Beefs & Bouquets, June 12

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BOUQUET To the gentleman who took my free item which needed to be destroyed, but was too big and heavy for this senior to do.

BEEF To the beautiful balmy weather spoiled by volumes of frequent barbecue smoke from a neighbour’s balcony, necessitating having to close the balcony doors and windows on a hot day. I can’t understand why barbecuing on balconies is allowed by apartment and condo owners and the fire department.

BOUQUET To the firefighters at Fire Station No. 3. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour in April. You were terrific with all the children. You made the four-year-old birthday boy extremely happy.

BEEF To the driver who hit my SUV in a parking lot and was not honest enough to admit it. That bumper had only recently been replaced from a previous hit-and-run.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer for allowing us to purchase super healthy plants at 10 per cent off for our Mother’s Day hanging baskets to raise funds for World Vision.

BEEF To the young woman in the tire store. Mind you mouth and manners. No one needs to hear such filthy language. Show some self-respect; talk without telling the whole world your problems.

BOUQUET A standing ovation to LPN Elaine on the sixth floor at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. You are so helpful, knowledgeable, and cheerful. Thank you for all your help on day shift in May, from one of your colleagues.

BEEF To my car dealer. I recently took my car in for servicing, and they noted I had a minor oil leak and the tread on the rear tires was getting low. The service representative recommended having all four tires changed. The two front tires have only been on the car a few months – did she think because I am a woman I am gullible?

BOUQUET To following businesses for their kind donations to the Cilaire Elementary School plant sale: Little Tree Garden Centre, Green Thumb Wholesale, Real Canadian Superstore, Canadian Tire, Save-On Foods and Cinnabar Valley Farms.

BEEF To all those motorists who cut off motorcycle riders and an even bigger beef to local law enforcement who spend time enforcing municipal noise bylaws instead of enforcing speeding and distracting driving. Speed kills, and loud pipes save our lives.

BOUQUET To the many people, including clerks in stores, who will reach things off the top shelf for you when you can’t get it yourself.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for not having much larger, more visible signage emphasizing all bicycles to be walked in congested areas of the waterfront walkway  especially by the shops. It is challenging to walk in this area on a busy afternoon.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who left his rewards points from Chapters at Woodgrove Centre in May so that my grandson’s Geronimo Stilton book was less expensive. I’m certain that you didn’t know the value of our book, however, the true value of your good deed cannot be calculated in monetary terms.

BEEF To the horse rider in Lantzville who somehow believes that their horse manure provides a lush walk with greenery. It doesn’t appear very lush on the road or the E&N Trail. I’m not the original beefer but found this very amusing.

BOUQUET To Heart of the Island Chorus who represented Nanaimo and Lantzville in Surrey along with 18 other choruses from B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. They brought home the coveted award of Most Improved Chorus.

BEEF To the north-end pub that allows smoking on its outdoor patio. I will not be going back as it definitely put a damper on our evening. Nobody else in Nanaimo allows smoking on their patio, why do you?

BOUQUET To Gallazin Locksmiths for assisting me with what I saw as an impossible fix. Two damaged locks and no key. Gallazin got me back on the road.

BEEF To the rude manager at the fitness centre, rolling her eyes at new staff for asking a question. I took my business elsewhere. How do these immature women survive in customer service?

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Recycling Exchange on Kenworth Road for its generous contribution of free recycled hanging baskets for our Mother’s Day sale of hanging baskets for our World Vision fundraiser.

BEEF To those who dug holes and trenches adjacent to the power lines above Nanoose Bay. Signage specifically allows walking, cycling, dog walking and horseback riding. I have never seen anything to justify the scars on the landscape.

BOUQUET To all the staff at Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital and special thanks to Dr. Karen Karsten for the wonderful care shown to Taika over the years, particularly for your compassion and kindness in her final days.

BEEF To those who move to rural areas, or choose to enjoy natural surroundings, then complain about horse poop. If hygiene and germs are such a concern to you, please stay in your controlled, sanitized environments.

BOUQUET To John, manager at Apple Auto Glass. You really know what you are doing when it comes to resealing thermopane windows in my motorhome. You went above and beyond to do a great job.

BEEF To the taxi driver who hit and possibly killed a dog on Bradley Street. Not only that, but you kept on going without stopping to help. The speed limit is 30 kilometres per hour. Next time I need a taxi I’ll walk.

BOUQUET To everyone involved in putting on the most enjoyable fireworks display at the harbour. Nanaimo is the greatest.

BEEF To that transit bus driver with the bad attitude toward people who ask him questions. I do not appreciate the disgusted looks you give to people when asked bus route questions. Please try to be nice to people. If you don’t like your job, it obviously shows.

BOUQUET To the wonderful lady who brought us ice cream on a hot day when our truck ran out of gas. Eating Häagen-Dazs turned a bad situation into an enjoyable one.

BEEF To the thrift store for its used stuff  that sells for two cents less than new at  Wal-Mart. Customers smarten up.

BOUQUET To all the hard-working volunteers for the B.C. Summer Games here in Nanaimo July 17-20. You’ll make us proud.

BEEF If people have the legal right to dig holes, trenches and pile material to limit access to the powerline, then they should have the responsibility to control noxious Scotch broom which is in full bloom.

BOUQUET To the Brooks Landing West Marine (Wendy) and Save-On-Foods (Colin) for their support of Nanaimo’s Marine Search and Rescue for providing assistance and supplies making our boating safety awareness display and fundraiser successful.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for its usual colourful street banners and international flags. Tourists also love this.

BOUQUET To all who have collected pull tabs. A cheque for $140 has been sent to help send a child to a medical camp at Zajac Ranch.

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