Beef to the supermarket for not keeping its floors cleaned. I have slipped three times in the past six months by the deli area on some sticky substance, with no apology.

Beef to the supermarket for not keeping its floors cleaned. I have slipped three times in the past six months by the deli area on some sticky substance, with no apology.

Beefs & Bouquets, June 1

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BOUQUET To Joel K. at Steve Marshall Ford. Her professional care and attention as well as her compassion and empathy at a time when I had lost my husband was beyond the call of duty. Valued employees deserve recognition. She is just a peach. Thank you.

BEEF To customers at businesses who curtly state what they want without giving any thought toward politely greeting the worker they’re addressing or saying please and thank you.

BOUQUET To the huge majority of Canadians who got the shots, got boosted, distanced and sanitized. Because of your efforts the restrictions are gradually being relaxed. Stay vigilant and careful. The honking truckers accomplished nothing.

BEEF To the Metral Drive experiment. If you get behind a bus it’s not bad as you will only have to make a half dozen stops, but if you get behind the garbage truck, plan at stopping at every house. Does anybody on council or city staff not know that to keep emissions down it’s best to keep traffic moving?

BOUQUET To Debbie and her husband for their kindness at our recent car accident at Turner and Uplands. A testament that there are still caring people out there. I needed a hug and I got one. I’ll pass it on.

BEEF To the legacy-obsessed councils of present, past and future. How about you fix the city’s problems instead of making things that you can point out to your grandchildren one day?

BOUQUET To our altruistic landlord in Ladysmith who is considerate of our family’s financial situation and has not sold nor ‘renovicted’ us and keeps our rental rate from seven years ago. Big beefs to long-standing owners jacking up rental prices. Greed sucks.

BEEF To businesses and also to private residence owners who do not display a street address number on their premises in a clearly visible location or even not at all. Taxi drivers, ambulances and delivery people are sometimes having difficulties to find your place especially at night. Your life could depend on it.

BOUQUET to the Bulk Barn for increasing the senior’s discount from 10 to 15 per cent. Also to the discount for people reusing containers for things they buy on certain days.

BEEF To those who decided that tearing down the Royal B.C. Museum is a great idea. Go to Europe where real history is celebrated and buildings aren’t throwaways. The only thing ‘royal’ is the waste of money to the tune of almost $800 million.

BOUQUET Regarding the recent Pleasant Valley school track meet. Thank you to the principal, teachers and volunteers. Your time and effort shows. The students’ behaviour and participation in a fun-filled day proved to be a wonderful experience for all. Thanks to your great announcer for making the ‘rules of the day’ clear to all. A very respectful group of students and talented athletes.

BEEF To the woman mocking another woman who just lost her best friend. No need to be a gangsta when you’re a warrior.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to my wonderful family, friends and neighbours for helping me with meals, transportation, companionship, etc. during my fall on ice, broken hip surgery and convalescence. I couldn’t have done so well.

BEEF To the ‘friend’ who calls me every six months to see how I am doing but you are actually only calling to see if I am interested in your multi-level marketing scheme.

BOUQUET Thank you to My Hubby’s Bagels for donating so much food to the Wesley Street housing and feeding many hungry people.

BEEF To the store for having bathroom stalls fit for children. The average adult female is a size 14, grow up.

BOUQUET To the janitors and security of Nanaimo North Town Centre for all they dealt with during the carnival while there. We saw you and what you do. Hope you got the recognition you all deserve.

BEEF Census declares Nanaimo has second least-populous downtown in Canada. Council is pushing for first place.

BOUQUET To NRGH nurses. You have looked after us through the most incredible times. You are strong, caring and knowledgeable. As someone who has needed your care often, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you from all your patients. Hopefully, you get a long vacation when this is under control, and a huge raise, you so deserve it. Angels and heroes.

BEEF Finally Nanaimo’s city budget is increasing less than the cost of living. Sounds like an election year, and it is.

BOUQUET Thank you to the Good Samaritan at the Royal Bank parking lot in downtown Nanaimo. A kind man came over and thwarted off two very strange men from my car, then asked me if I was OK. The situation could have been alarming, but the actions of the Good Samaritan prevented any further escalation and worries. Thank you for being a stand-up gentleman and showing some real care and concern for another person.

BEEF To the ‘patriots’ who bully the rest of us and dare call themselves Canadian. My ancestors who fought for their community would be ashamed. Disgraceful that you’d champion eugenics.

BOUQUET To Michelle of Dash Acres for helping make our play yard better at the Explore to the Core Preschool. You are appreciated.

BEEF To the supermarket for not keeping its floors cleaned. I have slipped three times in the past six months by the deli area on some sticky substance, with no apology. I can see the deli from my place of work, and they didn’t clean the floors any of these times after I fell.

BOUQUET Thank you to the hydro crews working through the storms to keep us warm and entertained.

BEEF To drivers that refuse to do the posted 30 kilometres-per-hour speed limit on Metral Drive in the active construction zone after numerous complaints. Please kindly tell me where you live so I can come and speed up and down your street all day.

BOUQUET To the drivers in Edmonton. It was so nice to drive at the speed limit. Everyone goes the speed limit or slower as there is photo radar and that makes the driving less stressful. They will even stop for you when you are approaching a crosswalk, not when you step out like here.

BEEF To the couriers who deliver parcels without knocking on the door, I would like to know when a parcel is delivered.

BOUQUET To Seaview Elementary School for being one of the finalists for the Future Ground Prize through the David Suzuki Foundation with students being recognized for their positive impact on the environment through various projects. Vote for them until June 13. Students building a connection with nature and their planet and learning that they can stand up for a better tomorrow.

BEEF To those who offer items first come, first-served. I just drove 15 minutes for something that had been given away just minutes before or so I was told. And yet another item they said ‘phone and I will put it out when you’re on your way.’ We have to do better on gas consumption and car travel, free item or not. It’s not free to the person who just wastes gas.

BOUQUET To the lady and gentleman seen clearing branches from Westwood Road during the windstorm, clearing the road for motorists. True community spirit. Thank you from a senior disabled motorist.

BEEF To the ongoing noise agony inflicted to taxpaying residents downtown Nanaimo. Don’t downtown residents have enough misery with living downtown? Must we suffer through musical noise so loud that with all windows shut it is very difficult to listen to a TV or even enjoy one’s own choice of music? The police say nothing can be done because bylaw for noise levels doesn’t become valid until 11 p.m.

BOUQUET To Susan and the health-care team at Bayshore Home Health. They went to great lengths to provide care for my dad at his home on short notice during a recent health crisis over the Easter long weekend. Our family appreciates the help you gave us during this stressful time.

BEEF If most City of Nanaimo councillors favour variances that brings us more housing, why bother having height restrictions in the city plan at all?

BOUQUET To the medical office assistants who used to work at the clinic many years ago. Yes, back in the day when you were greeted with smiling faces, phone calls were pleasant and arrogance and rudeness didn’t burst from the seams of your flowering scrubs. My, how times have changed.

BEEF To the former mayor and council who ended Empire Days weekend festivities. 149 years of history and thousands of volunteer hours gone by the wayside because of lack of vision or support by city hall.

BOUQUET To the amazing ladies at Connect Hearing who helped me out during a health scare the other week. Thank you for quickly squeezing me in for a test and correctly diagnosing me. I was able to get the treatment I needed within 24 hours of it occurring and my hearing is slowly coming back. Your care and advocacy will forever be appreciated.

BEEF I had the unfortunate experience of being seated next to a woman at the theatre who was wearing an extreme amount of cheap perfume. She proceeded to fan herself throughout the whole show, which just fanned her perfume over all that sat around her. This is rude and inconsiderate as there are many people with perfume allergies. Please read the theatre’s policy on this before attending your next show.

BOUQUET To Country Grocer in Chase River for repainting the now bright yellow curb markers – so helpful to those of us with low vision. But beef to the City of Nanaimo for letting its curb markers at the seniors’ activity centre fade to zero.

BEEF To the person(s) who defaced the signs/benches in Neck Point Park with spray paint. Whoever did this should feel utter shame and disgrace at their destructive actions. Now, regular taxpaying people, like me, are left to pay for the cleanup – money which could have been used far more constructively.

BOUQUET To the person(s) who found my purse in the shopping cart and handed it in at Save-On Foods. My life was in that purse. I wish you had left your name so I could have shown my appreciation. Eternal gratitude.

BEEF People leave piles of clothes, books, papers, household goods at the side of the road. This occurs all over town. Why does this happen? Are they the contents of a stolen car? Left by people who are homeless?

BOUQUET To city government for improving Nanaimo’s biking infrastructure. Cycling Nanaimo’s spine almost entirely on bike paths from Helijet to Woodgrove Centre will soon be possible. I’m fitter, I zip by jammed road traffic, my carbon footprint is less, gasoline savings will pay for my new e-bike, and cycling is fun. More, please.

BEEF When is the RCMP going to enforce the noise bylaws concerning loud motorcycles? The bikers run their bikes without mufflers and couldn’t care less who they disturb. The louder the better. If only the cops would set up checkpoints on a busy weekend and test these riders for noise maybe we could all enjoy the outdoors?

BOUQUET To the HAMC for the awesome new paint job on their house.

BEEF To the family complaining about passport waits. Most people have a passport before booking a trip. You’re an adult, next time you ask for something last minute, don’t expect them to accommodate you. You could have done express but you cheaped out, now you pay the piper.

BOUQUET Thank you to Kevin at Evergreen Cremation for the most caring, affordable funeral arrangements I could ever wish for. Thank you to 49th Parallel for beautiful casket spray, it was well worth it. You both took pain away – in this difficult time, you were angels sent from up above. Thank you Carolyn from Black Press Media, you were compassionate and helpful with the obituary in the paper.

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Beefs and bouquets

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