Beefs & Bouquets, June 23

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a bouquet of spring flower baskets to Frank at Rona, who offered the best customer service when approached by a lady who needed extra assistance after a product proved to be beyond her ability to reassemble. Not only did Frank come to help but he brought Gareth with him, as he had some personal experience with the product. No extra charge or fuss. A pleasure to shop where service is part of the business.

A big bouquet to my neighbours on Lost Lake Road. During a recent illness, they showed up to help in so many ways. It demonstrates what a true neighbour is – people caring for others – and that neighbours are just as important as family.

Bouquets of flowers to all the moms (and the occasional dad) who have helped with the hot lunch at Cinnabar Valley Elementary School. The year has been a big success and could not have been done without all your help. So thanks to all my tinfoil tearers, ace baggers and wrappers. Special thanks to Laurette and Kristen.

thanks to A&W, Country Grocer, Panago Pizza, Quiznos, Omega Sushi, Booster Juice, and to Mitch and Kelly for their support for the Cinnabar Valley Elementary School hot lunch program.

A big thank you bouquet to Lenny Godard from Arrowsmith Roofing for checking out the torched membrane roof and fixing the eaves on Smugglers Hill. Customer service like yours is rare.

A Gardener’s Grin and a Green Thumbs Up to Paul at Southgate Country Grocer for great customer service and a great attitude. I shall return.

A huge bouquet of multi-coloured flowers to Colin Backshall of Arbutus Yard Maintenance for making our overgrown yard compare well with Butchart Gardens. You are a master gardener yet charge reasonable rates and cart away all the weeds and rubbish to the dump at no extra charge. You have our business for ever more and may your enterprise enjoy the success it so richly deserves.

An all-jazzed-up bouquet to Michael Irving, band teacher at Dover Bay Secondary School. For the past five years, he has helped a certain alto saxophone player become a confident, appreciative, and grateful member of Dover Bay. He makes his mark expanding musical horizons and encouraging discussions ranging from “What is music?” to “What’s the recipe for those muffins?” Thanks, Irv, you’re the best.

A BOUQUET to the grease monkey. Happy Father’s Day, dad. You are the best and I love you.

a bouquet/beef. I think the police in Vancouver should be applauded for doing their best during the riot. It must have been very challenging for them. I feel sorry for all the business owners. I really don’t care if there is never another Stanley Cup playoff game there again, it is not worth it after that destruction.

Thank you to the kind gardeners at the Beban Park Community Garden. I really appreciate you watering my plot. I will try and do the same for another gardener.

A wonderful, big bouquet to Amy and John at Apple Auto Glass for their kindness, attention and prompt service. You put sunshine back into a day that started out very gloomy.

A red rose to Canty, Whiting, and Rozzano of the Nanaimo Fire Rescue crew who were at the scene of our car accident. You had the road blocked and our door open within minutes to comfort me and my daughter. When a mother hears a scream from her child, the anxiety is frightening and heart wrenching. Immediately, one of your crew gave her a stuffed Dalmatian puppy that not only sparked a smile in the moment, but also continues to make her smile every day. I am so grateful you all decided you wanted to help people for a living.

A SLAM DUNK to Steve Marshall Ford (along with Pepsi and M&M Meat Shops) for supporting the Woodlands Secondary School senior girls basketball team’s recent fundraiser Drive One 4UR School. It was a fabulous day and we appreciate your generous support of our athletic program.

A fantastic round of golf to the man who returned my wallet and gift certificate at the Nanaimo Golf Club. You not only saved my husband’s Father’s Day present but also saved me a lot of time and money.

A huge Thank You to the Regional District of Nanaimo for a well-organized official opening of Moorecroft Regional Park and for the well-attended picnic. The complex logistics worked flawlessly. Most appreciative thank yous to the army of unselfish, dedicated and cheerful volunteers who made it so pleasant and enjoyable.

A BIG BOUQUET to Kelly and the rest of the staff at Uncle Sam’s Furniture for providing a shining example of what customer service should always be. Their willingness to help us with a couple of flaws in a bistro table set will have us shopping there again.

A bouquet of first aid kits to the skateboard moms who were there to help my son when he fell at the park and then drove him to the hospital.

A big bouquet of daffodils to the youth who participated in the Relay For Life fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. It was wonderful to see so many there.

a beef to the person who put two old cabinets next to the mail boxes on Homestead Way with a “free” sign. Those cabinets should have been burned. This is nothing more than garbage dumping.

a big Beef to the loud women at a recent lacrosse tournament. Learn your facts and don’t make an ass out of yourselves. Way to represent your team and your kids.

A sleepless, noisy night to the women laughing loudly in the parking lot of my apartment complex at 3:37 a.m. one Saturday night. Not everyone gets the weekends off.

A beef to the beefy beefers on their little wee mountain bikes. Dirt bikes were around in the ’60s, mountain bikes weren’t. We built the trails, stay out of our way.

A beef to the person who dumped mattresses on the beach in Nanoose Bay. We are a close community and very protective of our beach. We’re watching you.

a beef to all of the people who participated in the Vancouver riot during the Stanley Cup final, as well as those who stood by and cheered them on. I hope that this ignorant and destructive behaviour catches up with each and every one of you one day.

An angry beef to the moron who threw a water balloon from his car at my nine-year-old grandson on his way home from school. Grow up.

A beef to the provincial government for putting the stick man commercials about the HST on TV. Another waste of taxpayers’ money.

a huge beef to the parents of some young children throwing rocks at cars in Harewood recently. Leaving young children unsupervised to run around on a busy road is terrible parenting.

a string of flat tires to the person on a motor bike who went through a popular hiking trail and ripped it apart. I hurt myself slipping on a rock that your tires loosened.