Beefs & Bouquets June 6

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Thanks to Long Lake Nursery. You’ve helped to make our garden at Nanaimo Travellers Lodge a beautiful spot for the residents this summer.

A red bouquet to comedian Maxwell Smart – creator of much laughter.

A beautiful bouquet to Tony Puerzer and the Serauxmen service club for donating a gift card to the Nanaimo District Secondary School Skills for Life program. Your generosity and kindness is truly appreciated.

A bouquet of home runs to the Nanaimo Breakers boys’ fast pitch softball team. At the Ice Breaker tournament in May, they bought our team, Richard’s Team Spirit, a box full of Dilly Bars on that blistering hot Saturday. Thanks again, boys. That was such a huge surprise and greatly appreciated by all the girls and coaches, too.

A huge bouquet to Brian and Melanie of Budget Glass for locating a nearly obsolete part we needed to repair a shower door. Not only did they find the part but they also did so free of charge. Now that is excellent customer service.

a Big clap of thunder to the bikers who came through Ladysmith in the big parade. The grandkids cannot stop talking about the motorcycles. They were totally in awe and have now decided they want to be bikers when they grow up.

a big bouquet to the lovely couple in the van who came to my aid when I fell on the road. You’re the best. I did get a shiner, after all.

a big thank you bouquet to the person who mailed an anonymous card to us, thanking us for decorating the exterior of our property for different occasions. It is wonderful to know the decorations I put up bring others pleasure. Your card gave me a big smile and made my day. I am facing another post-cancer surgery this month and hope I am well enough to continue decorating for many years to come.

a special thanks to Highview Optical for their wonderful customer service and knowledge.

a bouquet of roses to Bouman Auto Gallery Ltd. for their over-the-top customer service. A wonderful family business. Thanks, Walter and Doug. From the green hornet.

a bouquet to Heather at an electronics store, who brought ink for my computer from another store when she didn’t have any.

a big thank you to the two Mormon boys – Chris and Nathan – for the good deed they did for an elderly couple.

a wonderful spring bouquet to Arnold of Nesvog Meats for outstanding customer service. Many thanks.

an apology to the lady in a black car. I could not hear you and was worried about the traffic coming at me. Later on I realized I had left my jacket on the trunk of my car by mistake. I found it and my gloves. Thanks anyway for trying to alert me to the situation.

a Big Welcome to Proline Management Ltd. from Victoria for establishing an office in Nanaimo.  This gives stratas more of a choice.

a bouquet of honey flowers and tulips for Otis. You totally rocked it at Tempo Dance Academy’s year-end show. We can’t wait to see your next stage performance.

an enormous bouquet of tropical flowers to the teachers, dancers, parents and volunteers at Tempo Dance Academy for an amazing 20th anniversary show. Hats off to you all.

a six-pack bouquet to my father-in-law for all the help with our backyard project.

a beautiful bouquet to Tony and the guys at Alberni Automatic Transmission for your care, concern and solution after a used car purchase went bad. It’s great to know there are honest people willing to make things right.

a bright bouquet of sweet peas to Diana at Diana’s Garden Centre for all of the gardening advice over the years. I love the seeds you sell – if you don’t have it in stock, you order it in – and all of the other products, many of which are from local artisans, tradespeople and farmers.

An expired slab of beef to the creepy masked man at Westwood Lake for jumping out and chasing female joggers. I hope you mistakenly jump out at a strong guy so he can give you a piece. You deserve to be found, locked up, and have your name announced to the public. You need to pay for your horrible actions.

a huge beef to a coffee shop. It seems as though speed is of more importance than quality customer service. Note to the management: I’d rather have my coffee come a little slower than have to face a rude, rushed and grumpy server.

a beef to the repair man who made us pay up front, then took more than a month to do the job. The freak out and vulgar language was not appreciated.

a rant to a local restaurant. You should be ashamed for serving frozen vegetables and frozen french fries. No wonder it’s been six years since I was last there.

a big penny beef to the cashiers that don’t seem to know the rules about pennies. They are legal tender and you cannot refuse to take them. As long as we the people have pennies, we may use them. And ever noticed that the rounding off usually ends in favour of the stores?

a nosy beef to the elderly man at the Wal-Mart parking lot, who came up to my car as I was parking in a disabled parking stall and asked me if I had a permit to park there. When I told you yes, you asked me again, with your nose almost in my car. I do not need to explain myself to you or others who assume just because I am young, or not in a wheelchair, that I don’t have the right to park there.

a beef to food producers whose height of contents is only half the height of its package.

a huge beef to those parents with students at Frank Ney Elementary School who park their cars on Entwhistle Drive to drop off and pick up their kids. This is a major traffic hazard. What is wrong with using the parking lot at Harry Wipper Park?

a beef to a lady who served us at a store in a local shopping centre. While waiting for my transaction to go through, she removed herself from the till, then came back and started to whistle while still serving me. Unacceptable customer service.

a beef to a local club for not holding an annual general meeting when its March board meeting minutes stated it would take place.

a beef to the couple who sold me a car knowing it had a transmission issue. I broke down on the highway with a child in the car three days after buying the vehicle.

a beef to some E&N Trail users. Keep right. Even if you’re walking, always keep right. Please also ensure that you, your friend, your dog and your friend’s dog aren’t taking up the entire width of the trail, preventing others from passing. Thank you from Nanaimo’s bike commuters.

A beef to the person who jumped my fence into the backyard and then fled with my patio umbrella. What good is it without the table or stand to anchor it? Anyone who sees a mis-matched pair please call the police.