BEEF To the proprietor of the resort who will not allow skinny dipping in the pond after dark this year and will be enforcing a new policy of moderation of libations.

BEEF To the proprietor of the resort who will not allow skinny dipping in the pond after dark this year and will be enforcing a new policy of moderation of libations.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 30

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BOUQUET To a very nice, kind and good advisor pharmacist Elijah Ssemaluulu at the Medicine Shoppe at Terminal Park mall.

BEEF To the dregs of humanity who prey on honest workers and seniors, who paid taxes and saved for retirement.

BOUQUET To the bus driver, Parry, for such an adventurous bus ride to the Duncan raptors. Together we sang non-stop to your rockin’ music. You’re the best. From Grade 3 Park Avenue Elementary School students.

BEEF To the person who thought my dog was collapsing. Instead of wasting time and resources of the SPCA, why didn’t you come running to help my dog? I’m a good pet owner but you are a poor neighbour.

BOUQUET To Thrifty Foods Port Place for your very moist, deliciously succulent barbecue chicken.

BEEF To a gym that has been asked for a year to fix the foot pedal on an antiquated rowing machine. While at it, put in new batteries as requested, too.

BOUQUET To Sue Carlson for a successful door-to-door and pin box campaign for the Canadian Cancer Society. Her many countless hours she put in paid off.

BEEF To the man wearing a ball cap, who made noise eating, drinking and ice shaking through the entire excellent movie at the theatre.

BOUQUET To Wellington Secondary School students for hosting Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Program clients for our annual spring tea. Students served coffee and tea, sandwiches and homemade desserts. Music department entertained us with an amazing singer and skilled musicians.

BEEF To the association. I planned to take my family to your event but with two adults and two kids the cost was $140. My family cannot afford that and I am sure there are hundreds more in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To Ali O. for playing baseball with us. Everything about that day was special.

BEEF To all business organizations who are so impressed with their own importance that they don’t have time for their customers, but make customers play the insidious numbers game in the vague hope of talking to a real person.

BOUQUET To all those who rush to help, either physically or with goods or money, when there’s a disaster. Beef to those who take advantage of the situation.

BEEF To the police officer who, when I called his attention to two dogs in a car, did not even take a minute to walk over to the vehicle to see how the dogs were faring. So much for protecting the innocent.

BOUQUET To the many donors who gave to the collection for all of us who lost our offices in the Jean Burns building fire. Also to the many clients who called to express concern. I am now a retired counsellor.

BEEF To the Canada Revenue Agency for not sending cheques as promised.

BOUQUET To all our friends and neighbours who helped us find our missing golden retriever Chloe. A special thanks to Vicki who picked her up from the Parkway and took her to the emergency animal hospital.

BEEF To the new system in use at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. What used to take two and half hours now takes five hours. Bouquet to the doctors who are still quick and efficient.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Fire Rescue, city engineering and public works employees for their amazingly fast and efficient response to the burst water main on Terminal Avenue.

BEEF To people who only attend farmers’ markets on sunny days. This is B.C. and it rains, yet the growers still need our support on rainy days.

BOUQUET To a fantastic auto business, Tim’s Auto, on Bowen Road. They let me go through three cars until I was satisfied.

BEEF To all social designers trying to normalize the abnormal in the guise of being ‘tolerant’ and ‘progressive.’ As values become increasingly borderless, chaos ensues. History repeats.

BOUQUET To the wonderful and kind person who turned in my purse to the Costco office when I forgot it in the car.

BEEF To the woman in a small blue car who was driving on Townsite road near Brechin Elementary School with a bowl in her left hand and a spoon in her right. How irresponsible can you get – she barely stopped at the stop sign.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin, VIU students, and King Arthur Court tenants and property manager. This article restored my faith in humanity. This project is a win-win all around.

BEEF To ignorant and arrogant people who treat young workers in retail with disrespect. It is pretty sad when your teenager asks you why adults behave that way and comment that they must not have been properly raised by their parents.

BOUQUET To the nice lady who works at Petro-Canada Nanoose for paying for my $10 gas so I could get to Coombs.

BEEF To the gas station and car wash that refuses to repair three steel plates that cover an underground pit next to its car wash. As cars pass over these plates they clang and bang so loud they wake up the neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To Randy at Country Club Shoppers Drug Mart for exceptional service with my pictures. A great guy.

BEEF To the person who cut the fuel line and stole fuel from my truck parked at Duke Point. I really enjoyed spending Father’s Day with the tow truck driver and mechanic, so thank you. I can only assume you enjoyed your gasoline-fuelled bonfire.

BOUQUET To the ladies from the Quilting Guild for a wonderful showing of all your needlework and to invite the founding members with a special invitation to visit the quilt show in 2016.

BEEF To the proprietor of the resort who will not allow skinny dipping in the pond after dark this year and will be enforcing a new policy of moderation of libations.

BOUQUET To Slava of the south-end Panago for his generous support for our lacrosse team this season.

BOUQUET To all the businesses chosen the Best of the City. Congratulations and thanks for making Nanaimo the best.

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