Beefs & Bouquets, March 12

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BEEF To the young redneck roofers who like to blare the ghetto blaster all day long while doing the job. Do you really think this is a good way to promote your business?

BOUQUET To nurse Mary Ellen in pediatrics. Thank you so much for the gentle, motherly kindness you gave our daughter who was in to have her appendix removed.

BEEF To the ‘tired of apologizing for being Canadian’ beefer. Your ignorance is such that there is not enough newspaper in the world to cover it. You clearly have zero conception of what our culture is and why Empire Days is an insult.

BOUQUET To Doug at Nanaimo Airport. He found us a taxi to take us to Victoria Airport when we were fogged in in Nanaimo and ultimately could have missed all our connections to Robinson Crusoe Island in Chile.

BEEF With the new rules, giving priority to drivers who exceed the speed limit, perhaps the licence plate slogan should be changed to ‘B.C. is for Speeders.’

BOUQUET To Sandra Kidd at Forest Park Elementary School. She is absolutely amazing at her job, never stops going above and beyond, and is an inspiration to those around her.

BEEF To the hockey team for playing Closing Time after every game, win or lose. Nothing saps the thrill of a victory or exacerbates the sting of defeat quite so instantaneously as that funeral dirge.

BOUQUET To parks and rec and the many businesses and volunteers who worked together to upgrade Groveland Gyro Park in north Nanaimo. The children, teenagers, and seniors in our community will enjoy the improvements for years to come.

BEEF To the chocolatier for deciding to start packaging its chocolate eggs in individual plastic containers. Not exactly environmentally friendly.

BOUQUET To Caroline at Lillybelle Locks in the Country Club Centre, who sells the best hair pieces and wigs in town. Her prices are fair and she is so kind, helpful and generous.

BEEF Empires may come, empires will go, but the dam thing will go on forever.

BOUQUET To the lady in the white car at Waddington Road and the Island Highway. The horn was definitely not for you. I understand what was happening. They say you learn from your mistakes and I certainly have learned from mine.

BEEF In the words of Judge Judy, “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” This goes to the driver of black pickup that crashed into my car on Uplands Drive and then denied it.

BOUQUET To the candy man at Woodgrove Mall. You always put a smile on a cashier’s face when you come by. It makes a usually thankless job much better when you’re appreciated.

BEEF To the six young men really and truly pigging out at a pizza buffet. Good manners maketh man.

BOUQUET To the mom and her two daughters for dropping off homemade cookies at the Nanaimo RCMP detachment – you made our day.

BEEF To a know-it-all. Maybe you should think first then you might not have anything to say. To criticize one for not having the same beliefs as you is wrong.

BOUQUET To the V.I. Outdoor guys working on excavators in my neighbourhood. You were so polite and didn’t leave any mess; I’ll be sure to pass along your name.

BEEF To the mayor and city council for being bullies and demanding a name change from the Empire Days society. Empire does not mean oppression and we are still a part of the British Empire. We will remember this on election day.

BOUQUET To the emergency department of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. I received excellent and efficient care from the staff, especially nurse Judy and Dr. Filanovsky.

BEEF To the manufacturer that decided it was OK to make a pure white vehicle. What were you thinking?

BOUQUET To the TV channel showing exciting highlights of games for the World Cup of Cricket being played in Australia and New Zealand. At least 200 sixes (home runs) were also recorded.

BEEF To the Port of Nanaimo. The news is out: Three – yes, count ’em – three cruise ships are on the roster to visit Nanaimo in 2015. Nice terminal all for that.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer Chase River and Panago Pizza for sponsoring the Cinnabar Elementary School family dance. With your help, we were able to raise more than $250 for Loaves and Fishes.

BEEF To the people who walk their dogs around Buttertubs Marsh bird sanctuary even though there are signs posted everywhere. Guess rules don’t apply to you chosen few. By the way, there are dog parks.

BOUQUET To Roy of Accent Garage Doors. He did an incredible job repairing our garage door and installing weather stripping.

BEEF To the complainer to the city regarding a small stained glass objet d’art innocuously hung on a tree overlooking the harbour. I thought it lovely. Mind your own business and get a life.

BOUQUET To the kind folks at ABC restaurant who anonymously paid the bill for an elderly couple. What a lovely surprise.

BEEF To some staff at a franchise coffee shop for getting the order wrong too often. Pay more attention when customers speak.

BOUQUET To my wonderful mother-in-law Nancy and sister-in-law Tricia for going out of their way for me while you were away in Palm Springs. A special thanks also to sister-in-law Shelly for all the wonderful things you do as well.

BOUQUET To the Wellington Secondary School jazz band members Tiana and Kenton Dick and Ethan Olynyk. Thanks also to band teacher Carmella Luvisotto. The trio will represent Canada at the Monterey Jazz Festival in California later in March

BOUQUET to Country Grocer (Southgate) for its generous donation of hotdogs for the John Barsby Secondary School band fundraiser. Another big band bouquet to Paul Shorting at Regional Recycling for all the assistance in the bottle drive. The young musicians made it to Penticton with your help.

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