Beefs & Bouquets June 20

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A heartfelt spring bouquet to Corrine, Carmen and all of the kind people who contacted me with information about my missing cat Koda. Even though the news was mournful, I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness, time and care. It helped me find closure. Love and light to all of you.

A cascading bouquet to the amazing management and staff of the Best Western Dorchester Hotel for allowing us to hold my mother’s celebration of life at your wonderful hotel. It was a beautiful event and your generosity and professionalism did not go unnoticed.

A molded bouquet of gratitude to Kevin and Hans at Crafts Canada. Your store is exciting and fun. It is a place where my dreams and imagination are turned into my creative creations. Thank you from the CCL.

A colourful and unique bouquet of gratefulness to Jeff and Chloe at JT Flair. My smile says thank you.

Huge Hospice Hugs to the employees of Coastal Community Credit Union for continuing to support hospice programs and services with their Fundraising Fridays.

a big, beautiful bouquet to my landlord, the most [insert 25 words here to describe an awesome human being] gentleman I have ever met. You saved me from homelessness this month. Forever in your debt and still feverishly looking for work.

a bouquet. I would like to thank the gardener, the lovely lady at customer service and the security guard Allan, who helped my disabled friend get back into the truck recently at Woodgrove Centre. You all went above and beyond.

an awesome bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for providing us with the Beefs & Bouquets section. These little snippets are a nice way to let your readers express themselves. I look forward to reading them every week.

A brilliant bouquet of spring flowers to the members of the Departure Bay Bridge Club for your continued support and generosity. We look forward to seeing you all in the fall for another year of fun and cards.

A LARGE BOUQUET OF FLOWERS to Terri, the lovely lady at the travel office in Nored Plaza, who made our trip to the Panama Canal perfect. We thank you kindly.

A giant bouquet of purple irises to Candace, the helpful customer at Costco last week, who offered to help me get my big, heavy groceries to my car and return the trolley for me, too. I recently had a hip replacment operation and was grateful for your assistance.

An expensive bouquet to the nations who spend a fortune to track planned acts of terrorism against the West.

a huge bouquet of thank yous to three kind strangers who paid the lunch bill for three senior ladies in Zouglas Restaurant recently, without our knowledge. You know who you are, and may good things happen to you.

an excellent service bouquet to Kerry (the driver who works for AC Taxi) for his kindness in returning promptly to my house my special shopping bag, which I accidentally left in the back seat of his taxi. Great service from an excellent taxi company.

a custom-built bouquet to Home Depot for exemplary customer service – an increasingly rare commodity. Your staff are truly amazing.

a cool, refreshing thanks to the person who painted the waterfalls along the parkway. What a visual treat, I have enjoyed them all winter. Too bad they washed away.

a refreshing mug of beer to my husband, who trained with me and then stuck with me during a mountain bike race, even though he could have left me in his dust and wasn’t eager to do the race in the first place. What a guy.

a bouquet. The Multicultural Festival in the Old City Quarter was nice to see, good music. One suggestion: please put garbage containers out next time to keep the street cleaner.

a big bouquet of clover to the Pacific Gael Pipes and Drums for their fabulous appearance at the Multicultural Festival on Wesley Street. Their parade and performance were one of the highlights of a day that was jam-packed with great entertainment.

Huge thank yous to all the Park Avenue Elementary School families, friends, teachers, the principal, volunteers and sponsors for attending the recent fun fair. All proceeds go back to the kids. Gotta love the Harewood community spirit.

A special thank you to another patient at Island Oral Facial and Implant Surgery who offered me a ride home after my surgery.

A bouquet of balloons and birdhouses to all of the people and businesses that made the recent Habitat for Humanity event a success. Everyone had a great time and for a great cause.

An artistic bouquet to Sarah at the Nanaimo Arts Council for all her hard work keeping everything going. And congratulations to the artistic achievement bursary winners this year.

A bouquet and a beef to young women, who in sunny, warm weather, wear short shorts.

A beef to environmentalists who are always complaining about how people are damaging the environment, but they have no suggestions to correct this – unless it is back to horses and carts.

A big Stinky Beef. I went through a drive-thru at a fast food place in Nanaimo. I usually never go to these places, but was in a hurry that day. After I ate my meal and was drinking my pop, there was a dreadful smell. After finising my pop, I realized it was coming from the lid of the pop. It made me sick realizing I had just consumed something that smelled so foul.

A SHAME-on-you beef to city council and staff for trying to get a court injunction on the citizens of Nanaimo in regards to the Colliery Dam Park issue.

a return beef to the person beefing about being asked if they should have been in a disabled parking stall. I am the elderly man who asked if you had a disabled parking permit. You did not answer my question but pointed at your windshield. Thinking you had not heard me, I repeated my question, which caused you to explode. Still shouting, you stormed into a store. By the way, your permit was taped over.

a beef to people who oppose the installation of cell towers in their neighbourhoods, yet complain about how they have no cellphone service. You can’t have it both ways.

a beef to a local company. I ordered a glass window two months ago and made several phone calls about it to no avail.

a beef to elderly dog owners who are too out of touch to realize that their dogs are poorly trained and badly behaved.

a beef to unemployed people who complain about their neighbours making noise at night. It’s not as though you need to wake up early the next morning to go to work.