Beef to the lady excluding my spouse from participating in, being invited to or contributing to the card signing or gifts giving of the now third retirement event from work. Why are you doing that? You know you’re creating a bad situation for your own self more than anything.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 20

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BOUQUET To all the kind, thoughtful and amazing staff at Dover House for the wonderful care they provided for our mom.

BEEF To the guy screaming out his lungs so that I could clearly hear him in my apartment next door. I respect the power of your voice, and your frustrations but, please remember that you are in a neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To the staff and students of VIU’s horticulture department for their recent sale of plants. Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, making the whole experience a delight.

BEEF Why are fireworks still being sold when the risk of fires is getting higher and higher? Just one spark could destroy so very, very much.

BOUQUET To the writer of the letter ‘Jail and psychiatric care needed to deal with criminal behaviour.’ Amen!

BEEF Hoodies are out, a little aloha is in. No more crack on tin or opioid needling. I want to be proud of where I am living.

BOUQUET To a beautiful lady Jo, superintendent at Canadian Tire. Thank you a lot for your help.

BEEF To drivers who turn at intersections and believe they have the right to turn into the closest lane or the far lane, whichever lane suits their purpose. Drivers must stay in their own lane and use their indicators once they are in their lane and if clear, can to move over the next lane.

BOUQUET To the lady who brought her own cleaning supplies to clean the port-a-potty at Beban off-leash park. Step up, city.

BEEF To the construction workers who think it’s OK to tell a child they can see their underwear and make claims that the leggings the child is wearing is see-through when they’re not. Grey isn’t see through. Stop being a pervert.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who contributed to our restaurant bill when we were entertaining visitors from Kenya. Your spontaneous generosity made our friends feel so welcome and appreciated. We’re very grateful for your kindness.

BEEF To the man behind us at the Tea Party concert. Please shower and brush your teeth before going to a venue where you will be in close proximity to people for several hours. Your strong odours dampened our enjoyment of the night.

BOUQUET To Napa Auto Pro. They provided me with superb service when I took my car in for an oil change and service. I picked up my car and it had been thoroughly cleaned, washed and wheels and tires shined up. I have taken my vehicles there for a few years now and am very happy with their service and their work.

BEEF to the City of Nanaimo for the disjointed cycling network. Improving the cycling network in Nanaimo would contribute to our quality of life, environmental responsibility, social equity and cultural vitality.

BOUQUET No words can describe the gratitude we feel for the kind, caring, and professional support provided to our brother by all staff and volunteers on the palliative care unit at NRGH. It means more to us than we can say.

BEEF To the automobile dealers that release balloons into the atmosphere. Do they not know they will not dissolve?

BOUQUET, Mick, thank you for a lovely dinner at ‘Chez Michel.’ The food was excellent and the service was great.

BEEF To the lady excluding my spouse from participating in, being invited to or contributing to the card signing or gifts giving of the now third retirement event from work. Why are you doing that? You know you’re creating a bad situation for your own self more than anything.

BOUQUET To my hero, the guy with the accent and beard who ran me in a wheelchair through the people on the ferry. Yes, I was buckled up!

BEEF To all of the lazy and uncaring cat owners who just let your cats out to tourture and kill all of the beautiful birds trying to take care of their babies. How do you sleep at night?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo’s public works department for hosting hundreds of school kids at a fun and educational Public Works Day.

BEEF To landscapers and gardeners contributing to global heating by cutting and butchering any plant that dares to grow naturally.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady, with a black and white dog, who picks up garbage early in the morning along the E&N Trail near Cypress Street.

BEEF To Nanaimo men in vehicles who verbally threaten women on bikes. Let me take this opportunity to educate you – cyclists are allowed on all highways, except designated freeways. Even female cyclists!

BOUQUET Big thank you to Russ and his wife for stopping to make sure I was OK after I got violently rear-ended on my scooter. You didn’t have to stick around so long but please know it was greatly appreciated. Additional thanks to the bicyclists for asking me if I was OK as well.

BEEF to the city for not following up on the graffiti marring our city. The tagging is rampant. Especially the multiple tags on the metal green boxes. The city needs to issue fines if graffiti is not painted over.

BOUQUET Kudos to restaurants that took the lead in ordering straws made from paper. Thank you.

BEEF To the homeowner who created a driveway three times the legal width and then installed a sign telling everybody not to block it. You should obey the city’s rules.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo community for being so generous in a creating a nostalgic community for the elders living with dementia at Eden Gardens. Special thanks to Raynerd and Carson and family, as well as Carmen Theriault for their generosity and caring hearts.

BEEF If Nanaimo city council wants to help the environment, why don’t they ban drive-thrus?

BOUQUET To the wonderful man and woman who helped our family with our 92-year-old mom when she fell outside of Mrs. Riches; without your help we would have had to call an ambulance.

BOUQUET To the young worker, Elizabeth, on Tim Hortons on Wallace Street. She was so bright, asked me how my day was, was very cheery and smiled the whole time. I had been having a tough day and her kind heart made it better.

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