Beef. I took my niece’s car in for an oil change. I parked outside and got out of the car to remove a twig and pine needles under one wiper that obviously were impairing its operation. ‘COVID-19, you have to get back in your car’ with a whole lot of attitude was what I heard.

Beef. I took my niece’s car in for an oil change. I parked outside and got out of the car to remove a twig and pine needles under one wiper that obviously were impairing its operation. ‘COVID-19, you have to get back in your car’ with a whole lot of attitude was what I heard.

Beefs & Bouquets, July 8

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BOUQUET Thanks to the bylaw enforcement officers on the streets. Your support is much appreciated.

BEEF One nice thing about the pandemic is we did not have the non-essential, noisy aircraft taking off in the harbour.

BOUQUET Thank you to Dr. Bucksteg at Brickyard Clinic for checking up on me with a phone call twice. Bless your heart.

BEEF To the Ammonite expansion. This will only bring out the people who don’t fully appreciate the outdoors. Places like this are my oasis from inconsiderate people. This will only open doors to hooligans.

BOUQUET Thank you to all the friendly, helpful people who have gone out of their way to help this senior unload her cart into her car. I’m most grateful.

BEEF Zero COVID cases on the Island. Restrictions in place, businesses and households in ruin. The individuals responsible need to be held to account.

BOUQUET To Dr. K. Climenhaga and his amazing staff. I waited too long to get help with my badly infected tooth. I phoned, they ordered me to come in straight away.

BEEF To the NDP leader for calling on the prime minster to condemn the U.S. president. Judge not lest you be judged. PM’s reply was spot-on; NDP just lost my support.

BOUQUET To our circle of friends in Willow Park, our little piece of paradise. How lucky we are.

BEEF So hundreds maybe even thousands of strangers are gathering and protesting, which I support, but I can’t have 65 family members and close friends who I know are safe to attend my wedding? Doesn’t make any sense. Events such as weddings should be allowed at least 100 guests. I’ve worked extremely hard and spent thousands of dollars over the last year and a half planning my wedding.

BOUQUET To Ketan, pharmacist owner at the Medicine Shoppe in Harewood. Pleasant, kind and knowledgeable, always looks after his customers.

BEEF I took my niece’s car in for an oil change. I parked outside and got out of the car to remove a twig and pine needles under one wiper that obviously were impairing its operation. ‘COVID-19, you have to get back in your car’ with a whole lot of attitude was what I heard. Next time, I’ll be barking out the orders.

BOUQUET To Wendy from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 257 who is cooking delicious meals for our seniors.

BEEF To those on bikes on the walking/bike trail along the highway. For those who have learned the courtesy of calling out your approach to those walking their dogs or alone, thank you. For the other inconsiderate individuals who come flying up beside us saying nothing and nearly hitting us or the dogs kindly move yourselves to the highway because your speed and disrespect for others is going to hurt someone.

BOUQUET To all people and businesses who support the newspaper industry by reading, subscribing and advertising. Without them our information would be sorely lacking as they are the primary source for the social media.

BEEF To the phone company installing a fibre optic network. Bringing off-Island and out-of-province workers to install the network while Islanders are diligently self-isolating and businesses suffering is irresponsible. There is nothing essential about this network at this time. Profits over people, business as usual from this company.

BOUQUET To all restaurants and coffee shops trying hard to stay in business by offering takeout service during the pandemic. We will support you.

BEEF To all our mail delivery experts. Please, you have one job. Delivering the mail to the correct address instead of the neighbours. Close is only good in horseshoes and hand-grenades.

BOUQUET To the people responsible for the new crosswalk on Metral. I find traffic is slowing up and becoming aware that a pedestrian is going to use it. The staggered pattern makes it safer for slower walkers.

BEEF To the guy in the north-end strip mall parking lot urinating in public beside his black truck. Really?

BOUQUET Thank you to all staff at the Country Grocer on Bowen Road. You are so organized and helpful and so appreciated for all you do to make shopping easier. Well done.

BEEF To those who play the victim card but take handouts, while demanding respect. It starts with self-respect first, which they never seem to get. Easier to blame others.

BOUQUET To Sash at the Real Canadian Superstore. A very polite and helpful young man, always willing to help customers with a smile. Superstore should be proud to have such a team player.

BEEF Businesses that are open – fast food restaurants that you can go inside and order, and others also – should not have their washrooms taped closed.

BOUQUET To William Timmins, Uncle Bill. I knew him during my time working security at Port Place mall. He was a really nice guy with a good sense of humour.

BEEF To the racist comedian, maybe just sit back and listen for a while. No one is buying your crocodile tears.

BOUQUET Many thanks to Papa John’s Pizza for all the pizzas donated to the hospital staff. Your act of kindness was much appreciated.

BOUQUET I would like to thank the News Bulletin and Turley’s Florist for the beautiful bouquet I received as one of the Beefs & Bouquets forum winners.

BOUQUET To Mother Nature for sharing her beauty.

BOUQUET Thank you to the polite and friendly young man and woman who helped me exchange a couple of damaged dishes in my new set. I appreciated the hassle-free, easy experience at Cabela’s.

BOUQUET To Sonny at Fairway Market’s meat department. Thank you ever so much for your excellent customer service. The rib-eyes were delicious.

BOUQUET To Smoking George’s for keeping his restaurant open for takeout throughout this pandemic. Not only did you keep your customers happy, but you also kept your staff employed. Your smoked food is better than any Southern BBQ place in the U.S.A.

BOUQUET To a nice bus driver who has been driving bus No. 1 from Port Place. Thank you very much for your help.

BOUQUET To Vaughn in technical support at Shaw. He recently went beyond the call of duty to help us with the setup of our mom’s cable. Thanks also to the staff at Lakeside Gardens.

BOUQUET To Teri and Al, the best neighbours, they came and helped when we did our renos. Teri helped me paint and Al helped with putting on our floorboards and other things that are too many to mention.

BOUQUET Thank you to Tim’s Automotive for fixing my rear turn indicator light on the day I called and not charging me a thing for it. What a kind man. I will be back.

BOUQUET Thank you to the neighbour who found my son’s cheque and returned it to our house. Very much appreciated.

BOUQUET To the person at Terminal Park Starbucks for paying for my coffee and my husband’s coffee at the drive-thru. What a pleasant surprise and so very much appreciated.

BOUQUET To the group of teens outside Rutherford school holding up signs to make their voices heard. Sharing your voices makes sure that all voices are heard. Well done.

BOUQUET Pleased to know a flashing light is going to be installed at Uplands and McRobb. Some drivers use Dover to Hammond Bay as a race track. This is where self-preservation kicks in. Not only do you have to look, but listen. The sharp curved hill from Dover is especially dangerous.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Honda for honest and professional car servicing even during this challenging time.

BOUQUET To neighbour Rich for refurbishing the old Westworld sign on Hammond Bay Road. Also your ongoing volunteer efforts in keeping the area always looking so nice. Your civic pride is appreciated by all.

BOUQUET To the staff at Lakeside Gardens. Your diligence in keeping our loved ones safe during COVID is greatly appreciated. We all are extremely lucky to have you looking after our family members.

BOUQUET To Corey for being so generous all of the time. You’re a kindred spirit and we are all very lucky to call you a friend.

BOUQUET To the mechanic team at Mitsubishi, especially the young man working on my car, can’t thank you guys enough.

BOUQUET To my hard-working husband for spending the time required to power wash our 300-foot sloping driveway, landing, stairs and sidewalks on our two-and-a-half acre property. The driveway is covered with moss by spring each year, making it hazardous. Our friends think a better alternative would be to cut down all the trees, but we think they are well worth a few days of noise and hard work each year. Thanks so much.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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