Beef to the neighbours. We have lived next to you for over six years, in that time, I can count on one hand the nights you haven’t trespassed on our property. The damage from cut fences, broken door knobs, scratched and pried doors and broken locks; banging on gates, windows, and walls; theft of wi-fi, money and jewelry is just too much.

Beef to the neighbours. We have lived next to you for over six years, in that time, I can count on one hand the nights you haven’t trespassed on our property. The damage from cut fences, broken door knobs, scratched and pried doors and broken locks; banging on gates, windows, and walls; theft of wi-fi, money and jewelry is just too much.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 29

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BOUQUET To Canadian Utility Construction. My family hadn’t asked for natural gas, so when we learned a gas line would be going across our yard it was a profound momentary sadness. The additional effort and work your team did, you went under our garden, and just did a clean and organized job. Fortis made an excellent choice contracting your company and I hope you know your extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

BEEF I drove on Metral Drive. I have never seen such a poor design of a roadway with its bicycle lanes, boulevard, curbs and nowhere to park. City council, give your heads a shake. I would have fired the road design engineer who came up with that design as soon as I saw the blueprint. What a total waste of taxpayers money.

BOUQUET Thank you to Ken from Fibrenew who came to our home and repaired a very ugly hole in our leather couch. He worked a miracle and it is next to impossible to see where the damage was done. The couch is more than 20 years old, still in good condition and now looks as good as new. Thank you so much. P.S. no more grandchildren’s kittens allowed.

BEEF To the beefer who claimed that the right to travel freely, the right to speak freely, the right to work in any province or territory, and the right to protest have been lost in Canada. Seems that your right to speak freely is amply demonstrated by making such a foolish statement in a local media outlet.

BOUQUET I had the opportunity to meet and thank the kind man who makes the most unique and adorable gnome doors. I was so happy to meet him to express how much fun and joy he brings to the children, in particular my grandkids, at Neck Point Park. Please, vandals, leave them where they are, they only add to the unique beauty of that magical park.

BEEF To all those who only talk about our rights and freedoms. We also have responsibilities as citizens. This should get equal time, otherwise their points sound much too self serving.

BOUQUET To everyone that flies our Canadian flag at their home or place of business. However once it gets all weather-beaten and looks more like a torn and tattered rag, please, it’s time to take it down and replace it.

BEEF To the city of Nanaimo’s inability to keep the downtown area clean. Legion members and veterans with canes were forced to step over garbage and people experiencing homelessness to get into the convention centre. There were more than 300 visitors to our city at this recent convention and what a way to greet them every morning. A black mark for tourism.

BOUQUET Our sincere appreciation to Country Grocer, Save-On-Foods and Quality Foods for their generous donations to St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church as we hosted a welcome party for the families arriving from Ukraine with Help Ukraine V.I.

BEEF High gas, food and general economical chaos. One only has to look at the weak leadership in countries affected and the answer is obvious.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to Dr. Fulton and Whitney as well as Dr. Davidson and Sara for their outstanding support for my husband and in a difficult time. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

BEEF To the contractor for refusing to accept fault for not repairing the pot holes along the Nanoose Flats. We were told to contact the contractor with our repair bill. It has been four months and we have yet to even get a response.

BOUQUET To Motion Nanaimo. Very enjoyable shopping experience, purchased an Evolution walker from Dave, thrilled with it and the service and staff. Highly recommend them.

BEEF To people who ask me, ‘are you the new owner?’ when I am at the cash register at a small business. I am tired of hearing that kind of question six times a week. I am not the new owner. I am just working there.

BOUQUET To all the wonderful care aides who helped us look after our mom for the past year and a half and made it possible for her to enjoy her final months at home.

BEEF To the coworker who is so co-dependent they feel it’s necessary to force everyone to listen to their personal phone calls every day at lunch. Try being a little considerate and have your private conversations in private.

BOUQUET To Altrusa Club of Nanaimo and the gardeners who opened their gardens for the annual Altrusa Garden Tour. It was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday.

BEEF To the beefer about parking on Sebastion Beach. There is plenty of parking on Sebastion Road, and you can go down Harper Road next one over to be on the beach. You might also contact the council to open up all the beaches along Dickinson Road. Most of the homes there have unique beach fronts.

BOUQUET To the bartender at Branch 10 Legion for a great night at the celebration of life. Job well done.

BEEF To the beefer who complained about getting honked at for going 60 kilometres per hour in a 90km/h zone on the parkway. You are actually putting your grandchildren in danger for going that slow and you could get ticketed as it’s dangerous to go that slow, I would have honked at you too. Perhaps the bus system would be a better option for you.

BOUQUET I was having lunch at the Driftwood Chinese Buffet Restaurant and when I went to pay my bill the server told me that the gentleman sitting at the table in front of me had taken care of the bill. This gentleman’s kindness made my day and rest assured I will pay it forward.

BEEF To the neighbours. We have lived next to you for over six years, in that time, I can count on one hand the nights you haven’t trespassed on our property. The damage from cut fences, broken door knobs, scratched and pried doors and broken locks; banging on gates, windows, and walls; theft of wi-fi, money and jewelry is just too much.

BOUQUET Thank you to Dave, whom I’ve never met, who came out and fixed my just broken light with stronger tape. I know there are good people out there; you are certainly one of them.

BEEF Regarding the fire at Bowen Park with exploding propane tanks, assuming these people do not have money to buy propane tanks and the fuel, who is supplying them with the propane and tanks? This could be a very serious issue during the summer heat. This needs to stop.

BOUQUET To Colin and Lynette of the Vintage Car Club of Canada, Nanaimo chapter. A big thank you for all your hard work setting up the swap meet at Arbutus Meadows recently and times before COVID. You were the kingpins of the event. Now both of you deserve a rest and enjoy the retirement after all your hard work. Now just come out when you can and enjoy the events of the club.

BEEF It’s sad to see the last remaining forest area on the north-end street is for sale. It is a refuge for so many birds and wildlife. Is there any way that the trees can be saved? There is an eagle’s nest and a herons which have a batch of new babies at the moment. The forest is mainly arbutus and pine. Home to our resident deer.

BOUQUET To Murray. He made my day from across the way. My waist-high lawn is no longer a factor, he made short work of it, using his tractor. The driveway entrance was also cleared, scrapes from blackberries no longer feared. It all had been such a worry, but not now, thanks to Murray.

BEEF To the beefer who is complaining about the fairy doors in Neck Point Park. The park is a natural park and also a public park. So let’s let the children enjoy a wonderful adventure with their parents/grandparents to our nature’s whimsical playground.

BOUQUET To the family that found my wallet scattered on the road after I left it on the roof of my car when I filled up. And then delivering it to my house. Hugely appreciated. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you in person, I was on hold with my bank cancelling my cards. Please stop by if you are in our neighbourhood and we would like to thank you properly. I believe there are great people in this world and you are part of them.

BEEF To the lady who didn’t let not knowing what was going on stop her from wading into the middle of it. You decided that one user group was being disrespectful to the other. You interrupted, and when told there was no problem, you didn’t let that stop you from behaving abusively to the organizer. May we all be so self-assured that we never let reality stop us from pulling whatever kind of interference our hearts impel us toward.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo council for being forward-thinking and progressive. The bike lane and new street trees on Metral are excellent. More trees please.

BEEF To greedy corporations. Why cant we have better TV and streaming choices rather than packages that no one wants, needs or can afford? All we’re asking for is a reliable wi-fi signal that doesn’t depend solely on the weather or having service providers intentionally throttle back your speeds as to have pay even more just to watch a movie. It’s the highest form all things insidious. Welcome to corporate America.

BOUQUET I arrived at NRGH for my second knee replacement surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Cameron, mentioned that due to a staff shortage there would be a delay in getting a team together for the procedure. However I was soon in the operating room, then post-op and finally at my overnight station. Every caregiver throughout kept me comfortable. My physio Ben is now helping me get back on my feet. To Dr. Cameron and his entire team, thank you for the professional and compassionate care you extend to your patients.

BEEF To the backyard burner who lies to the fire department telling them he is cooking hotdogs when we all know he is burning yard waste.

BOUQUET To Nemo Sushi. You are always so quick and efficient and sweet to my picky eater son.

BEEF To everyone who thinks that these bike lanes are a good idea. Wrong. They are constructed at exorbitant costs both financially and environmentally. They create chaos. Go to Victoria if you like them – no one is using them there and people are angry. When cyclists start paying their fair share, then more appropriate lanes should be built, but not until cyclists are licensed, insured and pay gas tax for the asphalt/concrete.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Shoe Repair for charging me nothing for adding a pair of notches to my belt, when they realized I didn’t have cash.

BEEF To the city for approving $425,000 for the 25-foot long bridge at Bowen. Are you even serious? That’s close to half a million. Someone is getting rich off the back of the taxpayer.

BOUQUET To Shane and staff at Craftsman Collision for their on-the-spot, generous service, you made my day.

BEEF To the government, police and justice system. The Cullen report spells out the money laundering that went on and on under your noses. Embarrassing and disgusting.

BOUQUET To the people sharing their favourite dinosaurs, it’s not technically a dinosaur but I love mosasaurs. My favourite animals are hyenas.

BEEF I am disappointed that a number of businesses feel they need to celebrate Pride Month. I don’t think we need to publicly celebrate someone’s sexual preference. Adults can do what they like but this extends to sexualizing and confusing our children about who they are and I consider that child abuse.

BOUQUET To Margaret L.J. – we have the same initials – at the University Village Shoppers Drug Mart post office for always being so helpful. You have such a natural kind warmth to you and seeing your smile brightens my day. Hope you enjoy summer and catch some rays.

BEEF To people who think it’s OK to be lighting fireworks and shooting guns at 11 p.m. on weekdays. Multiple nights in a row even. Please, leave it for the weekend, at least.

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Beefs and bouquets