Beefs & Bouquets, March 13

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BOUQUET to Harris House for your support in providing us with space for our board meetings over the past few years. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

BEEF To the person who stole all the wood from my house on Hammond Bay Road Monday morning. I had just cut down that tree and intended to make firewood out of it. You could have at least had the decency to ask before helping yourself.

BOUQUET To Target. Your store is so clean and bright. Your merchandise is far superior to some other box stores and your staff is awesome. I hope more shoppers take more than one try like we did and find this out.

BEEF To the employee at the gas station who yelled, swore and then physically intimidated my disabled wife as she was confused and unco-operative to his confusing requests. She could have done without the panic attack that occurred afterwards.

BOUQUET When I thought the water leak meant the tank needed replacing, I phoned three plumbing companies. Fortunately the third one, Aqua-Temp, queried the necessity of the large financial outlay, and their repairman checked and fixed a plumbing problem not related to the tank. I am so really grateful to Ivan, and his boss, Richard for their honesty.

BEEF To all the so-called professional drivers and their companies that speed through the Metral Avenue 30km/h school zone (and other school zones) and ignore all complaints. Take some responsibility, acknowledge you or your employees’ mistakes, then just stop speeding.

BOUQUET To Sarah and Kim at Dr. Thompson’s optometrist office. Your customer service far outshone the several other optical stores I tried in Nanaimo. Thanks again for finding my hard-to-fit little baby the perfect glasses. She will benefit greatly from your help.

BEEF To the older male in a large white sport-utility vehicle who was speeding, changing lanes with no signal, running a yellow light at Dickenson Road and Island Highway, then doing it again at Aulds and Metral. It’s people like you who cause accidents and cost us higher insurance rates.

BOUQUET To all the supporters and donators to the Investors Walk For Memories in Nanaimo, particularly Team Fran’s family, friends and walkers who helped make this day special for Mom and others.

BEEF To those dog walkers on Tenth Street and Douglas Avenue who don’t take bags for proper disposal. I especially like the person that leaves it at our mailboxes on Southwood Drive. Last I heard, the City of Nanaimo doesn’t provide poop bag fairies along with the free bags.

BOUQUET To Nicola who, upon hearing that the Watoto Children’s Choir’s bus was broken into and money and iPads stolen, organized a fundraiser and delivered more than $600 the next day.

BEEF To the person beefing about their neighbour smoking outside on his deck in the early morning. Maybe you should have some respect and realize it’s none of your business. At least he’s outside and on his own property. Maybe you should close your windows so you can get all the rest you clearly need.

BOUQUET To Janice at Beban Pool. You are an amazing instructor.

BEEF To the young man in the Wal-Mart parking lot, who was having trouble manoeuvring his small truck out of his parking stall. How dare you start yelling at me. Maybe you should park near the edge of the parking lot, where there is more room for your little truck to get out.

BOUQUET To our daughter, Paden, for doing such a good job and working so hard delivering her paper routes. Mom and Dad are very proud of you.

BEEF To the people who keep stealing my goggles at the aquatic centre. I hope the next time there’s a pool fouling, you’re swimming nearby.

BOUQUET To volunteer park ambassador, Diana. Your knowledge, charisma and friendliness brighten everyone’s day when you’re out in our parks, and are true assets to Nanaimo parks.

BOUQUET To Ted Carson at Carson Denture Clinic for doing beautiful dentures for his customers. Also thank you to his secretaries.

BOUQUET To Laird Wheaton body shop. I went to them to get paint to fix scratches. They looked at them and decided they could polish most away while I waited – all at no charge.

BOUQUET To the north-end eye care business that repaired my glasses free of charge though they were not purchased there. My next pair certainly will be.

BOUQUET To Dr. Piemontesi for his continued dedication and caring service that he has provided, especially with my recent eye surgery. He spent many late hours to save my sight; for that I am indebted to him. Also to his girls at the front office, who are all are so friendly and accommodating.

BOUQUET A large bouquet to all of my News Bulletin customers for their kindness and generosity at Christmas, thank you so much. From Paden S.

BOUQUET To my neighbour who took my son with their kids to the movie the other night and bought him popcorn. He hasn’t stopped talking about it.

BOUQUET To all the outstanding professionals who attended to my mom in her final days in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Heartfelt thanks to Cheryl, Tammy, Bonnie and Angela especially, in the palliative care unit, for their gentle kindness and respect.

BOUQUET To the super nice guy at the Port Place Starbucks on Valentine’s Day morning, who asked me if anyone had wished me happy Valentine’s Day. I had been having the worst week ever and his gesture gave me the first real smile I had experienced in a while.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who asked us if he knew us at Miller’s Pub and when we replied “no” threw down cash on the table to pay for our dinners. We were somewhat stunned as to your motives. But we saw the satisfied smile on your face, we understood. Pay it forward my friend.

BOUQUET To the Cedar and Nanaimo fire departments and utility workers who let me get in the house despite downed power lines on Fawcett Road. I could hear you whistling and laughing while you were working.

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