One day your dog will dash out in the street and may get hit by a car. This will be your fault. (The News Bulletin)

Beefs & Bouquets, June 29

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BOUQUET To Dustin and Fam at Vibe bikes. I’ve yet to buy a bike but for what you do for the community is amazing. The world needs more people like you, thank you for sharing your passion.

BEEF To the mayor of Victoria. Seniors live on fixed income. Do you think they can take in homeless people and feed them? What about all the schools shut down on the Island? They could house those people anywhere.

BOUQUET To all who helped make Ladies Night Out hosted by the Lantzville Legion No. 257 Ladies Auxiliary another successful and fun night. A huge thank you to all who donated. Special thanks to Almost Johnny Cash, Dave and Todd for the wonderful entertainment.

BEEF Congratulations Nanaimo, we now have our own motorsport race track. Anytime after 7 a.m. on Uplands Drive from Turner Road to Dover Road, you can pick your own speed. No one around to monitor you.

BOUQUET To the Persona Hair Group for donating its time and talent and bringing smiles to our grateful tenants.

BEEF To my ex-girlfriend for not leaving me alone and refusing to accept that I don’t wish for her to be in my life anymore.

BOUQUET To Sean from E & S Heating and Air Conditioning here in Nanaimo for excellent service on our AC unit and new furnace. All your camping suggestions were a fantastic bonus.

BEEF To the man who was flipping the bird and swearing at me for parking in a disabled parking spot. I appreciate your concern for disabled people being able to use this spot, but if you would have looked on my dashboard or treated me like a human being I would have gladly showed you my disability sticker and the crutches I use to walk.

BOUQUET To whoever designed the interactive map on the waterfront walkway proposal. I found this informative and easy to use.

BEEF To the doctor at the walk-in clinic who sent me for X-rays and for possible pneumonia and then didn’t contact me until four days later. Listen to your patients.

BOUQUET To my wonderful neighbours on Ralston Drive. Your help and thoughtfulness means so much. Thank you. To my dear friend Stella – love you. I will never be able to repay you.

BEEF To our new neighbour. When your elderly father fell down your entry stairs and was in distress, I obviously wished to lend a supportive hand. You angrily sent me away at first glance. This was not a very good first impression, nor very neighbourly of you.

BOUQUET To the nine citizens of Courtenay-Comox whose choices are for a better, beautiful British Columbia.

BEEF To the person in a white Volvo SUV with business branding driving irresponsibly through the north end. Speeding through school zones, tailgating and erratic lane changes puts everyone at risk. Whether fuelled by lateness, anger or hyper anxiety, it is a reflection of your personal and business approach.

BOUQUET To Joanne of Shar-Kare – deepest appreciation for your kindness and help. You saved our cats like two times now.

BEEF To the person so vehemently opposed to public protests. It’s called democracy.

BOUQUET To the guy who borrowed the maintenance wheelbarrow, broke the wheelbarrow and replaced it with a new one.

BEEF To the person who sprayed foul-mouthed graffiti on the rock wall below the military museum. Please stop and think; you’re making Nanaimoites look like a bunch of morons.

BOUQUET Many thank yous to Patrick from Island Optimal fitness gym for moving numerous wheelbarrows of dirt for me. He was so kind and friendly and got it done in no time flat. He made my week.

BEEF To the countless speeders who continually plague Turner Road. This is a residential road, with many children who live on it. Try and use some common courtesy and show some respect to you fellow residents. I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy a constant parade of speeders, and the loudest motorcycle competition in your neighborhood.

BOUQUET To my ever-loving wife. You bring such joy to my life.

BEEF To the poor sound crew at the multicultural festival. The only thing on the mixer board they seemed to be good at was the volume control. Beef to the person who opted to put the chainsaw carver next to the sound stage.

BOUQUET To Ms. Boudreau at Coal Tyee for being a great Grade 2 student teacher.

BEEF To the neighbour who refuses to put her dog on a leash. First of all, one day your dog will dash out in the street and may get hit by a car. This will be your fault. Secondly, your dog urinates and defecates in other neighbours’ yards. When asked to keep your dog tied up, your response was to resort to bullying. We neighbours work hard to keep our yards nice, we will be giving you back what your dog leaves from now on.

BOUQUET Thank you to Nanaimo regional transit for finding our student’s cell phone and getting it returned to her.

BEEF To those who go to visit their loved ones at the hospital and spend hours calling and receiving phone messages with loud voices and stupid ring tones.

BOUQUET To Lynnia Clark and Christian Ostaffy, actors in the play Old Love at the little theatre in Ladysmith. Excellent.

BEEF To people who shop at the same stores all the time and then complain about how much they pay for things, when they could save a lot of money by just shopping around.

BOUQUET To the nice neighbors on Fillinger who trimmed their trees at the back of their property. We really appreciate your consideration of others. Some people trim the trees in front of their property so they can enjoy the water, but could care less about the people behind them.

BEEF As a recent retiree, I used to cut my lawn in the morning. Well, I heard from the shift workers. So then I figured, I’m not doing this in the heat of the day, so after dinner worked. By the way, how come when I plan my trip away from school and working people hours, you’re cluttering up the public roads? Bet you didn’t think of that.

BOUQUET To Mary, who every morning walks around the waterfront by the pubs near the ferry terminal picking up discarded bottles and trash. Bella, your four-legged friend, and all of us two-legged friends thank you very much.

BEEF To the person who walked away with my my kitchen waste can right after the truck picked up the waste.

BOUQUET On Mother’s Day I was in the lineup at McDonald’s. A courteous young man of about 10 years politely insisted on letting me go ahead of him in the line. It was a lovely experience.

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