Beefs & Bouquets, March 10

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A big bouquet to Joy Reavely, who made me a lovely flower weight to weigh down my recycling bags. No longer do I have to search my street on garbage day looking for my bags, which have a habit of floating away in the wind. A great idea. Every house should have one.

A huge bouquet to the guy in the truck who pulled over to help me on the Parkway near Third Street recently. I was in the red Celica. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

A huge bouquet of sweetpeas to ZL and DL for their hard work as canvassers for the Kidney Foundation in preparing for the March door-to-door drive campaign.

Sunflowers and a hot coffee to the man who was guiding cars and buses down Departure Bay hill when we had that mini snow storm. You were a ray of sunshine on my gloomy day.

a Huge thank you to Todd with Flying Squirrel Tree Service for helping my young son and I get home safely on your ATV after our van got stuck in the snow on the way home and I fell on the road and sprained my foot. Double thanks for going back to the van to get my garage opener because I couldn’t find my keys.

a big bouquet of thank yous to the snow plough operator who cleared Benson View and took the time to move the huge piles of snow from in front of the driveways. After weeks of snow shovelling that was much appreciated.

Huge thanks to those gallant individuals who helped me with my broken down vehicle recently. It was a short to the fuel pump on my Volkswagen Passat.

A bouquet of lilies for a lovely lady who faithfully delivered newspapers in her little car until she died at nearly 80 years of age. Dorothy passed away on Valentine’s Day and will be missed for her cheerful chats, waves and the kindness she always showed to those who had less than she.

a Huge bouquet of roses to Debs at Cloverdale Paint in Nanaimo for her outstanding customer service, smiles and generosity to everyone, everyday.

A huge bouquet to AC Taxi in Nanaimo for not only finding my missing diamond ring, but also delivering it right to my door. Thanks a million for such outstanding customer service.

A bouquet to Ash and the Nanaimo Golf Club for their absolute professionalism and customer service during our daughter’s wedding. Ash looked after our every need and the meal and setting were perfect. I would highly recommend the Nanaimo Golf Club to anyone looking for a venue to host an event.

warm and heartfelt thank yous to all the amazing people who responded to my motor vehicle accident in Nanoose recently. It was a very dangerous scene and potentially perilous to the attendees. When asked how I felt as I was being extricated from the vehicle, I  told them that I felt as though I was surrounded by angels. They assured me that I was. Professional and compassionate was the care that I received.

Bouquets of Gratitude to our Paradise Isle Seniors volunteer ticket sellers – Lois Allen, Joan McF, Betty Thompson and Fran S. Thank you for spending your time helping to raise money for Paradise.

A huge beef to the elderly lady who was speeding through the parking lot at my apartment complex recently. When she took a corner – which I had thankfully stopped at because I noticed that she was driving so recklessly – she came within inches of hitting my baby in his stroller. Are you in that much of a hurry that you can’t drive at a reasonable speed when there are obstacles like cars and people pushing strollers?

a surprised beef to the locally owned and operated store that has all its products made in China. What is local about that?

A learn-how-to-read beef to the person who answered the beef about trailers attached to vehicles. The original beef was about trailer hitches that stick out the back, not the trailers themselves. Easy prey for the shins. It has happened to me, too.

A beef to customers who think they can use their spouse’s credit card. It is against the law. The person who has their name on the card is the only person entitled to use that credit card. Please do not give the cashier grief over this.

A beef to the person who beefed about woodstoves a while ago. My husband and I go to designated areas and cut our own wood, we take only what we need and it heats our whole house for the winter, which saves us a huge amount of money in heating costs. With B.C. Hydro raising rates 32 per cent over the next three years, I bet wood stoves don’t look like such a bad idea anymore.

Beefs of Disgust to all the law breakers from other countries who come to Canada to hide from their crimes. Just because Randy and Evi Quaid are movie stars doesn’t make it right. Send them back to the United States.

A SMOKED-out BEEF to a local restaurant for allowing smokers to sit outside their front doors. Customers leaving must walk through a haze of smoke.

A go-back-to-Manitoba beef to the person who can’t see trailer hitches. Stop talking, walking and texting. Multi-tasking isn’t your forté.

A back-at-ya beef to the beefer who called me lazy, accusing me of trying to walk between a trailer and a vehicle. Perhaps you should re-read my original beef. It was about trailer hitches, not trailers.

A huge beef to the young boy in a black car who was speeding excessively on Rutherford Road recently. When you saw me at the red light writing down your licence plate number, you rolled down your passenger window and began yelling profanities at me. How dare you act that way. You were the one who broke the law and my three young children were in my vehicle listening to you.

A beef to those parents who stand together in a group at schools who have nothing better to do than gossip about other parents and teachers. Other parents know exactly what you are doing. Perhaps there is room in one of the primary classes for people like you. Maybe in there, you can re-educate yourselves on proper etiquette.

a beef to all the motorists who cause a traffic jam at Tim Hortons at Southgate Mall. When you want to get a coffee and you’re too lazy to line up at the back of the line out on the road, you try to cut into the lineup. People like you should have your vehicles impounded and crushed. Maybe you should just walk in and not cause traffic congestion.

a beef. How can a telecommunications company justify raising prices more than once a year on services like the Internet? By not giving more, they are actually taking away certain things or moving them so that you have to pay extra. If I had the option, I would choose another company.

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