole in the windshield is not defensive, safe driving. Wake up, ICBC.

BOUQUET To Ty at Telus Country Club Centre who has helped me above and beyond, professionally and graciously, when my son’s second-hand phone was experiencing tech problems. He went out of his way to completely fix the issue on his own time.

BEEF To any young person who refuses to work at a fast food establishment. They are desperate for help. If you want to be treated like an adult, then act like one, join the real world, and learn to be responsible for your own welfare.

BOUQUET To joggers going towards the traffic regardless of the time. This way drivers can see you coming at them. Also to point before crossing at a crosswalk. People in this day and age should learn to do this for their own safety.

BEEF To the horseback riders on the Coombs rail trail. You are tearing up the trail making it difficult to walk or bike ride on, and you are leaving heaping piles of your horses poo on the trail. Last I checked it was 2018 not 1820.

BOUQUET To Hub City Cycle. This bike shop does fantastic work and the prices are affordable. The staff are friendly and efficient.

BEEF To the doctor that wants to put more drug-related facilities in my backyard. He said he asked the drug users about how downtown is building fences. Has he talked to businesses and residents in downtown Nanaimo that have been affected by the drug users?

BOUQUET To Nathan at London Drugs in Nanaimo North Town Centre. Your willingness to help us renew our cell phones during Boxing Day sales that included a two-plus-hour wait on the phone with our provider, won’t be forgotten.

BEEF To the owners and staff at a pet store who leaned long metal posts at a narrow angle against their cashier counter, and they plummeted over my little Maltese-Yorkie. Then an obnoxiously rude male clerk blamed my dog for the accident.

BOUQUET To Jim and Aaron of Home Pro. They helped me out with a quick job while doing eavestrough work in my neighbourhood. I saw them working hard in pouring rain and they were still willing and helpful with a smile.

BEEF To PM Trudeau. In Nanaimo, you mentioned the phrase “moving forward” but you are moving backwards with the approval of a second pipeline from Alberta to Vancouver. Moving forward would be supporting green energy.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Regional Hospital. The care I received was the very best. The nurses and support staff were excellent and I thank them very much. I would also like to thank Dr. D. Ontko for his excellent care and support. They probably saved my life.

BEEF To walkers with significant mobility challenges who choose to walk in limited off-leash dog parks. Healthy dogs jump and play. My big dog might accidentally knock you over, especially when you have treats in your pocket.

BOUQUET To Nissan of Nanaimo for their continually exceptional service. I will never take my vehicles anywhere else.

BEEF To the city for not enforcing the bylaws. Dogs run free, poop everywhere and people are riding bikes where they shouldn’t. Why do we have bylaws if we aren’t enforcing them?

BOUQUET Thank you to the young couple that paid for our two drinks we had at Asteras Restaurant for our 31st wedding anniversary dinner. You helped make it much more memorable with your kind gesture.

BOUQUET We’d like to give a shoutout to Darren and Erickson’s Roofing for the quick attention we received for the leak in our roof. You have fixed the leak and put our minds at ease, thanks kindly for your efficient, personable and professional service.

BOUQUET To the homeless guy or gal who stole my lunch box on Gordon Street downtown. Tuesday’s entrée is turkey cranberry goat cheese wraps with fresh Greek orzo salad. For dessert you have a choice of Greek yogurt, a fresh Braeden apple, and a Snickers bar. Enjoy. You need it more than I do. Now I know what it feels like to be hungry.

BOUQUET Yes to taxi companies beefer. Bring on ride sharing. And be on notice all rude, abusive, disrespectful, creepy, drunk-tank intoxicated and cheap taxi customers – Uber/Lyft both have driver reviews to deny future service for offensive customer behaviour. Please be courteous and generous to underpaid taxi drivers who have zero workplace safety.

BOUQUET To the Loaves and Fishes warehouse staff for the great improvements in layout and workspace. Better for everyone.

BOUQUET To Steve at Bitrate Computers, computer technician extraordinaire, who went above and beyond to help me with my parents’ computer. I cannot thank Steve enough for his care and attention. He is a man of his word, knows what he is doing, and is more than fair.

BOUQUET To Darren at Country Grocer who helped a young man by giving him the difference to purchase coffee pods. He had only $5 for the coffee that cost $10.

BOUQUET To all of the people who found a way to disagree with Prime Minister Trudeau in a respectful and mature way.

BOUQUET To Matt at MB Mart on Stewart Avenue. He always greets you with a happy smile and his store has an amazing array of Middle Eastern products. Great baklava, freshly made.

BOUQUET To Steve at Staples on Aulds Road. Thank you for your excellent service, you always go over and above to explain computer issues so a senior like me can understand. Keep up the good work.

BOUQUET To Leslie at BCAA for her courteous and professional service.

BOUQUET To the waitresses, especially Debbie, at Gina’s Restaurant, for the kind way they treated us. We were there for a birthday dinner for my wife. The staff even came out with an ice cream with a lit candle in it and sang Happy Birthday.

Beefs & Bouquets