Beefs & Bouquets March 14

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A bouquet of rainbow nail polish about the wonderful manicure and pedicure experience at Lisa Almeida Professional Makeup Artist and Esthetics – so relaxing and a genuinely lovely lady as well. I’ll be back.

A Bouquet of good fortune to a wonderful young man (Alex B.) who surprised and delighted us during an 87-year-old’s birthday party. He generously paid our tab at Simon Holt restaurant recently. Your kindness has warmed our days.

a bouquet of warm and cozy nights to J. Koster Electric, who came after hours to fix my electric furnace. Customer service and prices were great.

Huge bouquets to both Hong Kong House and the lion dancers. Wonderful performance by the children and a fantastic opportunity to share another culture. I enjoyed every moment.

A rainbow bouquet to our local FEATHERS club, and Laurie and Larry, for helping parrot owners with great information and support and fun get-togethers. The parrots thank you, too.

a lovely Valentine bouquet to the nurses and Dr. Kingston at the endoscopy clinic at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Your professional and kind manners were appreciated by a nervous patient.

a huge Valentine bouquet to the lady in the hospital parking lot who gave me $2 to park my car when I could not use my debit card and I was late for my MRI.

a big bunch of roses to B.C. Ferries for letting us on the 7 p.m. ferry from Horseshoe Bay at 6:55 p.m. Staff helped us on in our wheelchairs.

Thank you to the north Nanaimo Kal-Tire for fixing our flat tire recently. Fast service and for free – a first for us. Great public relations from staff. We’ll be back for tires and servicing.

a tasty breakfast bouquet to the Northfield Quality Foods. Your support for the Nanaimo Curling Centre’s ladies’ bonspiel was greatly appreciated.

a “hot” bouquet to Kim at Pacific Shores Spa for the wonderful hot stone massage. You helped me relax. Being a mom is all-consuming.

A big bouquet to Canada Post. Two letters were sent to me recently with the wrong address on them. The post office managed to find me and put the corrected address on the envelopes.

a big bouquet to all the doctors and management at the Medical Arts Centre. The staff wants to thank you all for the fabulous surprise evening at the spa. You are the best.

a beautiful bouquet to Tracy at the Wendy’s restaurant at Port Place mall. Tracy is wonderful with her customers.

a fragrant bouquet to the stranger who bought my coffee in the Tim Hortons drive-thru. Your act of kindness warmed my heart and placed a smile on my face all day.

thank you to my homemaker who found me on the floor hurt. Thanks also to the paramedics who rushed me to hospital and to all the nurses and doctors at NRGH for your help.

a huge bouquet of heartfelt thanks to the wonderful and caring people at AC Taxi. Their support during the trying time after the tragic loss of our daughter is appreciated.

the biggest bouquet of roses ever to the two receptionists and waiting room patients at Nanaimo North Town Centre’s medical clinic who, upon my arrival for an appointment, started singing happy birthday to me as I walked in the door. What other clinic does that? I am still on Cloud 9 and can’t stop smiling.

a great big thank you bouquet to Stephanie and Debbie for being there with me through the hardest time of my life. I couldn’t imagine trying to get through it all without you two.

a bouquet. How grateful I am to the person who found my glasses in the parking lot at Nanaimo North Town Centre and handed them in at London Drugs. The case was badly damaged, but the glasses inside were intact.

pots of primroses to those who complain about the disgusting disgrace of dog owners who do not pick up the poop. It is also in the McGirr area. From a proud dog owner and citizen.

a beef to the police officer who decided to ticket people at a gas station for entering the wrong way. My husband, who was used to entering that way before the restriction, wasn’t even given the option of a warning, despite his having a clean driving record and there being no traffic in the station for him to disrupt.

A beef to Nanaimo city council for thinking about spending $100,000 on a public toilet, which will probably be abused as much as used, when they could spend that amount on a bug-killing robot for the hospital.  Much better use of my tax dollars.

A huge beef to all the employers out there who are offering employees minimum wage and yet demand a number of years of experience.

a frustrated beef about the large number of people who use social media regularly, but do not spell things correctly or use proper grammar. Please look over what you have written before sending it out to the world.

An enough-is-enough beef. Why do I, as an hourly Nanaimo school district support worker, feel like my week of lost income for this proposed extended spring break is simply paying for even more paid vacation for salaried district employees? Most support workers don’t make even close to the average teacher salary.

a what-were-you-thinking beef to regional transit for replacing perfectly good bus stop benches with ugly, uncomfortable and always soggy monstrosities. A total waste of taxpayers’ money.

a beef to potential employers who won’t take the time of day to employ someone with disabilities. You don’t know what you could be losing out on. I’m hunting right now, and I’ve seen employers throw my resumé out right after applying.

A beef to anti-smart meter activists. If we let people like you decide what’s good for society, you’d have us tossed back into the Dark Ages and huddling around fires for warmth in no time.

A one-million candlepower beef to people with jacked up, four-wheel-drive pickups who drive everywhere with their high beam headlights switched on all the time. For all the other drivers whose cars sit at normal heights, your lights are totally blinding. Turn ’em down.

a you’re-creating-your-own-bad-karma beef to the young man who left his cat with a caretaker, with the understanding he would pick the animal up in three weeks. He in fact abandoned the cat.

A plea to people who bring their dogs to play at the enclosed dog park at Beban Park. Please do not bring dog treats, it is not a training area, it is a play area. Please save the treats for when your dog is not around other dogs.

A Know-the-rules beef to people who pull over for emergency vehicles on the opposite side of divided highways. You don’t have to.