Beef. My wife and I were parked in our hot rod at Qualicum Beach to watch a car cruise. A pickup truck went by and a passenger leaned out the window and threw a full can of beer at us. What an idiot to spoil a great event, a pox on him.

Beef. My wife and I were parked in our hot rod at Qualicum Beach to watch a car cruise. A pickup truck went by and a passenger leaned out the window and threw a full can of beer at us. What an idiot to spoil a great event, a pox on him.

Beefs & Bouquets, July 6

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BOUQUET To Mid Island Mortgage and Savings. You work tirelessly to get me the best rates, despite the market not being so great. Will absolutely recommend you to friends when my renewal comes around, can’t wait to work with you again.

BEEF To the dog walker in the off-leash park. My dog just had an operation and I was carefully walking her along a short quiet trail on the outside of the park. A dog walker’s dog came up to the fence which made my dog nervous and excited and started jumping around. I called to the women and explained about the operation. The women did not come to the fence to leash and take her dog which would have been the considerate thing to do.

BOUQUET To Sandi and Samantha at Knead It Or Knot Massage/Foot Alchemist. You gave my muscles a fix when my body was in a sore twist. Your skills are a gift. Have a great summer with the kids.

BEEF Reports that backyard chickens are coming down with avian flu should surprise no one. Now let’s hope all these city farmers clean up their contaminated yards and dispose of the sick birds, safely. We wouldn’t want this disease to make the jump to people.

BOUQUET To the wonderful Dr. Collins at the walk-in clinic at Port Place. A brilliant diagnostician and caring human being. I wish he were my GP. I don’t have one.

BEEF We were given notice of spraying by small plane over a number of days and were reassured it was safe and the chemical used would only affect the moths. Well, I was in my small garden and saw a number of distressed honeybees that couldn’t fly and bumblebees dying or dead shortly after the morning spray. It seems to be a reckless act on our environment where we really don’t know the long-term consequences.

BOUQUET To Jack and June at Northend Automotive. Wonderful people who really care a lot about each and every customer. Have always been treated fair and honestly. Multiple generations in families have had vehicles looked after by them, says a lot about the type of service they provide

BEEF Everyone blames everybody. Is there someone I can blame for my rotten life, to improve my way of living?

BOUQUET To those suffering with SADS. We knew it as seasonally affected disorder syndrome, but now, more and more, it stands for sudden adult death syndrome, similar to sudden infant death syndrome. Truly sad and distressing.

BEEF It takes a special kind of education to imagine the solution to the speeding and reckless driving on Metral is to move? So we need to just allow these illegal activities and run away? That’s like telling a store owner it’s just a few robberies, if you don’t like getting robbed close your store. Maybe you are one of the guys doing 100km/h at 11 p.m.?

BOUQUET To every member of the NRGH medical team for the exceptional care given to my husband and support for our family, from his admission to hospital until his passing. Thank you from all our hearts.

BEEF Who else will profit from the money laundering that happens in B.C. beside the criminals? We will never find out. Tight lips in all government circles.

BOUQUET Drama queen of the year award goes to Anna with an H.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries’ booking system. Sure, it works great for tourists who can plan months ahead but it’s a disaster for Island residents who might need to go to the mainland unexpectedly. Having to figure out how to get to the mainland for a funeral on short notice during an already stressful time; thinking ‘I’ll sleep on it’ when there were only a couple of sailing times available, only to find out prices increased $20 overnight. B.C. Ferries should give more consideration to residents.

BOUQUET Soon there will be no more racial discrimination thanks to immigration. All mankind will be equal.

BEEF To the people in Stephenson Point jackhammering on Father’s Day. This shows your blatant disregard for others trying to enjoy an important family day. Your jackhammer could be heard all over the neighbourhood. Please try and have some consideration.

BOUQUET To pet owners who comply with City of Nanaimo bylaws and keep their dogs away from public beaches at this time of year.

BEEF My wife and I were parked in our hot rod at Qualicum Beach to watch a car cruise. We were off the road on a grassy section along with other spectators in lawn chairs. A pickup truck went by and a passenger leaned out the window and threw a full can of beer at us, striking the ground and hitting my car. Hitting my car was bad enough, but it just missed a senior, had it hit any one of us, it would have been very bad. What an idiot to spoil a great event, a pox on him.

BOUQUET To Allegra Marketing Print Mail for always completing our office’s print orders so quickly, and at great prices. Highly recommend them over the competition.

BEEF Here we go again, a suspect was held in police custody overnight and released on a promise to appear in court to face weapons charges. Are you kidding? I do sympathize with the inherent dangers officers face on a daily basis, but what about us defenceless, untrained citizens?

BOUQUET To V.I. Pest Control. Bryan offered us a lot of information about how to deal with our ant problem, and we were happy to have an appointment just two days later, with follow-up appointments thereafter.

BEEF To the appliance business for selling me a non-functioning washing machine. They were good enough to inform me it was fully tested, so it must have been my fault. Also, I should have known better, since I bought an untested used oven from them 10 years ago and didn’t learn my lesson.

BOUQUET To Sokha of Studio 31 Hair Salon. You mended dullness, made my hair seemingly shine and glow. Thank you for supporting my book-writing journey, your many years of friendship mean so much to me. The music to my light. Go to her for stunning highlights.

BEEF Expressions such as ‘no problem’ and ‘no worries’ are negative responses. Use ‘you’re welcome,’ ‘thank you for your business,’ ‘come again,’ ‘happy to have assisted,’ ‘it was a pleasure.’ Also the response ‘not bad’ implies it wasn’t great, good or fine either.

BOUQUET To the Beefs & Bouquets contributor who used to write beefs and bouquets to fictional characters in novels they were reading. Always enjoyed those ones.

BEEF To the dairy cartel beefer. Research the Canadian dairy regulations and the Canadian Dairy Association. Then carry on and hop down to the States to buy your hormone- and antibiotic-laced milk products.

BOUQUET To the morning walkers on the E&N Trail. Have a great day; hope you get clement weather on your walks.

BEEF To the person complaining about overgrown yards and boulevards. Those so-called weeds are important for our essential pollinators. Well-manicured lawns are passé. Please educate yourself about eco-friendly yards and stop living in the 1950s.

BOUQUET To the employees at the LifeLabs locations in Nanaimo. They are visibly short-staffed, but they still keep things going quickly and deal with the impatient clients very professionally. Beef to those impatient and rude people.

BEEF To the government for jacking interest rates. Just when people were getting back on their feet you swoop in and start robbing them again. What a racket.

BOUQUET Thank you to Lemon Tree Housekeeping for always doing a great job. We have had service from them for over a year, and everyone one who has come by has been pleasant, quick and efficient.

BEEF To the PAC president. We want you to step down so that someone more inclusive, approachable and kind can take over. We are tired of your superior and toxic attitude.

BOUQUET To all the fun events in our community. But why doesn’t the city host a website where local groups can post their event in advance? I have read many reviews of events after they have happened, but would have loved to know about them to be able to attend. Tourists could also use some guidance on the great things our city has to offer.

BEEF To people who think everyone has a smartphone. We survived for many years without walking around with such technology. Don’t understand how people who can’t afford groceries are walking around with such tech stuck on their ear.

BOUQUET To all of the amazing citizens, police, fire, ambulance and hospital workers who assisted me after my bicycle accident involving an automobile on Fitzwilliam Street. Bouquets to the driver involved for not leaving the scene, to Dustin who really helped me and provided a statement to the police and to the wonderful Jenni who insisted on riding my bicycle back to my house for me before carrying on with her run. My faith in humanity remains solid.

BEEF I sure hope the city does a better job with Commercial Street than with the Metral Drive fiasco they have created. You put bike lanes in when you have bikes regulated, trained and licensed, and riders ticketed when they screw up.

BOUQUET To organizers and vendors who made the return of the Commercial Street Night Market such a great night. So much colour and so many smiles. I was so happy that you got a sunny day and big crowds for the first market; you deserved it after such a long wait.

BEEF To the construction company that turned off our water with no notice for the day and then turned it back on at just above a trickle. We can’t use our dishwasher or do laundry and can barely have a shower until the main water line is installed. We are a family of five. Six days is too much.

BOUQUET To Deborah of Carriero the Studio Salon. You took the time and patiently worked with my unruly hair that was/is too long. You give a mean scalp massage. Carefully wiped away rogue colour spots. I left with zero knots.

BEEF To the homeowners along Metral Drive. Now that you have the nicest street in the city, please restyle your houses or clean them up or something. Looks all shabby now next to the near make-believe-looking roadway.

BOUQUET To the gentlemen who made his views known regarding people nowadays not having any regard for their fellow human beings. How true, I find it scary and totally disgusting. I also think our laws should be changed for certain crimes that involve hurting others and running. We don’t need a society of full of cowards.

BEEF To the thrift store that used to have a nice selection of good-quality donated clothing. Now all the best is siphoned off for a boutique store out of town, leaving us all the less-desirable clothing. I’m sure this will come back to bite you.

BOUQUET To Sawyer at Kal Tire in the north end for checking the air in my tires and topping them up for free, right at closing time.

BEEF To the convoy. They have perverted our flag, and have become increasingly unhinged and violent. If they are patriots, as they claim, we are doomed as a nation.

BOUQUET At the grad pic sessions at Sway’ A’ Lana Lagoon, a young gentleman was standing and saving a parking spot for a group coming to view the event. We asked if we could use the spot and he said yes even though he was saving it because we are old and it was far to walk in the heat. He is a symbol of what chivalry was like in our time, and a kind and honourable man, the type the world needs more of.

BEEF To the lack of a cell tower to cover the dead zone in Hammond Bay. If someone has a jammer at Neck Point how do you call out for help? Please explain.

BOUQUET To the staff of NRGH perinatal unit. Words cannot explain how supported my husband and I felt bringing our son, Jasper, into the world.

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