Beefs & Bouquets, June 19

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BOUQUET To the school crossing lady at the corner of Brechin and Estevan roads. She has a smile and a wave for every vehicle that comes through the intersection. I’m sure her cheerfulness spreads a long way.

BEEF To the city for exempting the work on Wellington Secondary School from the noise bylaw until 11 p.m. (instead of 9 p.m. for everyone else). Living next door to the school is unbearable with construction noise until 11 p.m. every weeknight.

BOUQUET To the students, staff and parents of McGirr Elementary School for their generous support of the Justin Smith Coin and Memorial Scholarship Fund. Your continued kindness has helped graduating students pursue their educational dreams and allowed our son to continue helping others.

BEEF To the very ignorant person who says that horse poop makes great fertilizer. It does not.  Horse manure will produce a garden full of weeds. What a huge sense of privilege and entitlement you must have to casually suggest that pedestrians should scoop up your horse’s dung and take it home for their gardens.

BOUQUET To community members who donated items and attended the Giant Garage Sale fundraiser of the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation that raised $5,000 to benefit programs for school children affected by poverty in School District 68. The Foundation will likely hold another garage sale in the fall.

BEEF To the dairy company for overlooking the horrible mistreatment of their cows. I also can’t believe their veterinarian didn’t notice the injuries. A lot of stores in Nanaimo carry milk from right here on the Island. I’m switching.

BOUQUET After a lovely celebratory lunch at Carlos O’Bryans, we asked for our check and our waiter told us it had all been taken care of. It was just a lovely and generous gift from the gentleman at the next table.

BEEF To striking teachers who take their kids to walk the picket line. Guess they have nowhere to put them. Affected parents don’t have that luxury — neither should they.

BOUQUET to Ellis, you volunteer for so many charities and good causes, no complaints, just hard work. Thank you for your contributon to this great city. You are very much appreciated.

BEEF To the owner whose dog chased a baby deer across the road on Hammond Bay just before the biological station. The deer was screaming in terror to get away but I couldn’t catch the dog. Please keep you dog properly secured.

BOUQUET To Tim Mitton of Big O Tire who knows all there is to know about tires and has always recommended the right tire for our different vehicles.

BEEF I am saddened by the lack of morals on the water. Why would someone who can afford a boat, find it necessary to steal someone’s crab trap?

BOUQUET To Ian Cook of Georgiaview Health and Wellness for his expert massage therapy treatment for my fibromyalgia, muscle tightness and pain. He has been helping me for many years, through rough times and not so bad ones. And to Lesley for her kindness and caring.

BEEF To the grocery store that refused to double bag a woman’s groceries because “that’s wasteful,” even though she told you she was on foot. She had two toddlers with her and I helped her clean up the mess caused by her purchases ripping through the bags. She and her kids were just about crying in frustration – part of her purchase was destroyed.

BOUQUET To the generous lady in the car ahead of me who paid for my cinnamon bun and coffee in the Tim Hortons drive-thru on Bowen Road. Your kind gesture gave me a huge boost.

BEEF To those who skip right to the Beefs and Bouquets and pass over other sections of the paper. For example, the classified section, which contains useful information like job postings.

BOUQUET To the city for having the foresight to purchase parkland in Linley Valley for future generations to enjoy. Best use of tax dollars ever.

BEEF To the person complaining about barbecue smoke. Our building is our home and barbecues are allowed here. When someone barbecues it lasts about 20 minutes. Most of us here simply close our window.

BOUQUET To the first original noodle restaurant in town. At least they serve up their offerings on a plate and you can sit at a table and enjoy your meal.

BEEF To cyclists who want to share the road but think they are above following traffic rules.

BOUQUET To fourth floor nurses, doctors, specialists and lab techs at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and to Estevan, Malaspina Gardens and ambulance crew and visitors that you showed to my brother with his illness.

BEEF To the senior female driving a newer Audi helping herself to newspapers at a local restaurant without purchase.

BOUQUET To the man who bought my young daughter a stuffed animal in Port Place shopping centre last week. Your kindness and generosity will not be forgotten.

BEEF To someone who lies on Facebook about her life and makes her friends believe that she got everything and confused who to thank for.

BOUQUET To the people who allowed the students and volunteers of the Wellington Band gift wrapping program at Nanaimo North Town Centre to care for and to wrap your presents again this year.

BEEF To the person complaining about “all you other drivers.” As if you’ve never committed an infraction while behind the wheel. If 80 per cent of people are speeding, it’s not the drivers who are the problem.

BOUQUET To the brilliant soul proposing the White Elephant Rehabilitation Centre in Nanaimo. Spot on, sir.

BEEF To Lantzvillagers who live in a semi-rural town. If you can’t step around horse poop on a wide gravel path, move to Nanaimo or some other city.

BOUQUET To staff at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. Receptionists are friendly and helpful and maintenance people are hard-working and meticulous.

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