Beefs & Bouquets, June 2

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A big, beautiful bouquet of roses to the young lady hurt in a U15-U18 spring soccer game at Caledonia Park. We wish you a speedy recovery and all the support you need. You played a fantastic game. From the blue team.

A stupendous and fragrant spring bouquet to the members of the Departure Bay Bridge Club for your kind generosity.  All of you are so pleasant and supportive that it makes our job easy and enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you all in the fall.

A huge bouquet to the City of Nanaimo sanitation worker who stopped to help a skateboarder who went down on the corner of Milton and Wentworth streets. Your good deed did not go unnoticed.

a big THANK YOU to the young Korean gentleman who helped me when my truck would not start. He was nice enough to give me a ride to my house so I could get some tools – without knowing how far away it was. I am glad he moved to Canada three years ago.

A big bouquet of locally-grown spring flowers to all of the business owners downtown. I love going to Commercial Street and the Old City Quarter to shop with my sister and grab something to eat. It’s a shame people – especially youth – don’t spend more time downtown. There’s really something for everyone. Many of the owners know each other personally and it seems like they all want to see each other’s businesses thrive. Thanks for working so hard to revitalize the downtown core.

thanks to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for advertising the Altrusa Club of Nanaimo’s spring fundraiser. Your article and announcements helped inform the public about our fashion show and lunch. Thanks to you, we made a profit of $1,417, which will go right back into our community to support women, children and literacy. We can always count on you folks and we certainly appreciate it.

Bouquets of Gratitude to Hazel Smith for the delicious lasagna she made for our Paradise Isle Seniors special lunch event. Thank you also to all who helped in ticket sales, clean-up and serving and to all the members who attended. The bingo was fun, too.

a giant bouquet of flowers to the man at Save-On-Foods who purchased the flowers for me when my bank card would not work. An amazing show of selflessness. You made my week.

Another guardian angel for the person who found and brought a small brown wallet from the changeroom to the front desk at Beban Park pool. This small wallet had belonged to my dad, who passed away in 2004. Thank you for your honesty.

A bouquet to the Shar-Kare Feeds and Pet Supplies in Harewood for trusting their customers to put the product they are purchasing in thier vehicle and then come in to pay for it. I do not know of any other business where you can do this.

A big bouquet of spring flowers for 85-year-old Harvey Ashman, who cruises Metral Drive on his electric scooter, picking up the garbage that other people have thoughtlessly tossed on the ground and taking it to a proper receptacle. Thank you for helping to keep Nanaimo beautiful. You’re one of the those lovely people who make it a pleasure to live here, and it was very nice to meet you.

A bouquet of appreciation to all the clients and friends of Hers Hair Centre. Thank you for all your prayers and patience during Carol’s illness and all the condolences received on her passing. Your kindness is appreciated.

A bouquet to al-Qaida. Don’t get me wrong, I have no use for that organization, but they did do one good turn. When the U.S. announced that Osama bin Laden was dead, the conspiracy theorists came out of the woodwork, demanding the pictures as proof. Then al-Qaida came out and said bin Laden was indeed dead. Since they’d have no reason to back a lie by the American president, bin Laden is indeed dead.

A big bouquet to Kelly Walsh of Many Shades Photography for sharing some great action shots of the VestaFire Entertainment circus troupe from the Empire Days parade.Kelly’s ability to capture beauty is truly amazing.

A bouquet of thanks to the kind, compassionate, hard working members of the local Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides group for the fundraising walk Sunday at Maffeo Sutton Park.

A big bouquet to the people who find items and turn them in. I only wish someone would hand in the earring I lost a few months ago.

a bouquet. Clients and volunteers with the Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Society enjoyed the annual tea at Wellington Secondary School put on by the students. The lovely sandwiches and delicious squares made by the students, the music and the lively conversations were appreciated by the seniors.

A beef to anyone who could casually discard their garbage — including cigarette butts — on the ground. How could you live in this beautiful place and do that? Didn’t your parents teach you any better? Give your head a shake.

A beef to the young man with the masking tape N on his back window. Before they give you an unrestricted licence, you had better learn the rules of the road. Do not honk at cyclists riding on the road in the marked left-turn lane. We have the right to be there, so read your driving manual and grow up.

A big beef to a Nanaimo business owner. Never in my life have I ever been so mistreated as a customer. You should be ashamed that you choose to treat your customers with such an arrogant attitude. Remember this: A happy customer tells one friend, an unhappy customer tells everyone.

A selfish BEEF to the unsatisfied customer beefing about a store’s hours. Maybe you could go to this store on one of the other six days of the week. People cannot work 24/7 just to satisfy your needs.

a beef to the person complaining about a store that is not open evenings and Sundays. Family and having a life comes first. I am ready to make you my No. 1 priority anytime during the six days a week I am open.

a beef to cashiers who ask me if I want the penny when they make change. How about just giving me my penny unless I tell you to keep the change?

a bad manners beef to those cyclists hitting the streets for the first time for Bike to Work Week who do not know the rules of the road. I have passed so many cyclists riding on the wrong side of the road, scaring pedestrians by blowing by them at great speeds and crossing the street in random, unpredictable ways.

A beef to regional transit for not properly posting the change of bus service on parade day. I did see a sign taped to the pole a few days  after the reroute. Maybe you could have included the information on the message I listened to when I called.

A big, loud beef to city council for spending nearly $500,000 on new police officers and equipment just to hassle and bust any motorcyclist they can.

a beef about the billboards lining the Island Highway and spoiling the view of Nanoose Bay. Billboard advertising on public highways should be banned.