Beefs & Bouquets, June 5

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BOUQUET To the young man at the bus stop who found the money I dropped and to Julie who so kindly returned it.

BEEF To transit drivers. Try slowing down and doing the posted speed limit in schools zones and residential streets. It is not your right to determine what speed is acceptable no matter the time of day.

BOUQUET To the author of the ‘unemployed neighbour’ series. I doubt this writer actually has an unemployed neighbour, but your witty sense of humour gives many of us a good chuckle. Nice way to start the day – thanks for that.

BEEF To the horse owners and riders who apparently do not care that their droppings are all over the path. And on the gravel path right across from Aspengrove School. It is truly disgusting.

BOUQUET To coaches Mike and Jessica of Team France. You manage to teach the boys both soccer skills and life skills and wrap it all up in fun. Your positive attitude, dedication and commitment to the boys never goes unnoticed.

BEEF To the garbage men who did not empty the garbage can today at Hammond Bay Road and McGuffie Road. Even though the garbage can is big, it was only half full.

BOUQUET To the students, staff and parents of McGirr Elementary School for their continued and generous support of the Justin Smith Coin Drive and Scholarship Fund. It is your kindness that has helped dozens of graduating students pursue their dreams of a career in the medical field.

BEEF To the self-proclaimed interior designer/landlord who continually rents out a house that has many violations concerning health and safety standards. It’s only a matter of time before your next renters figure out that they are paying a ridiculous amount of money to live in a leaky, mold-infested, electrically hazardous and structurally unsafe house.

BOUQUET To the man in the Canadian Tire parking lot who helped my boyfriend and I get a recently purchased wheelbarrow home. When I offered to give him gas money, he said it was his good deed for today.

BEEF To the lady who drives a burgundy Mazda. You are the only employee in the plaza who insists on front door parking rather than leaving it for paying customers. Maybe you should do the nice thing, like the rest of us, and use one of the other several parking stalls and leave front door parking for customers.

BOUQUET To the man and his young son at Wal-Mart who stopped to offer help in the parking lot when our truck wouldn’t start. We were so grateful.

BEEF To the owner of the restaurant for leaving their vehicle parked on Commercial Street for hours, taking up customer parking. A bigger beef to the city parking patrol who never seem to issue a ticket.

BOUQUET To the team of volunteers and customers at the Morrell Sanctuary Society who made the 20th annual plant sale and raffle fundraiser a resounding success.

BEEF To the person complaining about horses and their poop. You cannot compare to dogs’ poop as horses do not eat meat. Not to mention it is a rare occurrence and better to scoop the poop for your backyard – it is a great fertilizer.

BOUQUETS To all the cancer patients from Nanaimo who must travel to Victoria for their radiation appointments because such treatment is not available anywhere else on the Island.

BEEF To the horse riders in Lantzville. The manure from your horses that you have left all over the pavement is likely aiding in the spread of invasive plants. Furthermore, I don’t own a car so my emissions are zero. Are your giant truck and horse trailer solar or wind powered? Didn’t think so.

BOUQUET To the volunteer drivers of the Freemasons’ cancer vans who take cancer patients to Victoria for treatment which is not available closer to home.

BEEF To all cyclists who don’t have a bell or don’t use it when coming up behind pedestrians on sidewalks or pathways. It’s only a matter of time before we have a serious collision.

BOUQUET To Baron’s Appliance Repair, which fixed the door for my front-load washer. you saved me an expense I don’t need at this time. We need more helpful people and businesses like you in this world.

BEEF To the employee who found my expensive and sentimental native bracelet and turned it in because someone saw her. But then had someone phone and describe the bracelet and consequently claim it just three days after it was found.

BOUQUET To Fairway Market for the lovely Mother’s Day gift basket.

BEEF To whomever put signage on Ross Road near seniors’ residences saying “slow down, seniors at play.” It’s downright insulting to our seniors whose only problem is moving more slowly. They’re not in their second childhood.

BOUQUET To the kind lady who helped me pick up my husband, who fell flat on his back in the Wal-Mart parking lot in May. Thank you – I could not have done it alone.

BEEF To the residence where I last spotted my scooter that went missing the night before. You have taken a disabled persons means of getting around. And to the police for taking 45-60 minutes to respond to my call. This allowed them to remove the scooter from the property.

BOUQUET To all the home care nurses, especially Barb and Julie for the tender care they gave my husband, George, in his final weeks. You made everything so much easier to bear.

BEEF To the police for not policing, and flat tires to all you other drivers in this city. Speeding, talking and or texting on their cellphones through a school zone. To the drivers in clearly marked City of Nanaimo vehicles doing the same.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Regional General Hospital tech Marianne for her warm and caring support when I found myself disoriented after a CAT scan early in May.

BEEF To whomever took our swimming towels off the bench at the aquatic centre on Saturday afternoon. It was really difficult to get myself and my five-year-old son dry, let alone having to explain what theft is.

BOUQUET To the designated driver, no matter what the police might say about his car’s tinted windows.

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