Bouquet to the person who shared their favourite dinosaur, that made my day. My favourite is the T-rex, as I am named after it.

Bouquet to the person who shared their favourite dinosaur, that made my day. My favourite is the T-rex, as I am named after it.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 22

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BOUQUET To all essential workers. Thank you for everything.

BEEF To the city for chopping down the beautiful flowering tree at the corner of Skinner and Bastion streets downtown after it was pushed over. The tree could have been put back into the ground and would have survived as its roots were undamaged. Now in a very visible location it is still a weedy broken eyesore that has yet to be cleaned up or replanted. Just one more little thing that detracts from downtown for those of us who live here.

BOUQUET Thank you to Erin and her helpful pleasant staff at 7-Eleven convenience store by Departure Bay beach for providing hot coffee and delicious cookies for our Stephenson Point Neighbourhood Association AGM at the Kin Hut. It was much appreciated.

BEEF To those drivers of huge, long, tall pickup trucks that pull into parking spots marked for small cars in every parking lot. For an average height car you have to back up totally into the oncoming traffic to see if there is any traffic coming. A recipe for an accident. Go find a spot for a truck or park in the perimeter and walk.

BOUQUET To the woman who returned my wallet. My mind was distracted waiting for a call from a prospective employer when I was filling up at a gas station. I absentmindedly left my wallet on the trunk of my car and drove away. And to boot I received an e-mail that I did not get the job. So losing my wallet was just the icing on a crummy day, until the angel came to our door with my wallet. I was out looking for it when she came, so I didn’t get a chance to let her know how her good deed completely salvaged my day. Thank you.

BEEF To the city. After numerous calls, they have not fixed the potholes at the corner of Northfield and Bowen roads.

BOUQUET To the cashiers at Bowen Road Country Grocer. You are all so nice. Thank you for all you do.

BEEF To the contractor and everybody who has noticed and not said anything about this issue on the highway between Mostar Road and Northfield Road. Heading southbound there is so much gravel built up that it is pushing water onto the highway causing cars to hydroplane. It is only a matter of time before there is an accident there and somebody loses their life.

BOUQUET To the Work B.C. office. Thank you.

BEEF Homelessness and poverty in our city represent the tip of the coming iceberg. Materialism continues to destroy people, businesses, cultures and the Earth itself, all driven by insatiable human greed.

BOUQUET To the girl picking up all the loose newspapers on the side of the road. She was on her way to school, saw the mess and stopped to clean it up because, she told me, it was the right thing to do. Wow!

BEEF Taxes and user fees up again. We should be driving on gold but alas the streets are dirtier and potholes deeper. At least all the librarians got nice raises.

BOUQUET So lucky to have such wonderful neighbours, concerned about me and catching Harley.

BEEF Citizens are kept on a wretched existence so they can be easily manipulated. That is what we are experiencing right now. I’ve often seen it happen.

BOUQUET To the firemen of Edmonton who put out the Flames of Calgary with a well-oiled machine led by fire captain Connor.

BEEF To the sports club for blocking the fishing pier with disability access. P.S. It is not nice to drive motor boats over fishing lines.

BOUQUET To the Metral Drive commenter. What is the cost? Why two bike lanes and two sidewalks? Interesting what a professional urban planner would report about safety with now single, narrow lanes.

BEEF To the dairy cartel. Milk never goes on sale. Why? I hop across the border and dairy is half the cost. Why?

BOUQUET To the museum tear down. I agree, but with the government’s history? To completion I bet your house we should be ready for double or even $2 billion.

BEEF We don’t need a museum for $800 million, we need food for our citizens at reasonable prices.

BOUQUET Someone was listening – fences finally around the Jean Burns corner.

BEEF The new members of council have been a big disappointment. We need more business sense. One term is enough.

BOUQUET To Chris at Staples for going above and beyond. Your kindness is rarely seen these days. Also, an ‘I am sorry’ bouquet to his co-worker. It was never about you and I am sorry you got caught in the middle.

BEEF To the city and the province. So much for a six-per cent tax hike. And now a 14-per cent utility hike. Can’t wait for the next election.

BOUQUET To the caring and smart ladies who saw an open mailbox with a full set of keys in them. They used smarts to find the owner by locking the box and prowling the neighbourhood by pressing the alarm button on the car remote until the horn alerted them and the owners, who did not even know, but were safe because of real Nanaimo citizens. Thank you.

BEEF To people who mock and insult my wife for being transgender at her work. We immigrated to Canada to escape persecution, and we need to earn money just like everyone else. It is not too much to ask for you to treat her like a human being when she is serving you as a customer.

BOUQUET To the woman who works at the post office at Friesen Rentals. I moved to the Island and all my family is back in Manitoba. Although I love the Island, I miss my family a lot. Since I am not there for special occasions I try to make up for it by sending packages. She is always so helpful whenever I send anything to my family back home. Amazing customer service.

BEEF To the offices of the specialists who don’t answer their phones, nor do they answer a message left. Did COVID do away with common courtesy?

BOUQUET To the young man who missed the start of his race, who ran anyway, and who finished in last place: you are a winner.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo and the B.C. government for using my tax dollars to destroy Nanaimo’s largest natural fruit source, the blackberry. There’s food shortages.

BOUQUET To Eric at Korpan Electrical Corp. and Phil at Gaswise Heating Service for a first-class installation of my heat pump and air exchanger. Always on time, clear explanations of all options, and a very professional and tidy install.

BEEF To city staff who impede getting work done and helping Nanaimo grow.

BOUQUET To the wonderful and friendly owners, Cathy and Rob, of Best Choice Quality Used Books for many years of support, an excellent selection of used books, great coffee and much more in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

BEEF To the B.C. government for its plans for the museum in Victoria. Give the Indigenous people their stuff back and don’t bother with a museum. The minority of people whining won as usual. The rest of us aren’t listened to.

BOUQUET To the participants, teachers and family members attending the zone track meet. Well-organized by caring teachers and volunteers, kids laughing and competing with the support and love of family members. A positive event that this grandpa was pleased to be part of. Thanks for this. Best birthday present this grandpa could wish for.

BEEF Where I came from there was no homelessness. The authorities asked for your ID and if you weren’t at work they gave you a shovel and put you to work. Problem solved.

BOUQUET To the members of Nanaimo’s LGBTQ-plus community during Pride Month. There is a lot of love to go around in our diverse city and I hope that you feel that love and respect for who you are.

BEEF To the inconsiderate person who scribbled on the beautiful artwork created by Van Charles Art on the Maffeo Sutton Park building. Do not destroy hard work, send a text. Use paper and pencil. Be nice.

BOUQUET To Dr. D. Coulson of Health First Dentistry. Thank you for being such an amazing dentist. You’re the best at easing my white-coat syndrome, ensuring my teeth are in tip-top shape and hiring the best hygienists and friendly receptionists. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.

BEEF To the confusing multi speed zones used throughout the city. Drivers are doing 80 in 50 zones and 50 in 80 zones. Let’s gets a uniform speed of 50 throughout the city from end to end.

BOUQUET To Zina ‘warrior princess’ and her helper at LifeLabs Oceanside for your patience and expertise drawing blood from my daughter. And the wait time for a walk-in appointment was less than four minutes. Bonus!

BEEF Who in their woke-mind, bicycle-riding, looks-good-on-paper, city traffic engineer designed Metral Drive? As if there aren’t enough boulevards overgrown with weeds. Look at Labieux Road near the roundabout – weeds are two feet tall. The city doesn’t need to hire engineers, they need to hire someone with common sense.

BOUQUET To Fairway Market for talking to me and taking my falls in their store seriously, and for making changes to their cleaning protocols.

BEEF To the woman who drives her Jaguar recklessly in the area of Dover Road. You have been seen by many speeding, tailing and passing many vehicles with children at the sides of the road. This is a family neighbourhood – take an alternate route.

BOUQUET To the man who sings opera from time to time at the top level of the Bastion Street parkade. We work across the street and love hearing you! Keep on singing and spreading happiness when we need it. Also beef to the person who heckled him.

BEEF To those who are enabling a generation to live on the streets by providing housing, food, clothing, needles and drugs. The city needs to provide taxpayers a dollar amount that they spend on providing freebies. How much does it cost in health care, policing, fire trucks, theft, etc.?

BOUQUET To the person who shared their favourite dinosaur, that made my day. My favourite is the T-rex, as I am named after it.

BEEF To the home owners and businesses along Hammond Bay Road and Aulds Road for letting your boulevards get out of hand with overgrown trees and weeds. People need to take pride in their property.

BOUQUET I recently went to the Buzz Coffee House. It’s great – had awesome coffee and food. The baffled egg was amazing. The staff were friendly. Nice atmosphere. Definitely will be back next time I visit Nanaimo.

BEEF The cost of living in Nanaimo is horrendous. I’m actually moving close to Vancouver because the rent is so much cheaper! Bye Nanaimo, where a one bedroom is like $2,000 with poor landlords. Won’t miss you except for your scenery and road potholes.

BOUQUET To the Metral Drive project. I know the construction is a headache but using the bike lanes with my kids on the weekend was a treat. Feels more like a neighbourhood street. If you don’t like it, use the highway.

BEEF Wanting to purchase a grocery gift card for an elderly neighbour, I called three stores to ask if they had a seniors’ discount day or similar. All stated no. Such used to be the norm. With the rising costs of living, where’s the love for dear old folk already struggling?

BOUQUET To the kind thoughtful person who mysteriously paid for our food at Delicado’s recently. We were surprised and thought to ourselves, ‘yay, there are kind people in the world,’ and our faith in humanity is restored. Much gratitude to this nice person.

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