Beefs & Bouquets June 13

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A SUNNY BOUQUET to Don and Terry of Island Solar Films. They helped shade our living room window so we can still have a view. A hard working, friendly and professional couple. Thanks again.

a bear bouquet. What a great co-ordinated rescue effort by conservation officer Stuart Bates, the fire department and police to rescue the two orphaned bears recently. Special thanks to all involved.

Clear skies and sunshine to Gord, Wayne and the crew from Long Lake Nursery for the beautiful landscaping of our yard.  From design ideas, plants and workmanship, your service was impeccable.

A big Bike to Work Week bouquet to the lovely man who stopped his car and checked on me after I fell off my bike on Hammond Bay Road. Thank you for your concern and the offer to help.   Another big appreciative bouquet to the kind policeman who strapped my bike in his trunk and drove me home. I wouldn’t have made it there without you. The doctor’s diagnosis:  a cracked kneecap.

Athletic bouquets to the Heisterman family for their successes in track and field  representing Nanaimo.

A big bouquet to Doug, Stephanie, parents, supporting businesses and all the ladies of the Nanaimo Diamonds U18 fastball team, which came home with the silver trophy from Mt. Vernon, Washington.

A BIG THANK YOU BOUQUET to Quality Foods on Bowen Road, especially assistant manager Nick and cashier Jaimie, for assisting when my daughter had a seizure because of low blood sugar levels. You were extremely professional. The staff did well in an emergency situation and our family is thankful.

A bouquet of stop signs to the crossing guard at Estevan and Brechin roads who stops motorists from running red lights at the intersection to protect pedestrians and others. That whole intersection needs to be fixed, it’s dangerous. Thanks for making it a little safer.

A bouquet of pink roses to the students at Wellington Secondary School for putting on the annual tea enjoyed by the clients and volunteers of the Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Program (formerly the Nanaimo Telephone Visiting Society). Members of the student union have organized this tea for more than 20 years, serving sandwiches and squares prepared by the students, providing musical entertainment and lively conversations, all of which is much appreciated by the seniors.

A big basket full of delicious food to all of the people who helped my family out by generously giving us food and tips. Your kindness was appreciated and made us really happy. Caring, kind and compassionate people like all of you make our world a better place.

a bouquet to all the people who support our posties – writing letters, sending cards, keeping the tradition alive.

many thanks to Telus for having a technician available and willing to help us seniors get our TV going again. It relieves our frustration with all the new gadgets nowadays. The technician’s name is Terry Doty. Telus should hang on to this man and give him a good reason to stay with the company, like a big raise. He is worth it.

a huge vote of thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Nanaimo and District SPCA shelter. Your dedication to the needy animals is appreciated.

roses to the staff and volunteers at Nanaimo Cancer Clinic. God bless you.

a bouquet. The crabs were delicious, flowers beautiful and yes, I remember. All appreciated. Nice gesture.

a conscientious bouquet for Jared, a helpful young man at Home Depot who is dedicated to his job. His customer service is exceptional and it is appreciated.

a huge bouquet of flowers to Wellington Secondary School students for hosting a wonderful outing for our seniors. An amazing spread of sandwiches, fresh fruit and delicious desserts were served by attentive, caring student council members. We look forward to seeing you again next year. From the Mid Island Abilities and Independent Living Society.

Kudos to the pleasant, helpful young lady at the Nanaimo News Bulletin’s reception desk. You are a good representative for the paper.

a beef. I sure wish the Island Corridor Foundation would give up on passenger rail service. I sure do not care for it. It is so peaceful without the whistles.

a huge doggie dump to a local store. I am a disabled woman who wanted to buy something there. I told the owner I have a registered therapy dog before I went in. We just stood at the till, my dog in sit position at my side. She told me that if my dog peed on her stock, I would have to pay for it, that someone could slip on the puddle and fall, and that I had to be responsible for my own dog.

a beef in response to all the letters stating that we must get assurance that the dams will be rebuilt. The dams were originally built for use in the production of coal. We no longer use them for that purpose, so what would the reason to rebuild them be? I can see the writing on the wall. The dams will be gone along with the lakes. Leave them alone.

a big beef to folks who take up too much editorial space with their thoughts on others in Nanaimo. I, too, enjoy the newspaper and other people’s thoughts and ideas, but some folks just like to rant and rave over what other people have to say.

a nasty beef to the root that tripped me on a local trail recently and caused me to fall hard on my arm. I am thinking of going back and painting you yellow as a warning to others.

A beef about the health authority’s plan to replace registered nurses and licensed practical nurses with long-term care aides. Perhaps we should take our loved ones to a long-term care facility instead of emergency.

A beef to all the drivers who don’t stop at the crosswalk at Brickyard and Hammond Bay roads. I am terrified because I have to cross it daily and shocked at how many of you whip by without even looking at us pedestrians. And a second beef to the city for not having a flashing light put there yet. Is it going to take someone getting hit?

A beef to people who drop off their pet rabbits at a seniors’ residence. They multiplied by nine and there are more on the way.

A beef to the lady who contacted me about my mattress for sale. You said it was filthy when it wasn’t, low-balled me and then when I wouldn’t fall for your ploys, you cut it up. Your friends seemed embarrassed by your actions. I ignored your rude remarks and bit my tongue, but honestly, you should be less rude to strangers.

a beef to the protesters downtown who felt it necessary to disturb my graduation ceremony. Our years of hard work have nothing to do with the removal of dams at Colliery Dam Park.

a beef to pyjama pants. They’re just an easy choice for lazy people in the morning and they’re probably a drain on our nation’s productivity.