Beef to the man who was yelling at the volunteer thrift store workers because they were not taking any more donations that day because they were full. Signs were posted to say that. How abusive and rude of you.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 6

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BOUQUET To the person who stopped to let me and my old dog cross Fitzwilliam at the corner of Machleary. Sadly, a beef to the person behind you who honked at you and then yelled at me because it’s not a marked crosswalk.

BEEF Someone came along on Duke Point Highway and took the gas out of my tank. I went to the nearest gas station to fill up; once I began fuelling up, the gasoline was spewing out of the bottom of my truck onto the ground. I found that they cut the gas fill line between the frame and the tank as it is hard to do it from the filler gas cap nozzle.

BOUQUET Another message of praise for Super Marie at the East Wellington Road post office. She diligently searched for a parcel that seemed to have gone astray. Her efforts were outstanding, proved successful and were greatly appreciated. The problem was not caused by Canada Post.

BEEF To the owner of the ugly green pickup truck that had backed into a lined parking space at the plaza. You had to know you scraped my blue car when you pulled out and left your green paint streaks scraped on my left front bumper. How thoughtless and inconsiderate of you. I wish you bad luck.

BOUQUET To the doctor at Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital on Bowen Road. Thank you for your comforting me at the time of the passing of my friend of 21 years, Tuxedo. You were so kind and thoughtful of my feelings.

BEEF To the car manufacturers. Why can’t you make a convertible sports car that young handsome men can afford?

BOUQUET To Marie Burrows with Remax Nanaimo. She was my real estate agent for my recent condo purchase and, with her help, the process was seamless and almost enjoyable.

BEEF The downtown library shouldn’t have staff exposed to those working conditions. Get security in now.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet dancers and director for putting on an absolutely amazing show at Malaspina Theatre. The maturity of the dancers was outstanding in presenting a show based on the growing divide between men and women, while providing hope for the future.

BEEF To the federal fudge-it budget; as it will as usual not benefit the majority of Canadians and will no doubt cost Canadians in the long run.

BOUQUET to Steve Laird of Laird Wheaton GM. I had my 2011 truck rims redone. Thanks also to Steve’s right-hand man Wayne McGhie for handling it all for me. Nice to be treated so well. Thanks.

BEEF To the man who was yelling at the volunteer thrift store workers because they were not taking any more donations that day because they were full. Signs were posted to say that. How abusive and rude of you.

BOUQUET A big thank you to the men who have run this country for the past century. How about we give the next century to women?

BEEF To the lady upstairs who lives over me. You come home from work at 11 p.m., slam your car door, slam your mailbox lid, walk upstairs like an elephant. I go to bed early; you wake me up.

BOUQUET To the City of Vancouver and the Province of B.C. in the 1920s for building the seawall. You spent what must have seemed like an enormous amount of tax dollars at the time, but I think it’s safe to say, you are happy with that decision.

BEEF I live in an apartment and have to stay off my sundeck. Just because smoking marijuana is legal doesn’t mean I should have to put up with the stink. Go smoke inside and close your windows.

BOUQUET To the city for cleaning up the storm debris on Wally Creek trail. What a great job. Thank you.

BEEF The wait times at NRGH’s ER in no way reflect real emergency medicine. No wonder Canada is at the bottom of developed countries.

BOUQUET To the two kind women who helped me push my motorcycle to the side of Departure Bay Road after I experienced engine trouble and fell. Your kindness helped calm my nerves and get me off the road safely.

BEEF There were two beefs regarding possible dog abuse. Call the SPCA. The workers will attend immediately.

BOUQUET To the beefer who complained about the waitress with long hair, we as well will not return to restaurants that allow their staff to dangle their hair in our food. Where is the health inspector? Bouquet to the Keg, all waitresses have their hair tied back and are dressed very professionally. It’s such a pleasure to eat there!

BEEF To my neighbours in Lantzville who let their dogs bark outside starting at 6 a.m. and that gets all the other dogs barking. When you are inside enjoying your coffee or shower, we are trying to get back to sleep. Some of us are shift workers.

BOUQUET To the people who came to the aid of the woman who was being attacked by a youth with a knife.

BEEF To the beefer who is confused about the beach parking at Departure Bay. Where else do you suggest I park?

BOUQUET Thanks to the Coach and Horses for making our birthday celebration go so smoothly. The food was delicious too. Thanks to all the staff.

BEEF To those who complain about the poor dog on Cedar Road and do nothing about it. The SPCA should be the ones to help it. Why have a dog that is always tied up?

BOUQUET My father had advanced age-related dementia. He entered Wexford in March. The staff were, without exception, respectful, patient, caring and gentle. My dad passed a few days ago. They helped make his last days manageable. Thank you.

BEEF To merge lanes off of the parkway. The people who planned this certainly got the name correct. It’s designed as a bypass, not a joke for people to laugh at.

BOUQUET To my mom. Happy 63rd birthday. Thank you for everything.

BEEF Complaining against high gas prices? That’s what happens when you oppose and protest the Alberta oil pipeline.

BOUQUET To Dr. Jen Halverson and the Chase River staff. The care you have provided to our cats has been consistently outstanding. We sleep better knowing you are there for Alexander and Riley as you were for Shaheri. Many thanks.

BEEF To the coffee shop for letting staff take up half the parking spots closest to the front door.

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