Beef to the pet owner who brought his puppy into the cold beer and wine store, where it promptly peed on another customer’s ankle.

Beef to the pet owner who brought his puppy into the cold beer and wine store, where it promptly peed on another customer’s ankle.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 9

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BOUQUET Many thanks to Dale and staff at Applecross Automotive. They have serviced my vehicle for many years and are always cheerful, honest and efficient. Little extras are tagged on without request. A big bouquet to you.

BEEF Would love to know what liquor stores are taking empties. Mine are going to grandkids and grown children. Forget grocery stores.

BOUQUET To the lady who helps the food bank at Generations Church. Thank you for the new shopping cart.

BEEF To the pet owner who brought his puppy into the cold beer and wine store, where it promptly peed on another customer’s ankle. Fortunately she was willing to laugh it off. The pet owner made no apologies nor expressed any intention to clean up after his dog, and the cashier’s clean-up efforts left a lot to be desired. I didn’t see any sign outside the store saying pets were permitted.

BOUQUET Thanks to Dr. Holman and staff at Beachwood Dental. Your caring and professional manner are greatly appreciated during this pandemic. You’re the best.

BEEF To the flag lady who sets up the signs along the road at 6:45 a.m. with the music blasting out of her open car door, waking everyone up.

BOUQUET To Dr. Westworth and the staff at Applecross Veterinary Hospital for helping us say goodbye to our beloved dog Jessie. You alleviated our worries and gave her the most peaceful way to go possible. A great many thanks.

BEEF To the health clinic that keeps you on hold for an hour just to book an appointment. Please go back to letting us book online. We do not all have that much free time. And hire more people to answer the phone.

BOUQUET To the lovely cashier at Fairway Market who had to deal with the rude, anti-mask, COVID-denier. And a beef to that selfish customer who we are all protecting by distancing and wearing a face mask.

BEEF To the doctors office that closes its appointment lines and phone lines from noon to 1 p.m.

BOUQUET To all considerate folks who have their wind chimes inside their open bedroom windows so the rest of us sleep well and enjoy peace in our gardens. Blessings to you.

BEEF To the city for installing traffic barrier sticks on Departure Bay Road, especially the ones on the hill. I cannot see what the purpose is except to create a cramped feeling for drivers. There are some scrapes on them already, and somebody is going to hit them properly, just wait. More money wasted on who-cares projects.

BOUQUET To the construction workers and flag people working on Rutherford Road. Your smiles and hellos have been so nice and I appreciate you making it safe for my kids and myself to walk past every day. I never feel rushed or a bother to you. Thank you.

BEEF To beefers complaining about traffic-calming on Lost Lake, Vanderneuk and Burma roads. If motorists would drive at posted speed limits there would not be any issues regarding the speed bumps or roundabout. If drivers would maintain posted speed limits all of these well-thought-out calming fixes would be perfect. After all, isn’t this what all the complaining was about – slowing the traffic down to the speed limit?

BOUQUET To my wonderful neighbour Linda who painted a life-like portrait of my faithful companion Jasper when he passed. So amazing to live in a community of thoughtful people supporting each other but that’s what we have in our little strata tucked away in Departure Bay.

BEEF To the mayor and council of Nanaimo. Crime, chaos and more criminals is all that unchecked development that you have been spearheading will bring. Mark my words.

BOUQUET To the lovely human who brought my dogs back, thank you. The kids and my wife must have left the house in a hurry. In doing so they left the door and gate open and the dogs escaped. You brought our furry kids back home and it means the world to me.

BEEF To anyone who may have driven by my sister while she was walking home at night with no phone, covered in blood and dirt after falling to the pavement. She stumbled home crying for at least an hour and said countless vehicles, including two emergency vehicles drove right past her. What has society come to that no one will check on a young girl clearly in distress who needed medical attention?

BOUQUET To Nanaimo’s traffic-calming department for great job they are doing on Lost Lake Road and Burma Road. As a frequent traveller on this road I am impressed with the job that they have done. If the proper speed limit is observed this is a lot safer road both for drivers and pedestrians.

BEEF To the emergency room staff who will not let adult children accompany their elderly parents when they are being treated. My 94-year-old mother waited by herself for two hours and I had to wait in the car. Later, she said she was confused by some of the questions she was asked. Adults can accompany children and I see no reason why elderly parents cannot also be accompanied, especially since we both had our COVID first doses.

BOUQUET To the residents of the condo on Blueback Road. Please accept our apology for disturbing your sleep in the early morning as we walked by.

BEEF To whoever selects the music at the pool. I regularly attend the ‘leisure and therapy’ swim. The participants are mostly seniors. The music is often a cacophony of loud electronic dance music which is anathema to both leisure and therapy. Read the room.

BOUQUET Thank you Brennan and Nanaimo Toyota for your support and response to my recent mishap with my new vehicle. You went above and beyond my expectations in helping me to understand and resolve my insurance issues. Your excellent customer service is appreciated.

BEEF Why do we even have speed limits or stop signs if no one follows them?

BOUQUET To John P. at Budget Glass. Not only did you do a professional job installing my new patio frame and door but you did it with a smile and good humour while following proper COVID safety protocols. I have worked with many contractors from many fields and without question you are the best.

BOUQUET To Jacob at Country Grocer for customer service above and beyond. From a very happy customer.

BEEF To the floral store. They thought they’d be able to rip off an out-of-province buyer on a major holiday. The miserly bouquet was worth a fraction of what was paid. Good customer service would have been to acknowledge it was cheap, sparse and died too quickly, and offer an apology with a handful of carnations. Instead, they have lost all future revenue from us and anyone else we can tell.

BOUQUET To the lady in front of me at Tim Hortons drive-thru at Brooks Landing for paying for my order and also the person behind me. I will pass it along. Thank you.

BEEF At Colliery Dam with my son to fish, and at his school yard to play. What else but piles of stinky dog poop on the path, on the soccer field, under trees. Where people walk, kids play, people fish. Why are you people so entitled, or lazy, or both to not pick up after your dog. It’s terrible to go fishing with your family while not being able to get away from the smell and the piles of dog doo.

BOUQUET To the lady cutting the broom along the E&N trail. It looks great, thank you so much.

BEEF To the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development for destroying perfectly good families and sticking perfect kids with evil relatives and then making absolutely no effort to help the kid get home. Sad reality for way more people than you could even imagine in this city. And if you are unfortunate enough to be Indigenous like our family then forget about it.

BOUQUET To Mike from animal control who came out very rapidly to our call to assist in kindly capturing a domesticated hen walking the trails in Bowen Park. It had obliviously liberated herself from its home but was unable to find a way back across the stream. I am very hopeful that Mike will do everything he can to return the hen safely home.

BEEF To all the adults who speed in school zones. Slow the heck down for two minutes so you don’t hit anyone.

BOUQUET To Dr. C. and staff at NRGH ambulatory care cystoscopy area. Organized, kind and professional. Thank you.

BEEF To the beefer about people not wearing masks. How dare you accuse people of not wearing masks because you think they don’t have a legitimate reason. Do you ask everyone who has a ‘disabled’ sign on their vehicle for proof? Mind your own business. You have no idea what people are or have gone through. A lot of self-appointed COVID cops out there.

BOUQUET To Shannan who works at our local Garden Works Centre. She went over and beyond helping my mom and I with our entire order on their customer appreciation day. We are very thankful for all your help, you’re great.

BEEF To myself for hitting the nicest fellow student in the stomach while we were playing baseball at our alternative school. I was a very lost girl, I wish I remembered your name so I could tell you in person how sorry I am for my inexcusable behaviour.

BOUQUET To Laird Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC for putting up the new flag each spring. I’m sure its not cheap and it sure adds to sense of community and national pride. Also, I like it to get a glimpse of what the wind is doing.

BEEF Just got back from walking around Buttertubs and I was really upset with the parking situation. A paving truck and trailer were parked over six of the public parking spots and numerous workers’ vehicles and trade vehicles were parked as well. Lucky for me there was just one space open to park in. I realize there is construction going on but to jam up just about every space is just not on.

BOUQUET Thank you to the railway company, agency or ministry that has allowed the small evergreen trees and other trees to grow on the east side of the E&N trail between Lost Lake and Terminal Park Mall. Please let them continue to grow to provide a beautiful view for everyone driving by and shade for future trail users.

BEEF To the owner of the grey and white cat, your pet has caught and run off with a baby bunny in its mouth. It’s wonderful that he is such a proficient hunter, but please keep him in your own yard or better yet, in your home.

BOUQUET To Securco Services Ltd. I came home, turned off the security system and heard a loud continuous screeching from inside the house. Securco quickly sent someone over and fixed the problem. Special bouquet to Dustin who gave me his home phone number in case this happened again over the weekend when the office was closed.

BEEF During my walk past a playground area, I witnessed abuse to a small dog. I was too far away so could not intervene with a couple with a small child and a small dog. The dog was barking a lot and the woman threw the dog on its back with her on top berating it. When they were walking away she lifted the dog in the air by its leash and collar. I wish I had my cell with me as I would have recorded this and submitted it to SPCA. Please don’t have a pet if you don’t have the patience to train it.

BOUQUET Telus came to hook up our fibre-optic service. Kevin, the tech, was amazingly helpful, very knowledgeable and very professional. He was friendly and had a positive attitude. We are over-the-top pleased with his work ethic and patience with us seniors. Highly recommended.

BEEF To all the whiners who complain about the calming measures on residential streets. If commuters didn’t drive through neighbourhoods as if they were on a freeway and were actually good drivers there would be no need for the calming measures. You only have yourselves to blame. Be respectful when going through neighbourhoods and drive like your kids and pets live there.

BOUQUET To Shelby and Curtis – you were there when I needed help badly and knew exactly what to do – how lucky can a person get? Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart.

BEEF To my new neighbours who have three pets and four small children. Kindly keep off my property. It’s not my fault that you bought a new house with no grass or driveway for them to play on.

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