Beef to the person in north Nanaimo for flying their drone over my head while I was hanging my laundry and using it look into bedrooms at night with their infrared light.

Beef to the person in north Nanaimo for flying their drone over my head while I was hanging my laundry and using it look into bedrooms at night with their infrared light.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 30

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BOUQUET Thank you to Jason and family from Nanoose who stopped to help when they saw me lose my balance and fall into one of the concrete plant pots outside Central Drugs in Lantzville while they were driving by. When my wife came out of the drugstore, the mother drove her home to fetch our car while the father stayed with me and supported me in an upright position until they returned. Great good Samaritans.

BEEF To the lady driving a Mini Cooper on Terminal Avenue. When a fire truck with its siren blaring and horn honking is on your tail, don’t stomp on your brakes, move over and let the emergency vehicle pass. Or give up your licence.

BOUQUET To ‘Tool Jockey John’ for always being willing to fix things that fall apart, even my ‘unfixable deals’ that he laughs at. And thanks to Lynn as she patiently watches these repair experiences.

BEEF To the city council members who approved the assisted-living units. People are hanging out in the street where kids are walking to school, cars are blocking driveways on this busy road, people are screaming in the night and the police are called there constantly. How would you like this building built beside your family home?

BOUQUET To Kids Place Childcare, thank you for taking such great care of my daughter for the last two years. You have a great group of teachers working there. Hope to see you again in the future.

BEEF To the grumpy know-it-all at the local tool store. Perhaps you should take your worldly knowledge and enjoy retirement. Do us all a favour.

BOUQUET To Paul, the tree guy, at Green Thumb Nursery. So helpful and informative. Our tree looks fabulous; people have stopped on the road to roll down their car windows and say how great it looks. Thanks so much.

BEEF To the dad in Harewood with a big black truck. You said you never lied and that I was the only woman you were seeing, yet I ended up with an STI. What a waste of three years of knowing you and thanks for messing up the rest of my life. Beware ladies, this narcissist is a charmer but it’s all an act.

BOUQUET Thank you to Dr. Edwards at Benson View Veterinary Hospital. We recently had to say goodbye to our sweet Jasper after 12 years of him being the best friend/companion a family could hope for. Dr. Edwards is such a sensitive and caring human being and a vet beyond compare. We are so very lucky to have her look after our furry little family. She is, simply, the best.

BEEF To the person giving bouquets to the antagonistically dispositioned cashier. I witnessed that exchange and the customer was in no way anti-mask or a COVID denier but simply a person not wanting to have to buy a plastic bag, who did not have change for the rental shopping cart. The customer is not always right but was in this case.

BOUQUET To the city for removing the barriers on Opal Road allowing practical use for all rather than the self-entitled few.

BEEF Why doesn’t the dollar store sell clown noses? I have at the least 15 municipal, provincial and federal leaders to whom I would like to send one.

BOUQUET To Tina M. Lloyd Notary Public and her staff for being fantastic during my property purchase. You had so little time to make things work but you did it and were very nice about that. It is greatly appreciated.

BEEF To the subcontractors the home improvement store hired to deliver an appliance. You bullied an 18-year-old girl. You scratched said appliance. You swore at an elderly lady who is not well. Just wanted an unscratched appliance brought inside since we aren’t able to lift something that heavy.

BOUQUET To Andrea T. I purchased an item from you and gave you too much money by mistake. Thanks for being honest and sending it to me.

BEEF To the owner of a large-breed dog, who came charging at my husband and I barking and growling at us, then tried to take a nip on my arm at the Nanoose Flats. If you can’t control your dog, then he needs to be leashed up at all times. Pretty sad that we had to pick up boulders to protect ourselves and your commands to your dog were completely useless.

BOUQUET To the kind woman for paying for my mother’s order at Bodhi’s Bakery. We will pay it forward. Kindness is contagious.

BEEF To the virtue signalling for cancelling Canada Day. As a proud Canadian immigrant I am shocked. What’s next Christmas, Easter, birthdays? What a joke.

BOUQUET To Judy at Northern Reflections, and the young woman at A Step Ahead, who took time and assisted my mother who has Alzheimer’s as we replenished her wardrobe after a year and a half of lockdown. We laughed a lot and she felt great.

BEEF I saw something quite alarming. A girl with bleached hair riding a skateboard and pushing a baby in a stroller. She was on Uplands Drive going downhill. I give the description in case she is someone’s babysitter.

BOUQUET To Tyson on Extension Road for finding my keys in the mailbox across from Chase River school and for making sure that I got them back.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for giving me two parking tickets parked in front of my own house.

BOUQUET I was at Walmart and very tired after searching for an item in the mall. I was so impressed with an employee in the wool section named Joyce. She was so friendly and helpful, taking me right to some items that were on my list. Other staff I encountered were also great, but Joyce was exceptional.

BEEF To the construction workers at the school. I went to pick up my children and met with principal to say hello – no, to scream hello. The construction noise is deafening, and their old broken-down excavator is painful to be around it’s so loud. How are children and teachers and administrators spending their days working with this?

BOUQUET To Kennedy and Jackie at Michael’s for all their help with a $50 mix-up. You rock, thank you.

BEEF To the residents of Opal Road. You can’t have your private little street so are now parking on both sides of the street forcing people to pull over if a car is coming from the other direction. A lot of people live on busy roads but don’t expect special treatment.

BOUQUET To the members of the Parksville Home Quilters Guild, who delivered beautifully hand-crafted quilts to the residents of Trillium Lodge long-term care home. The artistry was breathtaking and the hours and hours of dedication evident. This gift to my mom made her feel so special at a difficult time in her life. Your selfless contributions have made a huge impact.

BEEF To all those drivers out there that don’t know that the little thing on their steering wheel is to activate a turn signal. Many people don’t use it at all or have the need to use it only once they’ve started to turn. Go back to traffic school.

BOUQUET To the paper delivery people who place the paper into the mailbox, and to the cashiers who smile, say hi and are friendly. Cheers to happy, polite, friendly people.

BEEF If the store is planning to eliminate cashiers altogether, then be assured I will never go back and I hope everyone else will do the same.

BOUQUET To Rod, who very kindly informed me and my family the load we were trying to carry in our van was too heavy to be safe, offered to help us drive it home, and even helped us load and unload it from both vehicles. You saved us from a potentially dangerous situation and we are very grateful.

BEEF To the photographer for showing up to a professional photo shoot at a family event wearing revealing clothing and flirting with a teenager.

BOUQUET To the very nice woman who was understanding and respectful of my asking her and her group to not park in front of Hawthorne Park where the yellow lines are. I really appreciated how lovely you were about it even though I was uncomfortable approaching you. It’s just a really bad corner if people park there and it’s only from the near misses I have had there myself that I understand how much of a blind corner it can be. It was wonderful to see you all enjoying the park.

BEEF Will people never learn? Don’t leave your dog alone in the car or tied up outside the mall. You deserve what you get.

BOUQUET To the Benson View Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Edwards and staff, for the excellent care, compassion and support during my kitty’s final moments. Could not have asked for a better experience during a very difficult and sad time.

BEEF To all the motorcyclists who rip up the peace with their loud pipes for a pleasure ride in Yellow Point. You may not realize this but we get hundreds of you over the weekend and it’s truly awful. Please consider the homes and farms you are driving past where your noise affects our well-being and the quality of our lives. Your pleasure shouldn’t be our pain.

BOUQUET To Dustin, for his great physiotherapy techniques, and Tiffany, for her wonderful massage abilities, at Brickyard Physiotherapy. Both took exceptional care of me, who really needed their expertise after my accident. Thank you.

BEEF To the person in north Nanaimo for flying their drone over my head while I was hanging my laundry and using it look into bedrooms at night with their infrared light.

BOUQUET To the beefer who called out our MLA for not returning calls. I also called, and on a mental health issue, the most prevalent issue of late. No return call. If you haven’t received a call back either, you’re not alone.

BEEF To the business. I think it is disgraceful that your Canada flag is not flying at half-mast after the tragedy in Kamloops. I will never set foot in that business due to this.

BOUQUET To my wonderful friends who I miss, but know are doing well. I can’t see you every day but know you are always there. From the Island girl who now lives in the mountains.

BEEF To city council for pedalling sustainability and then issuing permits to dollar stores, car dealers and fast-food restaurants. Hypocrisy at its core.

BOUQUET Huge thanks to Terry and his staff at Lowe’s for sourcing and having delivered (at breakneck speed) a part that was missing from our recently purchased barbecue. It is hard to imagine how anyone could provide better, more friendly service.

BEEF To the one neighbour who calls bylaw for every food truck, parked motor home and howling dog on the block. Maybe it’s time to move?

BOUQUET Build the walkway. At some point in the future the downtown area will become heavily populated and the walkway will be a great benefit for all as well as making Nanaimo a more attractive place to live.

BEEF To the G7 hypocrisy. No masks, no distancing, all smiles and laughter. Not surprisingly, never were we in this together.

BOUQUET Gratitude for living in such a beautiful part of the world.

BEEF To the person littering from the lowered grey BMW who tossed his clamato vodka can out the driver’s window on Metral Avenue. Littering and drunk driving are illegal last time I checked, are you above the law?

BOUQUET To Joey for keeping Douglas Avenue’s boulevard nice and trim. Looks great. Keep up the good work.

BEEF To the traffic control instructor. You spend more time talking smack indulging your egotistical mind talking about job site stories than teaching the class what we need to know to pass the test. Don’t get me wrong you are a very nice woman and funny but you need to take a class on how to teach a class.

BOUQUET To the kind lady who lost something in Lantzville when you came in to buy bandages. We found it, and we have it sitting aside for you.

BEEF To vet clinics that charge outrageous prices – $500 for a test and flea medication. If my best friend needs a lump removed I will have to head to the bank for a loan. I’m sick thinking of the cost that is to come for possible surgery. We do not all earn a vet’s salary.

BOUQUET To the person who found my wallet in the Canadian Tire parking lot and turned it in to customer service. And another bouquet to the staff who looked up my name and called me within minutes. Thank you to both of you.

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