Beefs & Bouquets, June 26

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BOUQUET To the members of the Departure Bay Bridge Club for your generosity. Our back garden is blooming beautifully due to your thoughtfulness.

BEEF I feel sorry for you spoiled whiners whose lives have been so disrupted by horse maure. If that’s the worst that ever happens to you consider yourselves lucky.

BOUQUET To Rev. Polly Dozier for all her love, guidance, hard work, teaching and support over the last seven years at Unity Centre on East Wellington Road. We wish you all the best as you head to Florida.

BEEF To the city for butchering our hedge on Uplands Drive. Could have at least contacted us. We will now have to replace the whole thing.

BOUQUET To city council for purchasing the land to double the size of Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park. Our city and residents will appreciate this and benefit for years to come.

BEEF To the oaf who climbed over the check-out barrier with a basket of groceries, pushing his way to the front of the line. I could have made a scene, but that would have just put me on your level.

BOUQUET To Sonja at Steve Marshall Ford. Common sense does still mean something at Steve Marshall.

BEEF To the person who never quits. What is it to you if someone reads the beefs and bouquets first? After all, it is the most interesting thing in the paper. We are all tired of your criticism.

BOUQUET To Rhonda and Tass at The Edge Hair Design on Bowen Road. You made two girls feel like queens by giving them beautiful haircuts with wonderful attention and time taken.

BEEF To the person constantly whining about an unemployed neighbour. The first couple of beefs were cute. Now it’s a big bore.

BOUQUET To Kal-Tire for fixing my flat and swapping the rubber around off the old spare rim. I’ll return for new tires in the future.

BEEF To our MP for questioning climate science. And we wonder why he won’t speak up for us as the prime minister pokes us with pipeline.

BOUQUET To each and every young musician who participated in a Jazz Affair on the coast. Much appreciation to their amazing instructors and mentors for inspiring yet another generation of jazz musicians.

BEEF To all people who put your garbage/recyclables out the night before pickup. Do you not notice it has fallen over or blown all down the street for others to pick up?

BOUQUET To Jacob who found my wallet and his father Larry who called me. You are both wonderful people.It gives me renewed faith that there are honest people out there.

BEEF To the organizers who accepted entries in a derby, then decided to disqualify the participants for not launching from the right dock, even though the same family had been launching from a private dock for years.

BOUQUET To the very kind and thoughtful person who went way beyond courtesy to make sure the elderly couple found seating at Jazz Affair. Your persistence and kindness made it possible for us to stay and enjoy the evening.

BEEF To the power company for not doing the proper consultation with homeowners before hiring someone to prune trees. It needs to be done with the proper arborist. Safety is very important and comes first but so does nature’s habitat.

BOUQUET To the city for having the good sense in protecting and purchasing Linley Valley West’s remaining lands. This is pure awesomeness and the wildlife and citizens of Nanaimo will be forever thankful.

BEEF To receptionists who, when busy, continues with business when a person appears at the desk – without even acknowledging the existence of the person. All that’s needed is eye contact and a smile.

BOUQUET To the lady in the grey truck in front of me who bought my coffee at the University Village Starbucks. I was having a bad morning and will for sure be passing on the good karma.

BEEF To the city for taking away the flower beds downtown. Take a road trip to Victoria to see how beautiful it looks downtown for all the tourists and residents. What do tourists see here? Dead, uncut grass and no color.

BOUQUET To the 22 volunteers who made the recent Friends of the Library Harbourfront branch book sale a success. Thanks also to the donors who gave books to round out the sale collection. Close to $700 was raised for library programs.

BEEF To all those horse people defending your animal’s apparent right to defecate wherever they so please. The original beef was based around horse manure on a paved multi-use pathway, not some rustic wagon-path left over from the days of yore.

BOUQUET To lazy summer days. Beef to those who treat all the days, year-round, as though they’re lazy summer days.

BEEF To all the drivers who stop when I’m on my bike waiting at an intersection, well away from any crosswalk. Thanks, but, legally, you have the right-of-way and I can’t be sure other cars will stop. It’s safer for me if we all follow the traffic laws.

BOUQUET To Mazda for the best Ladies’ Night ever. Fun, professional, music, great tours, great booths for the ladies. Thanks to organizer Cindy.

BOUQUET To the people who found the pink iPhone at Jack Point Park after the fireworks. Also leaving it in plain sight for us to find. And to the honest ones who left it there for us.

BOUQUET To all the amazing dog walkers and their babes from the Diver Lake area. My amazing, beautiful big boy Hunter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Grateful to Island Veterinary Hospital for its compassion.

BOUQUET To the May Day committee. The best fireworks ever. Thank you to the donors who gave the funds to hold them.

BOUQUET To Big O Tires, which again came on top for servicing my flat tire. You are simply the very best.

BOUQUET To Tristan and Brandon, two cheerful, industrious paper boys who are retiring from the paper business and moving on to new ventures.

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