Beefs & Bouquets, June 9

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A special thank you to Mauro and Roy in the London Drugs computers section. You went above and beyond to help me with my computer problems. Also thank you to Ted at Shaw for your assistance.

A Bouquet to the hard working volunteers at the Friends of the Library, Nanaimo Harbourfront Branch Used Book Sale, who raised $716.48 for the downtown library recently. Thanks to private book donors and Literacy Central Vancouver Island for spicing up the selection of library discards with their donations, to the Rotary Club of Nanaimo for taking the leftovers for their sale and to the many buyers. The literacy network is alive and well in Nanaimo.

A bouquet to the Harbour City Music Empire Days parade float, which made wonderful music for dancing as the players passed by. What a delight to have the audience swept up. Rock on.

A bouquet of sincere thank yous to Anita Rosewall for listening, being supportive and being such a precious friend. Your help really helps me to keep moving forward.

A sky full of bouquets to you for trying to follow the stars to where the northern lights shine for that dream. If you’ll please come back, an understandable explanation is here.

A tire full of flowers to Big O Tires downtown. You fixed another tire place’s botched job for free and with a smile. I’ll definitely be back.

Fields of curly lilies to honour the John Barsby Secondary School students who recently removed invasive ivy in Colliery Dam Park. We have done the work previously. We appreciate how difficult your task was.

A huge thank you to the mysterious Good Samaritans, who at some time unknown to us put back up the heavy brick and cement pillar at the end of our driveway on Rosstown Road. This was accidentally toppled and, being seniors, we were waiting to find a way of having it set back up. Then one morning we looked out and it was put back. We don’t know who you are, but we are grateful.

A beautiful bouquet to my mom Joan. You are truly a wonderful person, you have a lot of courage and strength. You have been through more in the last six months than most people experience in a lifetime. We love you, mom.

a bouquet. Voting day I went to McGirr Elementary School by mistake. A lady drove with me to Uplands Elementary School, waited with me until I voted, then helped me to my car. I was having back pain. She helped a complete stranger. God bless you.

a spring bouquet to Julia, Cyndie and Pauline – young heroes who put others first by putting on a craft fair to donate to the Japan earthquake relief fund.

Thank you to the person or couple who paid for my laser eye treatment. I can now see very well. Thank you and god bless you.

A huge bouquet to my dad. In my eyes you’re a hero. You jumped over a cement wall with your garden hose to help put out a fire on Hillside Avenue. You are the greatest.

A bouquet to the clean-up crews on TV cooking shows. I enjoy watching the shows, but find most of the cooks are messy. When measuring, adding or mixing ingredients, they sprinkle them merrily around the set. Some cooks use the stove top as recipe prep areas and they get covered in bits of food, too. The poor crews have to clean up this mess every time a cook goes near the kitchen.

Blessings to the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors group for bringing joy to so many. Thanks for the wonderful bus trips, the Thursday entertainment and interesting programs.

Bouquets of yellow roses to the two couples who assisted my husband back into his wheelchair at Tea on the Quay. He is very sore and bruised but thankfully no broken bones.

A very big thank you to the emergency department and fourth floor staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for the attention and care. You are all angels.

A large bouquet of spring flowers to Mr. Sparkle Exterior Cleaning for the great job done on our vinyl siding, gutters and windows. They all sparkle.

A bouquet. We all encounter delays and poor service from time to time. However, sometimes we experience superb service and it deserves mention. Mid Island Automotive in Nanaimo provided such service recently. After a fender bender accident, Mid Island was able to fit me in the next day, pushed out the dent in my bumper and had me on my way 20 minutes later. And they didn’t charge me anything for this service. Thanks for making my minor accident less painful.

A huge bouquet to Joe and his team at Nanaimo Hyundai for their extraordinary customer service.

A beef to the person complaining about the dogs in Linley Valley. I have been walking in there for three years and I have never met an aggressive dog. Stop shielding your dog from others. Dogs are social animals and need to interact. Go to Neck Point Park if you don’t like it instead of ruining it for everyone.

a Get-a-compost-pile to the joker in the black pickup dumping his garden waste at Fourth and Pine streets. We have your licence number.

A pile of rotten beef to the thoughtless quad riders who have ruined some of Nanaimo’s finest single track hiking and mountain biking trails with their destructive machines. Build your own trails.

A huge beef to many scooter owners in Nanaimo. These contraptions are faster than a bicycle, yet many people take them on sidewalks. Also irritating is the lack of helmets, using no lights at night or the annoying beeping sound that some drivers employ constantly when driving at night so people know they are coming.

another beef. I’m in total agreement with the beef about the cashiers asking if we want the pennies back. Worse yet is the people who keep them without asking. How do these people balance their till at the end of the shift? Who gets all the extra money? I’d rather it be in my pocket, thank you.

A beef to the person beefing about cashiers asking them if they want their penny. The reason we ask is that if a person does not want it (and most don’t) and we give it to them anyway, they usually just drop it on the floor. Then at the end of our shifts we end up having to pick up a bunch of dirty pennies. But you’re right, how unreasonable of a cashier to ask you a simple yes/no question that takes only a second to answer. Give your head a shake and learn some manners.

a beef to hotels. How come they always give me so many fat pillows and zero flat pillows? Why not two of each?

a dirty beef to the people dumping in the bushes and forests around Nanaimo. There are some common areas this happens. Perhaps the Regional District of Nanaimo (or someone else) should install some video cameras.

A beef to a driver who passed me on Hammond Bay Road, then sped off at about 80 km/h. You hit a doe and her fawn – killed the fawn and injured the doe.