Beef to the driver who almost ran my husband and I over in a crosswalk. Get your eyes checked if you never saw the other vehicles stopped to let us cross over. The lights were flashing.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 27

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BOUQUET To the wonderful and highly skilled paramedics and NRGH emergency department nurses for the exceptional care they provided to our mother after a recent health scare. Special thanks to Dr. Schwarz for his perseverance in finding solutions when others hadn’t.

BEEF To the person who left the note on my car on Dufferin Place. Sorry you have such a hard time with parallel parking. Maybe try parking in a lot next time if you can’t navigate parking on the street.

BOUQUET Congrats to grandson Kyle and Molly on your new baby to be. This nan is very happy.

BEEF To the driver who almost ran my husband and I over in a crosswalk. Get your eyes checked if you never saw the other vehicles stopped to let us cross over. The lights were flashing.

BOUQUET To the pros at Laird Wheaton Collision for repairing the dents on my car. Awesome job.

BEEF To the owners of rental houses in the Brickyard neighbourhood who allow their yards and property to become overgrown with grass and weeds and run down. It’s disrespectful of your neighbours’ well-cared-for properties.

BOUQUET The nurses and doctors did an exceptional job looking after my brother in the hospital for 10 days after he had a stroke. The doctor performed many tests in a short time. I’m so grateful for the dedication and kindness he received during his stay. Thank you with all my heart.

BEEF To the driver of a late-model, dark red SUV who raced through the school zone at Cilaire. The crosswalk had the flashing lights on and a women was crossing the street and you were within inches of hitting her. The worst part was you were on your phone. How dare you endanger other people’s lives? I also have your licence plate number. Shame on you.

BOUQUET To Tom, for always giving us the Nanaimo Bulletin when he’s done with it. So thoughtful of him. Keep up the good work.

BEEF To City of Nanaimo council. Our property taxes increased 27 per cent from last year. This is the highest increase since we moved to Nanaimo 29 years ago.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo White Rapids swim team. The positive energy and community spirit you create is contagious. Your coaches and volunteers make Nanaimo a better place.

BEEF For all the ‘chopped livers’ renovicted, ramen, macaroni and cheese predicted.Construction, all the noise across the lane, a single PTS guy with his cane, screams and hollers all night long. Nanaimo breaks me, shakes ground, yet the same old swan song.

BOUQUET To the lady who was handing out compliments to other women at the pool. Thank you for spreading some love.

BEEF To the people who feel it is OK to be ‘aggressive’ and push their way in front of those that were standing waiting patiently in line to get into the store. You are not better than everyone else and should learn some manners and respect, and wait your turn.

BOUQUET To B.C. Ferries. I recently underwent a day surgery and required wheelchair access on the return trip to Departure Bay. This requires an advance request as well as the time and effort of Ferries attendants. The whole procedure was carried out efficiently with great consideration for my comfort, leaving me with a new appreciation for the folks who work for our ferry service.

BEEF To the woman who chastised me publicly for cultural appropriation because I was dressed in the garb of my ancestors. We have suffered enough without you making incorrect assumptions about our heritage.

BOUQUET To Jonny at Sharecost Rentals and Sales for his knowledge, advice and thoroughness in assisting us with our home irrigation system issues. He provided solutions, co-ordinated the necessary parts and provided insight into what was the root cause of the problem. Thank you.

BEEF To all the Nanimo drivers that don’t use their indicators. An indicator is just that, it lets you indicate to the other drivers around you what your intentions are.

BOUQUET Thank you to the individual(s) that take the time out of their walk to pick up stuff that others drop on the pathway between Villa Road and Morris. It is noticed and appreciated.

BEEF To a certain excavator operator who was rude and borderline threatening to a senior who was recording excess track noise from his machine while standing on a public roadway. Also to the company owner who won’t do anything about it.

BOUQUET To Diane for creating a beautiful, welcoming flower container garden around my home entrance. Diane is clearly the Queen of Gardening.

BOUQUET To Robin, night vet assistant at the 24-hour animal clinic for helping me with my border collie Piper after she ingested pot discarded on the estuary trail. Robin was supportive and reassuring during this really horrific experience with my terrified little dog. Beef to the ignorant and thoughtless people that are discarding their marijuana litter anywhere they feel like, regardless of the impact on others.

BOUQUET To Darryl S. at the Nanaimo Canadian Tire. He went above and beyond to help me find several items that were still in the storage room. A very helpful and professional guy. Thanks!

BOUQUET To Pastor Dan and the Harewood Community Church that meets at Georgia Avenue School. Thank you for providing food for the school’s breakfast program and for families in need. Also, the amazing annual community Christmas dinner at John Barsby is a highlight of our Christmas season.

BOUQUET To Stef at Departure Bay Children’s Centre for her genuine love and compassion for the children in her care. Your patience, gentleness, respect, care, and creativity is appreciated more than you know. You have had a lasting impression on my grandkids.

BOUQUET To John and his team at Apple Glass for making my ‘found’ brass table new with the perfect glass top. My friend Lynda is delighted with her gift. Thank you.

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